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  Friday, February 29th 2008 12:54 am  
» technology is awesome.
So I haven’t written a blog in awhile, and for that I apologize. Anyway, let’s get back on the horse.

My work monitor has made weird popping sounds all damn day. It’ll pop, go black for a second, come back (sorta), go back to the black screen, come back, and then it’s fine. Of course, when I call the ever helpful IT help desk, the damn thing doesn’t make the popping sound or do the screwy black screen thing, so the best I can do is bump up the brightness and the resolution.

Normally this wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but I have about 500,000 things to do today, all of which involve the computer. Cue a headache in t-minus 5….4….3….2…oh, there it is. And I think I just spelled headache with a “4”. I’m no where near an English expert, but I’m pretty sure there is no “4” in headache.

The Best Sandwiches in America
was passed along to me today. I’ve had the first sandwich on the list, and it’s pretty effin’ stellar. I think I may plan a road trip around this list.

On the home front, my precious little 4 year old child is boy crazy. Just this morning while walking up to her school, a dad was dropping of his kid at the same time. My darlin’ child turned to me and said, “Mom! That guy’s hot! I like that boy,” and then waltzed over to him and started hitting on him. Granted the guy was pretty hot, but I have my work cut out for me.

So all in all, things are pretty good, even if work makes me go literally cross-eyed and even though I can only vaguely make out what I’m typing.

And…. nope, that’s all the important stuff. Happy whatever today is.

P.S. – If you like good TV and you’re not watching Breaking Bad, you’re seriously missing out. It’s one hell of a show. Trust me on this one.

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Posted on Friday, February 29th 2008 4:48 am 
The sandwich list has made me hungry. And I just ate a hefty burrito. Weird.

Watch that little girl o' yours. Or buy her a play doctor kit. Whichever.

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Posted on Friday, February 29th 2008 5:34 am 
I had my first kiss when I was 5, but your girl is on track to beat that.

And I know I should be watching BB. I keep hearing how good it is from Drew.

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Posted on Friday, February 29th 2008 6:59 am 
Breaking Bad?! Hell Yeah!

It makes me want to drive all the way up to Queens, New York for one of those "The Bomb"
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Posted on Saturday, March 15th 2008 9:55 am 
First kiss at 5? Wow. My first was at 17. But then when as a child I portrayed a field mouse in a school play, Little Bunny Fu-Fu was a bit violent. Or perhaps there was a typo in the song. This Bunny was "scooping up the field mice and hitting them on the head"! And I seem to remember hitting back. It wasn't until forty years later that - according to Radio Disney - that the Bunny was "kissing them on the head" - only to be turned into a Goon on the 4th day.

"And the moral of the story is: Hare today, Goon tomorrow!"


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