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  Monday, June 11th 2007 6:47 am  
» the party zone.
Whoa, dudes, packing boxes and then moving them is hell. But I should have killer leg muscles when this whole thing is over. And, on the plus side, I can now tape a box in, like, 3 seconds flat. Beat that.

And a few pics of the new pad (they're all small, sorry):

Outside crapty chain link fence that's gotta go.

Bedroom that I need to paint.

Kitchen. The white knobs need to go. Gotta have some color.

And the laundry area with my old-ass washer and dryer.

Anyway, thought I'd share. Still have a crap load of moving to do, so if I haven't gotten to your PM yet, I will do so when I can.

Oh, and today is my little girl's 4th birthday. God she's getting old. Tonight -- Build-A-Bear and cupcakes with her little friend. Plus mommy freaking out that next year will be kindergarten. Should be one hell of a Monday. So everyone wish her a very happy birthday.

Be back here full time in a week or so. Rock on, rockers.
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Posted on Monday, June 11th 2007 12:07 pm 
Happy Birthday to your girl.

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Posted on Monday, June 11th 2007 2:50 pm 
Happy Birthday Lil' Tiki

Congrats on the move. Also, if you click twice on the pics in image bay, you can increase their size....distorts them a bit, but they are bigger.

The stove looks exactly like the one my mom just bought two months ago.

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Posted on Monday, June 11th 2007 3:45 pm 
Build-A-Bear!! That place is awesome. Wish her a Happy one for me, only four days before mine.

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Posted on Monday, June 11th 2007 6:35 pm 
Is the new house Internet friendly? By that I mean is it wired up yet with broadband? Or I guess more importantly, do you have TV there yet?

Got to have TV while you paint and work, you know

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Posted on Monday, June 11th 2007 7:33 pm 
I always wanted to do Build-a-Bear.. She should love it. i hope she has a happy birthday. also, congratulations on the move.

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Posted on Monday, June 11th 2007 10:26 pm 
Happy b-day to Tiki Jr.

Place looks nice so far, but I agree the chain link fence has gotta go. They always look trashy. 'Course, if you're gonna get a dog, you'll have to keep it until you can build a nicer one. You ARE getting your daughter a puppy for her birthday, right?

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Posted on Monday, June 11th 2007 11:27 pm 
Cynthia Monroe Wrote:
You ARE getting your daughter a puppy for her birthday, right?

I thought she was building a bear?

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Posted on Tuesday, June 12th 2007 2:24 am 
Happy Birthday to your Lil' Tiki. Good luck getting everything unpacked.

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Posted on Tuesday, June 12th 2007 4:19 am 
Happy Birthday to your little June Bug! June is the best birthday month. All four of us are in June, too. Give her a hug from me.

Congrats on the new place. You've got to post some "after" pictures when you get everything moved in and painted. It looks like a great place. Try to get some rest if you can!

Build-a-Bear is so much fun! You're really gonna have a blast. We're doing cosmic bowling this year, for about 20 kids. eek!

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Posted on Wednesday, June 13th 2007 4:44 am 
Thanks for the b-day wishes and home warming! Build-A-Bear was awesome. I would have killed for something like that when I was four.

FuManchu -- TV's hooked up, but the cable guy hasn't been by yet, so rabbit ears for now. Broadband should be hooked up later this week too.

cindy -- I'd so be the best mommy ever if I got her a puppy. I don't know how I'd top that for the big 0-5 next year.

jenlar -- 20 kids?! Holy crap. You must be some kind of wonder mom. Wrangling two was exhausting enough. But cosmic bowling does sound like a blast.


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