Pilot - Recap

The episode begins with Magneto being held in a chamber that prevents him from using his powers, who is being transported to an unknown area. The person taking him to the destination is a colonel and is prejudice against mutants. While the destination is unknown, at that destination, he is to be killed. While in the back of the truck, things rattle, causing the colonel to fall down. He is then notified by a soldier that they are sinking on the highway, as the ground has been turned into quicksand. While it appears to be quicksand, it is really just the White Queen using her mind powers to make the soldiers believe that the highway has been changed into quicksand in order to save Magneto.
The next scene comes, and Kitty is getting out of a taxi, and entering Professor Charles Xavier’s mansion, since he has sent her a letter, asking her to visit him. In the letter, he tells her that he knows of her power to walk through solid objects. This power is referred to as ‘phasing.’
Xavier explains that she’s a mutant, but not a freak. He then takes her to the Danger Room control room, where he explains who the X-Men consists of, and their powers. Once they’ve finished their training, he introduces Kitty to the X-Men. Nightcrawler teleports himself into the control room, and scares Kitty. This causes her to phase through the control system, and into the Danger Room. Colossus catches her before she hits the ground. Wolverine objects to her joining the X-Men, describing her as a mere child. Storm reacts by creating a cloud of lightning over his head.
Suddenly, the Mutant Alarm goes off, indicating that the X-Men are needed. The X-Men take off, leaving Xavier and Kitty behind. It turns out that The Blob and Pryo were used as a distraction, so Magneto and Juggernaut could ambush Xavier without anyone to defend him. They rely on Cerebro, the security equipment, to defend them against the monstrous mutants, but Kitty becomes frightened, and almost phases through the controls, which scrambles Cerebro’s circuitry. Xavier uses his mind-reading power to find out Magneto’s plan. He wants Cerebro’s mutant power circuit. Xavier gives it to Kitty, but she becomes terrified at the sight of Juggernaut, and phases through the floor, leaving the circuit behind. Magneto then obtains the circuit.
The scene cuts to the X-Men, who are flying to save a family from Pyro and the Blob. They are successful, and leave.
We now see Magneto and the Frog, who places the circuit in position. Magneto plans to use this circuit to control the comet Scorpio and change its destination to Earth.
The scene cuts back to the X-Men, who are at the destroyed mansion, where they find Xavier under rubble. He’s fine, but worried about Kitty. She shows up, unharmed. Nightcrawler tries to comfort her, but she pushes him away, frightened of his appearance. Kitty finds Xavier, and confesses that she failed him, and that Magneto has the circuit. He assures her that she didn’t fail him, and that none of the X-Men could have stood a chance against Magneto. Xavier knows he must learn Magneto’s full plan, so he reads his mind, and learns that he’s going to use the circuit to control the comet Scorpio, and position it to destroy the majority of the human race, making humans a minority. What Magneto is unaware of is that the dust and debris that will rise once the comet hits the Earth will cover the sun for years, causing a second ice age.
Xavier sends everyone out to stop Magneto, but instructs Kitty to stay behind, due to her lack of training. Kitty accompanies them anyway, disobeying Xavier. Magneto uses his surveillance system to learn that the X-Men are at the ship. He sends the Blob, Juggernaut, the Frog, and Pyro to greet them when they arrive inside. Dazzler defeats Pyro, while Wolverine makes a fool out of the Frog. Juggernaut tries to crush the X-Men, but Colossus stops him, and battles him while the others move on. The Blob decides to stand in the hallway, preventing anyone from passing, as he is immovable once he plants his feet. He doesn’t count on Nightcrawler, who teleports himself past him.
Nightcrawler arrives just as Magneto is about to crash the comet. Kitty phases from the ground up to his level, and moves his beam. It ends up hitting the circuit, which destroys it. With the circuit broken, nothing can change the comet’s course. Kitty attacks Magneto, pushing him into position, while Nightcrawler connects the two wires of the circuit. They use Magneto’s own power to change the course of the comet, thus saving the day. However, Nightcrawler must stay in position, because if he disconnects the wires, the comet will head towards Earth again. With one second to spare, Nightcrawler teleports out of the ship. He appears in Earth’s atmosphere, where he will die due to burning up from the speed at which he is traveling towards Earth. He is presumed dead after he disappears, which saddens Kitty, who feels rotten for being so rude towards him. They are relieved to find him in the air lock, as he teleported before being burned up. Kitty apologizes, and all is well.