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Season 3

64 :03x01 - Check and Double Check

Braddock goes after a gang using children and stolen government checks to fleece merchants.
Guest Stars: Billy Gray as guest star

65 :03x02 - Lost and Found

Thieves steal dogs and later return them in order to collect reward money.

66 :03x03 - Charge It, Please

Braddock investigates charge account forgeries.
Guest Stars: Angela Greene as guest star | Douglas Evans as guest star

67 :03x04 - A Letter from Tessie

Braddock's latest target is a hot chick who preys on lonely men.
Guest Stars: Cathy Downs as guest star | Ian MacDonald (1) as guest star

68 :03x05 - The Expensive Tumble

Braddock's latest target is a group of hucksters who are staging phony accidents.
Guest Stars: Ron Hagerthy as guest star | Jane Frazee as guest star | Frances Brandt as guest star

69 :03x06 - Beauty for HIre

A model agency is actually a front for a prostitution ring.
Guest Stars: Karen Sharpe Kramer as guest star | Dorothy Patrick as guest star | Joe Sawyer as guest star

70 :03x07 - The Suit Club

Clothiers are selling inferior merchandise at inflated prices.
Guest Stars: King Donovan as Swifty | Jorja Curtright as Dorothy | Alf Kjellin as Gene Turner | Veda Ann Borg as Myrna
Director: James Flood

71 :03x08 - The Front Man

Braddock comes to the aid of a refugee who's gotten himself involved in an oil swindle.
Guest Stars: Sig Arno as guest star

72 :03x09 - At Your Service

Braddock's squad goes after crooked employment agencies.
Guest Stars: Maurice Marsac as guest star | Gladys Holland as guest star

73 :03x10 - The Label Switchers

The racket squad investigates when labels of an expensive store begin appearing on inferior merchandise.
Guest Stars: Jeff Donnell as guest star

74 :03x11 - Blessed Expense

Braddock goes after swindlers who are bilking expectant parents.
Guest Stars: Ross Ford as Joe Simpson | Donna Martell as Betty Simpson | Andrew Tombes as Millhaver | Allen Jenkins as Harry Tregaskis | William Phillips as Burton | Frank O'Connor as Doctor
Director: Erle C. Kenton

75 :03x12 - Strictly Legal

A likable salesman sells elaborate home improvements to unsuspecting homeowners, with the ultimate goal of obtaining their property through foreclosure.
Guest Stars: Barbara Eiler as guest star | Hal Hackett as guest star

76 :03x13 - The Elephant in Stockings

A salesman devises a scheme to get rid of defective merchandise.
Guest Stars: Gloria Winters as guest star | Danny Mummert as guest star | Gordon Jones (1) as guest star

77 :03x14 - False Tape

This time, Braddock goes after blackmailers.
Guest Stars: John Hubbard as guest star | Lucille Barkley as guest star

78 :03x15 - The Christmas Caper

Con artists take advantage of an elderly man whom they hire as a sidewalk Santa Claus.
Guest Stars: Lloyd Corrigan as Dooley | John L. Coogan as Pennington | Alan Dexter as Castle | Willie Best as Janitor | Louis Lettieri as Grover | Jeri Lou James as Anne Marie | Paul Keast as Hastings | Argentina Brunetti as Mrs. Scarpita | Frances Drew as Young Woman | William Fawcett as Santa Claus | John Phillips as Detective Joe Seidel
Director: Erle C. Kenton
Teleplay: Arthur Orloff

79 :03x16 - The System

Using his smokin' hot daughter as bait, a con man sells a system for betting on horses to a man who has the hots for the daughter.
Guest Stars: Lola Albright as Nancy Metcalfe | William Ching as Don Riordan | Pierre Watkin as Frank Metcalfe | Keith Richards (2) as George
Director: Erle C. Kenton

80 :03x17 - The Baby-Faced Con

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81 :03x18 - The Case of the Dancing Lady

A recently married wife is blackmailed by the owner of a dance studio who threatens to reveal compromising photos to hubby.
Guest Stars: Fred Sherman as Mr. Webster | Robert Keys (2) as Detective | John Close as Joe | Jan Clayton as Mary Temple | Anthony Caruso as Antoine | Shirley Tegge as Hostess | Hugh Beaumont as Timothy Morgan | Edith Elliott as Mrs. Morgan | Diane Fortier as Miss Barrett | Claudia Drake as Mabel
Director: Erle C. Kenton
Writer: Lee Loeb

82 :03x19 - His Brother's Keeper

Braddock starts a crackdown on an organized begging racket.
Guest Stars: James Gleason (2) as Longshot | Don Garner as Jerry | Henry Kulky as Socko | Dan Seymour as Harry Stoker | Frank Hagney as Bit Man

83 :03x20 - Friend of the People

The squad investigates a racket where farmers are tricked into joining a fraudulent union.
Guest Stars: Charles Meredith as guest star

84 :03x21 - Antique Racket

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Guest Stars: Grandon Rhodes as guest star | Percy Helton as guest star

85 :03x22 - Girl in the Mink Coat

Braddock goes after crooks who are preying on furriers.
Guest Stars: Peggie Castle as guest star | James Warren as guest star

86 :03x23 - The Big Touch

A crime syndicate tries to force a radio disc jockey to tip off racehorse winners by playing certain songs.
Guest Stars: Richard Benedict as guest star | Snub Pollard as guest star | Christine Larsen as guest star

87 :03x24 - The White Carnation

Braddock goes after the party responsible for a jewelry swindle.
Guest Stars: James Warren as guest star

88 :03x25 - Take a Little, Leave a Little

Several businessmen get conned into participating in a phony oil deal.
Guest Stars: Jackson Halliday as guest star | Jane Wurster as guest star | Harry Tyler as guest star | Griff Barnett as guest star | Carleton Young as guest star | Earle McVeigh as guest star | Ivan Perry as guest star | Ben Mazer as guest star
Director: Erle C. Kenton

89 :03x26 - The Case of Lady Luck

Braddock is on the trail of a team or card sharks.
Guest Stars: Roy Roberts as guest star | Dawn Addams as guest star | John Hubbard as guest star | Hillary Brooke (1) as guest star | Hal March as guest star | Damian O'Flynn as guest star

90 :03x27 - The Gentler Sex

The racket squad goes after female swindlers who sell interest in non-existant businesses.

91 :03x28 - Sale Value

A recently paroled convict gets himself involved in a scheme to swindle a man out of his successful pottery shop.
Guest Stars: Douglas Dumbrille as guest star

92 :03x29 - The Phony Photo Contest

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Guest Stars: Karen Sharpe Kramer as guest star

93 :03x30 - Fraudulent Nursery School

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Guest Stars: Mimi Gibson as guest star | Susan Alexander as guest star

94 :03x31 - Romance Unlimited

A woman marries nine military men so that she can collect their pay allotments while they're stationed overseas.
Guest Stars: Christian Drake as Chuck Martin | Gloria Saunders as Karen Spencer | Marlo Dwyer as Grace Kellogg | Dorothy Adams as Mrs. Martin | Mike O'Brien (2) as Sgt. Justin | Bill Baldwin as Postman | Paul Brinegar as Dorset | Robert Easton as Tex | Bob Carraher as Cop
Director: Paul Guilfoyle

95 :03x32 - The Impatient Heir

When an heir gets swindled it's up to the racket squad to set things straight.
Guest Stars: James Lydon as guest star | Frances Rafferty as guests star | Lou Krugman as guest star

96 :03x33 - The Diamond Smugglers

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Guest Stars: Mary Beth Hughes as guest star | John Bromfield as guest star

97 :03x34 - Sting of Fate

Braddock and the squad expose a fraudulent accident claim racket.
Guest Stars: El Brendel as George Webber | Steve Brodie as Carey | Catherine McLeod as Linda Carey | Sidney Clute as guest star | Harlan Warde as guest star
Director: Arnold Laven

98 :03x35 - The Sure Thing

Braddock tries to break up a bookmaking operation.
Guest Stars: Milburn Stone as guest star

99 :03x36 - Flight of the Flying Fish

Braddock investigates fraudulent business opportunity advertisements.
Guest Stars: George Chandler as guest star | Phyllis Kennedy as guest star
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: June 07, 1951
Ended: September 28, 1953
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