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Goodnight, My Angel -- posted on January 5, 2008
I don't know why I'm so upset right now... I feel very... I don't know... Sad? Nostalgic?

It feels like I'm missing something... Which is weird, because today was actually a really, really good day...

Well, the part that isn't good is that my mom is really sick - like with the flu or something. She told me (despite my zillion offers to stay home) that I could go out with Bella.

Bella is my best friend and she's been out of town for almost two weeks; so I have sincerely missed her. We are like Meredith & Cristina (Grey's Anatomy); Paul & Tom (The Rule of Four); Becky & Suze (Confessions of a Shopaholic); Brooke & Peyton (One Tree Hill) - when they are on good terms... So yeah, I've missed her a lot!!!!

And yeah, she picked me up at my house around 3:30 and we went to the mall. We shopped for quite awhile, though she wasn't allowed to buy anything. I got my hair products, a sweater and 4 books - The Second Sons Trilogy and Wuthering Heights.

After, we went to Juno, which I'd already seens, but she hadn't and I wanted to see it again. Despite crappy seats in an overcrowded theatre, it was really good.

So yeah, we were out for like a total of I think 7 hours... It was awesome to see her again. We spent a lot of the time just sitting and talking.

Then I came home, though (and omg she brought me back amazing stuff from her trip, though it must've costed her a fortune!!!), and something clicked off inside me. It's so odd.

I listened to a bunch of songs, including Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel) by Billy Joel and it's actually amazing. It makes me cry, though...

Anyway, I'm actually happy school is going back into session because then I get to see my friends. I just hope this weekend isn't too dull. Thank goodness for reading.

And does anyone else think that song reminds them of Bella & Edward from Twilight???

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