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:o Whodey Whodey Whodey going to beat them Bengals?!!!!! NOBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!;) Cinncinatti

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Entry #45: Party -- posted on November 4, 2007
This weekend has been great and it has had it's downs. This is the first time I have got to post two blogs in a week and I hope to right more.

As the title says par-tay. Yesterday I went to two parties. The first was a hot dog roast. It was for my cousin you has found out he had cancer. He is really bad and I really hopes he gets better. The party was fun though because we told jokes and I played football with my family. The secound party was a band party for the end of marching season. It was really boring at first but it got better as it went along. At the party we had a costume contest. I did not really have a costume. I took off my hoody and had a white t-shirt on and said I was a greaser. I did not win anything but it was fun.

Yesterday morning I watched allot of tv. I was just searching the channels at 8:30 when I saw that YuGiOh GX was on. I watched it and decided that I will probably watch it for now on. Then at 9:30 I watched Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl. It was a good episode because it had one of the elite 4 in it. 10:00 I started to watch College Gameday. It was cool because it was complete darkness behind the host. Then at 10:30 I watched Dinosaur King. I am realy wondering to put it as my favorite show or not. After that I watched the rest of College Gameday. Then at noon I saw the buckeyes beet Wisconsin. Then I went to the parties.

Today I went to church. After that I saw the Bengals lose another one. Man Do they stink. MY dad said they look like the old Bengals.

I have a Little bit of homework left. Then tonight I might watch the NBC game. Please still vote on my pole because I haven't made my decision yet. I plan on righting a new blog Tuesday if I do not have basketball practice.

Have a nice week,
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