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Factory Farm Pigs -- posted on November 4, 2006
Factory farm pigs suffer the most stressful, the most painful, and most tormented lives imaginable to provide you with your daily dose of artery-clogging cholesterol and grease.

Pigs raised for food are not protected by the Animal Welfare Laws that shelter pet cats and dogs from abuse. That means any vicious atrocity can be inflicted upon pigs without protection from a caring society.

Factory farm pigs are confined in overcrowded pens reeking of urine and feces. Many suffer from skin and respiratory illnesses as a result their prolonged contact with their own wastes.

Factory farm pigs are never permitted to enjoy the outdoors. They never see sunshine; they never feel the wind on their face or the earth beneath their feet. They're never permitted to engage in normal pig behaviors like playing, wallowing, or rooting about.

Female pigs are confined for 8 months of the year in crates too small for them to turn around in. They suffer two pregnancies a year in these crates. When about to give birth, they are transferred to crates only slightly larger for 4 months. Female pigs spend their entire lives in steel crates too small to turn around in or that permit close motherly contact with their babies.

Female pigs are often crippled or lame when released from their crates for torturous trip to the slaughterhouse. If found unable to walk by factory farm workers, these pigs are usually beaten to death with steel rods outside their crates. Only pigs that can walk to the slaughterhouse leave the factory farm alive.

The truck ride to the slaughterhouse is one of great psychological stress and severe physical agony for pigs: many die of terror, fear, heat exhaustion, cold, or physical abuse. Some trucks are packed so tightly the animals suffer prolapse -- their intestines explode through their anuses. Those pigs that cannot get off the truck at the slaughterhouse due to illness, exhaustion, or lameness are beaten to death on the spot. Their deaths are long and full of merciless agony.


The cruelty suffered by pigs and other factory farm animals is solely for the convenience of factory farmers and corporate profiteers. Factory farmers and corporate profiteers can make more money by inflicting pain, torment, and suffering upon these helpless animals than by treating them humanely and with mercy.

What kind of world are we living in when treating a helpless, innocent animal with kindness and mercy is tossed out the window for a few extra bucks?

The incomprehensible horrors suffered by pigs in factory farms can be read/viewed at: peta.com, farmsanctuary.com, and many other animal welfare sites. There is much you can do to end the suffering of factory farm pigs. Start by NOT EATING PIGS.

Dead pigs at factory farm

Female pigs are confined for life in steel crates too small to turn about in. Their confinement is solely for the convenience of the factory farmer.

Behind bars for life. Factory farm pigs spend their entire life behind bars in overcrowded pens. They never see the outdoors.

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