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Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
01 01x01 09/Jan/1959 Incident of the Tumbleweed
03 01x03 23/Jan/1959 Incident with an Executioner
04 01x04 30/Jan/1959 Incident of the Widowed Dove
05 01x05 06/Feb/1959 Incident on the Edge of Madness
06 01x06 13/Feb/1959 Incident of the Power and the Plow
07 01x07 20/Feb/1959 Incident at Barker Springs
08 01x08 27/Feb/1959 Incident West of Lano
09 01x09 04/Mar/1959 Incident of the Town in Terror
11 01x11 20/Mar/1959 Incident of the Coyote Weed
12 01x12 03/Apr/1959 Incident of the Chubasco
14 01x14 17/Apr/1959 Incident of the Dog Days
15 01x15 24/Apr/1959 Incident of the Calico Gun
17 01x17 08/May/1959 Incident of Fear in the Streets
20 01x20 05/Jun/1959 Incident of the Judas Trap
22 01x22 26/Jun/1959 Incident of a Burst of Evil
23 01x23 10/Jul/1959 Incident of the Roman Candles

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
24 02x01 18/Sep/1959 Incident of the Day of the Dead
26 02x03 09/Oct/1959 Incident of the Shambling Man
27 02x04 16/Oct/1959 Incident at Jacob's Well
29 02x06 30/Oct/1959 Incident at the Buffalo Smokehouse
30 02x07 06/Nov/1959 Incident of the Haunted Hills
31 02x08 13/Nov/1959 Incident of the Stalking Death
32 02x09 20/Nov/1959 Incident of the Valley in Shadow
34 02x11 18/Dec/1959 Incident at Spanish Rock
35 02x12 08/Jan/1960 Incident of the Druid's Curse
37 02x14 22/Jan/1960 Incident of the Devil and His Due
38 02x15 29/Jan/1960 Incident of the Wanted Painter
39 02x16 05/Feb/1960 Incident of the Tinker's Dam
40 02x17 19/Feb/1960 Incident of the Night Horse
41 02x18 26/Feb/1960 Incident of the Sharpshooter
43 02x20 11/Mar/1960 Incident at Sulphur Creek
44 02x21 18/Mar/1960 Incident of the Champagne Bottles
45 02x22 01/Apr/1960 Incident of the Stargazer
46 02x23 08/Apr/1960 Incident of the Dancing Death
47 02x24 22/Apr/1960 Incident of the Arana Sacar
48 02x25 29/Apr/1960 Incident of the Deserter
50 02x27 13/May/1960 Incident of the Murder Steer
52 02x29 03/Jun/1960 Incident of the Silent Web
53 02x30 10/Jun/1960 Incident of the Last Chance
54 02x31 17/Jun/1960 Incident of the Garden of Eden

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
55 03x01 30/Sep/1960 Incident at Rojo Canyon
56 03x02 14/Oct/1960 Incident of the Challenge
58 03x04 04/Nov/1960 Incident of the Night Visitor
59 03x05 11/Nov/1960 Incident of the Slavemaster
60 03x06 18/Nov/1960 Incident on the Road to Yesterday
61 03x07 02/Dec/1960 Incident at Superstition Prairie
62 03x08 09/Dec/1960 Incident at Poco Tiempo
63 03x09 16/Dec/1960 Incident of the Captive
64 03x10 01/Jan/1961 Incident of the Buffalo Soldier
65 03x11 20/Jan/1961 Incident of the Broken Word
67 03x13 03/Feb/1961 Incident Near the Promised Land
68 03x14 10/Feb/1961 Incident of the Big Blowout
70 03x16 24/Feb/1961 Incident on the Road Back
71 03x17 03/Mar/1961 Incident of the New Start
72 03x18 10/Mar/1961 Incident of the Running Iron
73 03x19 17/Mar/1961 Incident Near Gloomy River
74 03x20 24/Mar/1961 Incident of the Boomerang
75 03x21 31/Mar/1961 Incident of his Brother's Keeper
76 03x22 07/Apr/1961 Incident in the Middle of Nowhere
77 03x23 14/Apr/1961 Incident of the Phantom Bugler
78 03x24 28/Apr/1961 Incident of the Lost Idol
79 03x25 05/May/1961 Incident of the Running Man
80 03x26 12/May/1961 Incident of the Painted Lady
82 03x28 26/May/1961 Incident of the Blackstorms
83 03x29 02/Jun/1961 Incident of the Night on the Town
84 03x30 16/Jun/1961 Incident of the Wager on Payday

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
85 04x01 29/Sep/1961 Rio Salado
86 04x02 02/Oct/1961 The Sendoff
87 04x03 13/Oct/1961 The Long Shakedown
88 04x04 20/Oct/1961 Judgment at Hondo Seco
89 04x05 27/Oct/1961 The Lost Tribe
90 04x06 03/Nov/1961 The Inside Man
91 04x07 10/Nov/1961 The Black Sheep
92 04x08 17/Nov/1961 The Prairie Elephant
93 04x09 24/Nov/1961 The Little Fishes
94 04x10 08/Dec/1961 The Blue Spy
95 04x11 15/Dec/1961 The Gentleman's Gentleman
96 04x12 22/Dec/1961 Twenty-Five Santa Clauses
98 04x14 12/Jan/1962 The Captain's Wife
99 04x15 19/Jan/1962 The Peddler
100 04x16 26/Jan/1962 The Woman Trap
102 04x18 09/Feb/1962 The Deserters' Patrol
105 04x21 02/Mar/1962 The Pitchwagon
106 04x22 09/Mar/1962 Hostage Child
107 04x23 16/Mar/1962 The Immigrants
108 04x24 23/Mar/1962 The Child-Woman
110 04x26 06/Apr/1962 Reunion
111 04x27 20/Apr/1962 The House of the Hunter
112 04x28 04/May/1962 Gold Fever
113 04x29 11/May/1962 The Devil and the Deep Blue
114 04x30 18/May/1962 Abilene

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
115 05x01 28/Sep/1962 Incident of the Hunter
116 05x02 05/Oct/1962 Incident of the Portrait
117 05x03 12/Oct/1962 Incident at Cactus Wells
118 05x04 19/Oct/1962 Incident of the Prodigal Son
119 05x05 26/Oct/1962 Incident of the Four Horsemen
121 05x07 09/Nov/1962 Incident of the Dogfaces
122 05x08 16/Nov/1962 Incident of the Wolvers
123 05x09 23/Nov/1962 Incident at Sugar Creek
124 05x10 30/Nov/1962 Incident of the Reluctant Bridegroom
125 05x11 07/Dec/1962 Incident of the Querencias
126 05x12 14/Dec/1962 Incident at Quivira
127 05x13 28/Dec/1962 Incident of Decision
128 05x14 04/Jan/1963 Incident of the Buryin' Man
129 05x15 11/Jan/1963 Incident of the Trail's End
131 05x17 25/Jan/1963 Incident of the Mountain Man
132 05x18 01/Feb/1963 Incident at Crooked Hat
133 05x19 08/Feb/1963 Incident of Judgment Day
134 05x20 22/Feb/1963 Incident of the Gallows Tree
135 05x21 01/Mar/1963 Incident of the Married Widow
136 05x22 15/Mar/1963 Incident of the Pale Rider
137 05x23 22/Mar/1963 Incident of the Comanchero
138 05x24 29/Mar/1963 Incident of the Clown
139 05x25 12/Apr/1963 Incident of the Black Ace
140 05x26 19/Apr/1963 Incident of the Hostages
141 05x27 03/May/1963 Incident of White Eyes
143 05x29 24/May/1963 Incident at Alkali Sink

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
144 06x01 26/Sep/1963 Incident of the Red Wind
145 06x02 03/Oct/1963 Incident of Iron Bull
146 06x03 10/Oct/1963 Incident at El Crucero
147 06x04 17/Oct/1963 Incident of the Travellin' Man
150 06x07 07/Nov/1963 Incident at Two Graves
151 06x08 14/Nov/1963 Incident of the Rawhiders
153 06x10 28/Nov/1963 Incident at Confidence Creek
155 06x12 12/Dec/1963 Incident of the Wild Deuces
156 06x13 19/Dec/1963 Incident of the Geisha
157 06x14 02/Jan/1964 Incident at Ten Trees
159 06x16 16/Jan/1964 Incident of the Midnight Cave
160 06x17 23/Jan/1964 Incident of the Dowry Dundee
162 06x19 06/Feb/1964 Incident of the Pied Piper
163 06x20 20/Feb/1964 Incident of the Swindler
164 06x21 27/Feb/1964 Incident of the Wanderer
165 06x22 05/Mar/1964 Incident at Zebulon
166 06x23 12/Mar/1964 Incident at Hourglass
167 06x24 26/Mar/1964 Incident of the Odyssey
169 06x26 09/Apr/1964 Incident of El Toro
170 06x27 16/Apr/1964 Incident at Deadhorse (1)
171 06x28 23/Apr/1964 Incident at Deadhorse (2)
172 06x29 30/Apr/1964 Incident of the Gilded Goddess
173 06x30 07/May/1964 Incident at Seven Fingers
174 06x31 14/May/1964 Incident of the Peyote Cup

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
175 07x01 25/Sep/1964 The Race
178 07x04 16/Oct/1964 Lost Herd
179 07x05 23/Oct/1964 A Man Called Mushy
181 07x07 13/Nov/1964 Damon's Road (1)
182 07x08 30/Nov/1964 Damon's Road (2)
183 07x09 27/Nov/1964 Backshooter
186 07x12 18/Dec/1964 No Dogs or Drovers
189 07x15 15/Jan/1965 Josh
190 07x16 22/Jan/1965 A Time for Waiting
191 07x17 29/Jan/1965 Moment in the Sun
192 07x18 05/Feb/1965 Texas Fever
195 07x21 12/Mar/1965 Winter Soldier
196 07x22 19/Mar/1965 Prairie Fire
197 07x23 26/Mar/1965 Retreat
198 07x24 02/Apr/1965 Empty Sleeve
199 07x25 09/Apr/1965 The Last Order
200 07x26 16/Apr/1965 Mrs. Harmon
201 07x27 30/Apr/1965 The Calf Women
202 07x28 07/May/1965 The Spanish Camp
204 07x30 21/May/1965 The Gray Rock Hotel

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
205 08x01 14/Sep/1965 Encounter at Boot Hill
207 08x03 28/Sep/1965 Six Weeks to Bent Fork
209 08x05 12/Oct/1965 Escort to Doom
210 08x06 19/Oct/1965 Hostage for Hanging
212 08x08 02/Nov/1965 Clash at Broken Bluff
213 08x09 09/Nov/1965 The Pursuit
214 08x10 16/Nov/1965 Duel at Daybreak
215 08x11 23/Nov/1965 Brush War at Buford
216 08x12 30/Nov/1965 Testing Post
217 08x13 07/Dec/1965 Crossing at White Feather

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