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Rawhide Episode Guide

1 :01x01 - Incident of the Tumbleweed

First aired: Jan/09/1959
Director: Richard Whorf
Guest star: Terry Moore (Dallas Storm), John Larch (Lennie Dawson), Tom Conway (Sinclair), Frank Wilcox (Marshal Will Jackson), Maurice Manson (Matt Hayes), Val Dufour (Luke Storm), David Whorf (Norm Morton), Bob Steele (Deputy Art Gray), Bill Hale (Jed Ryan), John War Eagle (Virgo)

After a marshal is wounded and his deputy is killed, Favor and Rowdy volunteer to take a tumbleweed wagon containing seven dangerous prisoners to trial. One of the prisoners happens to be a smokin' hot woman.

2 :01x02 - Incident at Alabaster Plain

First aired: Jan/16/1959
Writer: David Swift
Director: Richard Whorf
Guest star: Myron Healey (Gun Guard), Martin Balsam (Father Fabian), Troy Donahue (Buzz Travis), Joe De Santis (Justin Cardin), Suzanne Lloyd (Verbena Cardin), Peter Mamakos (Kellum), Peter Mark Richman (Ward Mastic)

Rowdy's old army buddy is getting married to the daughter of a wealthy rancher but things don't go smoothly when an old lover of the bride arrives at the ceremony.

3 :01x03 - Incident with an Executioner

First aired: Jan/23/1959
Writer: James Edmiston
Director: Charles Marquis Warren
Guest star: Dan Duryea (Jardin), Glenn Gordon (Stage Driver), Jan Shepard (Mary), Marguerite Chapman (Madge), Martin Milner (Johnny Doan), William Schallert (Drummer), Stafford Repp (Van Riesen), James Drury (Kenley)

After rescuing six passengers from a stagecoach wreck, the drovers discover that they are being stalked by a mysterious gunman. But who is the target?

4 :01x04 - Incident of the Widowed Dove

First aired: Jan/30/1959
Writer: David Lang
Director: Ted Post
Guest star: Harry Lauter (Billy Grant), Sally Forrest (Clovis Lindstrom), Jay C. Flippen (Marshal Lindstrom), Harry Shannon (Marshal Claggart), Vic Perrin (Poke), Fred Graham (Bartender), Harry Harvey (Printer), Dick Ryan (Undertaker), Henry Wills (Croupier)

When Clovis decides she wants to leave her husband, Rowdy tries to help her out the best he can.

5 :01x05 - Incident on the Edge of Madness

First aired: Feb/06/1959
Writer: Herbert Little, Jr., David Victor
Director: Andrew V. McLaglen
Guest star: Lon Chaney, Jr. (Lt. Jesse Childress), Marie Windsor (Narcie Adams), Ralph Reed (Boston), Alan Marshal (Warren Millet), Duane Grey (Brad), Fay Roope (Mayor Haslip), Jester Hairston (Zachariah), George Hickman (Professor)

Favor's former commanding officer in the Civil War wants him to help establish a new Confederacy in Panama. The trail boss declines but several other drovers are more than willing.

6 :01x06 - Incident of the Power and the Plow

First aired: Feb/13/1959
Writer: Fred Freiberger
Director: Andrew V. McLaglen
Guest star: Brian Donlevy (Jed Reston), Jack Williams (Bannion), Michael Pate (Taslatch), Dick Van Patten (Matt Reston), Rodolfo Acosta (Comanche Chief), Malcolm Atterbury (Will Morton), Sandy Kenyon (Storekeeper), Jeanne Bates (Henny Morton), Robert Gist (Sheriff), Carol Thurston (Waneea)

Favor and company try to prevent a rancher from illegally snatching land owned by the Comanches.

7 :01x07 - Incident at Barker Springs

First aired: Feb/20/1959
Writer: Les Crutchfield
Director: Charles Marquis Warren
Guest star: June Lockhart (Rainy Dawson), Richard Gilden (Lance), DeForest Kelley (Slate Prell (as DeForrest Kelley)), Bill Hale (Marshal Tobin), Paul Richards (Brazo)

A former gunfighter attempts to make sure that his kid brother doesn't follow in his footsteps.

8 :01x08 - Incident West of Lano

First aired: Feb/27/1959
Writer: Buckley Angell
Director: Charles Marquis Warren
Guest star: Ron Soble (Monroe), Robert H. Harris (Joe Blaney), Martha Hyer (Hanna Haley), James Anderson (Traxel), Jacqueline Mayo (Margaret Haley), K.L. Smith (Dawson), Abby Dalton (Ruth Haley), Nancy Hadley (Emily Haley)

The drovers encounter four sister sharpshooters from a Wild West show who were abandoned by their guide. This leads to plenty of trouble.

9 :01x09 - Incident of the Town in Terror

First aired: Mar/04/1959
Writer: Oliver Crawford
Director: Ted Post
Guest star: Margaret O'Brien (Betsy Stauffer), Don C. Harvey (Joe Greevey), Kem Dibbs (Yaeger), Russ Conway (Josh Miller), James Gavin (Windy), Harry Townes (Amos Stauffer), Dan White (Townsman), Garry Walberg (Yaeger's Pal), Patrick O'Moore (Matt Novak), Milan Smith (Kyle Jeffers)

When Rowdy and two cattle are stricken with what could be anthrax it's up to a fearless nurse from a nearby town to save the day.

10 :01x10 - Incident of the Golden Calf

First aired: Mar/13/1959
Writer: Endre Bohem
Director: Jesse Hibbs
Guest star: Macdonald Carey (Brother Bent), Charles H. Gray (Flagg), John Pickard (Clint Crowley), Richard Shannon (Fred Rocket), Chuck Roberson (Baxter), Clem Fuller (Inn Keeper)

Favor hires a highly unusual new drover--a former preacher who was run out of his pulpit by gold-crazed parishioners because he preached against the excessive worship of money.

11 :01x11 - Incident of the Coyote Weed

First aired: Mar/20/1959
Writer: David Lang
Director: Jesse Hibbs
Guest star: Rick Jason (Rivera), Buzz Martin (Roy Evans), James Gavin (Grady), Kem Dibbs (Porter), Garry Walberg (Finch), Jorge Moreno (Sanchez)

Mexican bandits send a spy to poison the cattle and men with coyote weed so that they can make off with the herd.

12 :01x12 - Incident of the Chubasco

First aired: Apr/03/1959
Writer: Al C. Ward
Director: Buzz Kulik
Guest star: George Brent (Jefferson Devereaux), Noah Beery, Jr. (Arkansas), John Ericson (Tom Bryan), Olive Sturgess (Sally Devereaux), Stacy Harris (Riggs)

Favor hires some new drovers to get the herd through a dangerous plateau but the pickings are pretty slim and there's also a runaway bride in the mix.

13 :01x13 - Incident of the Curious Street

First aired: Apr/10/1959
Director: Ted Post
Guest star: Mercedes McCambridge (Mrs. Miller), James Westerfield (Matt Lucas), Whitney Blake (Angie Miller), Dennis Cross (Waldo), Ralph Moody (Ed Cory)

Rowdy and Gil ride into a seemingly-deserted town to look for strays. However, they encounter first the caretaker, and then a mother and daughter who claim the caretaker is holding them hostage.

14 :01x14 - Incident of the Dog Days

First aired: Apr/17/1959
Writer: Samuel A. Peeples
Director: George Sherman
Guest star: Don Dubbins (Billy Carter/Johnny Kimber), R.G. Armstrong (Talby), Addison Richards (Jed Blaine), John Vivyan (Toby Clark), Ross Elliott (Carl Myers), Craig Duncan (Bates), Milan Smith (Kyle Jeffers), Hal Roth (Ross)

Favor is forced to hire several new drovers who may or may not help the herd survive a severe drought.

15 :01x15 - Incident of the Calico Gun

First aired: Apr/24/1959
Writer: Winston Miller
Director: Jesse Hibbs
Guest star: Jack Lord (Blake), Gloria Talbott (Jenny Watson), Steve Mitchell (Dave), Myron Healey (Jeb), Gene Collins (Kid), Damian O'Flynn (Paymaster)

The drovers pick up a seemingly innocent girl but learn she's actually in league with a trio of outlaw brothers out to get their payroll money.

16 :01x16 - Incident of the Misplaced Indians

First aired: May/01/1959
Writer: David Victor, Herbert Little, Jr.
Director: Jesse Hibbs
Guest star: Kim Hunter (Amelia Spaulding), Lyle Talbot (Dr. Otis Gray), Virginia Gregg (Clarissa Gray), Richard Hale (Moon), Robert Carson (Captain Brando), Milan Smith (Kyle Jeffers), Rodd Redwing (Native American)

The sister of a missionary poisons Native Americans because she is afraid of them. Then she runs away and joins up with the herd where Rowdy falls for her.

17 :01x17 - Incident of Fear in the Streets

First aired: May/08/1959
Writer: Fred Freiberger
Director: Andrew V. McLaglen
Guest star: Gary Merrill (Jed Mason), Morris Ankrum (Dr. Tom Jackson), Corey Allen (Mel Mason), Bobby Driscoll (Wilt Mason), Don Haggerty (Mort Kendricks), Whit Bissell (Sam Harris), Bob Steele (Art Jameson), Eleanor Ayer (Mandy Harris), Ed Nelson (Kels Morgan), Edward Faulkner (Brett Mason), Olan Soule (Frank Sanford), Guy Stockwell (Greg Mason), Amzie Strickland (Bess Hargrove), Len Hendry (Store Owner), John Cole (Bailey), Milan Smith (Kyle Jeffers)

Seeking medical aid for an injured Pete Nolan, the drovers ride into a town where a lynching just occurred and tensions are still high.

18 :01x18 - Incident Below the Brazos

First aired: May/15/1959
Writer: Herbert Purdom
Director: Jack Arnold
Guest star: Leslie Nielsen (Eli Becker), Kathleen Crowley (Millie Wade), Martin Landau (Cort), Irene Tedrow (Minnie Lou), William Joyce (Ken Wade), John Craven (Hornbeck), Alan Reynolds (Loomis)

When Favor's cattle stampedes it causes the death of a farmer. The man's wife then urges a gunman to get revenge on the drovers for her husband.

19 :01x19 - Incident of the Dry Drive

First aired: May/22/1959
Writer: John Dunkel
Director: Andrew V. McLaglen
Guest star: Victor Jory (Jess Hode), Ron Hagerthy (Jim Hode), Jean Inness (Carrie Hode), Chris Alcaide (Gates)

A corrupt former trail boss demands half of Favor's herd as his price for letting them use his water supply.

20 :01x20 - Incident of the Judas Trap

First aired: Jun/05/1959
Writer: David Lang
Director: Jesse Hibbs
Guest star: Nina Foch (Medrina Wilcox), Hugh Sanders (Marshal McVie), Gerald Mohr (Brad Morgan), Jane Nigh (Paula Wilcox), Phyllis Coates (Nora Sage), John Bleifer (Peely), Milan Smith (Kyle Jeffers), Larry Thor (Brown), Paul McGuire (Smith), Rick Arnold (Rick), Rush Williams (Forrester), John Cole (Bailey)

Favor and the drovers run into trouble with both a wolfpack and the wolver who's out to kill the animals.

21 :01x21 - Incident in No Man's Land

First aired: Jun/12/1959
Writer: Buckley Angell
Director: Jack Arnold
Guest star: Brian Keith (Todd McCauley), Ron Foster (Charlie Cooper), Don Megowan (Jack Viner), Dee J. Thompson (Liz Viner), Shirley Knight (Jenny Cooper), Phyllis Avery (Ann McCauley), Reed Hadley (Clement), Adam Williams (Kallino), Mary Beth Hughes (Sarah), Larry J. Blake (Guard), Maria Monay (Mary)

Favor and Rowdy ride into a women's camp to find the source of explosions that threaten to stampede the herd. They discover that the women there are the wives and galpals of the inmates in nearby prison camp and that one of the inmates is planning an escape.

22 :01x22 - Incident of a Burst of Evil

First aired: Jun/26/1959
Writer: George Sherman
Director: Buckley Angell
Guest star: Linda Cristal (Louisa Maria Fuentes), H.M. Wynant (Jonas Lester), Elisha Cook (Bing), Charles Bateman (Hess), Eve McVeagh (Beulah), Russ Bender (Storekeeper), Kenneth R. MacDonald (Townsman), Ralph Votrian (Boy), Jeanne Tatum (Storekeeper's Wife), Ezelle Poule (Woman), Dick Nelson (Guard)

A crazed man stumbling into camp leads to a confrontation between the drovers and outlaw comancheros.

23 :01x23 - Incident of the Roman Candles

First aired: Jul/10/1959
Writer: Jan Winters
Director: Stuart Heisler
Guest star: David McMahon (Larch), Gerald Milton (Mooney), Zon Murray (Harv), William Henry (Sam Colby), Will Wright (Grandpa), Robert Ellenstein (Stan Bodie), Richard Eyer (David Colby), Beverly Garland (Jennie Colby)

While on night duty, Pete Nolan encounters a young boy shooting Roman candles. The lad claims his family was killed by Native Americans but Favor has his doubts.

24 :02x01 - Incident of the Day of the Dead

First aired: Sep/18/1959
Writer: Herbert Little, Jr., David Victor
Director: Stuart Heisler
Guest star: Viveca Lindfors (Luisa Hadley), Carlos Romero (Goyo), Julian Rivero (Miguel), Claire Carleton (Lena Biggs), Alex Montoya (Ramon), Maurice Jara (Hey Soos), Helen Westcott (Ella Cowley), William Fawcett (Old Man), Connie Buck (Concha), Ron Soble (Tovar), Nancy Hadley (Ellen), Alexander Scourby (Albert Hadley)

A woman tricks Rowdy into breaking a dangerous stallion in order to pay off a gambling debt.

25 :02x02 - Incident at Dangerfield Dip

First aired: Oct/02/1959
Director: Robert D. Webb
Guest star: Alan Baxter (J.B. Kincaid), Douglas Kennedy (Ewan Dangerfield), Pitt Herbert (Harry), Phillip Pine (Reese Dangerfield), Dorothy Morris (Mrs. Kincaid), Gregg Barton (Fiske), Bert Remsen (Ash)

Favor and Rowdy turn the herd towards a dipping station after suspecting that the cattle are coming down with disease.

26 :02x03 - Incident of the Shambling Man

First aired: Oct/09/1959
Writer: Charles Larson
Director: Andrew V. McLaglen
Guest star: Victor McLaglen (Harry Whitman), Anne Francis (Rose Whitman), Edward Faulkner (Mason), Russell Trent (Gegg), Robert Karnes (Mel Simmons), Earle Hodgins (Judge James Cuff), Bruce Wendell (Court Clerk), Ann McCrea (2nd Woman), Stephen Joyce (Vic), Pamela Duncan (1st Woman), Harry Carey, Jr. (Tanner), Gene Nelson (Dave Thompson), Robert Lowery (Lou Thompson)

When a delusional former fighter attacks the drovers, his daughter seeks their help in getting her father put away.

27 :02x04 - Incident at Jacob's Well

First aired: Oct/16/1959
Writer: Robert Sherman
Director: Jack Arnold
Guest star: David Brian (Jacob Calvin), Patricia Medina (Ilona Calvin), Henry Rowland (Ludwig), Jean Allison (Melissa Calvin), Dean Williams (Farmer), Mason Curry (Jason Henry), Kathleen O'Malley (Mrs. Henry)

Drought stricken farmers steal horses belonging to the drovers.

28 :02x05 - Incident of the Thirteenth Man

First aired: Oct/23/1959
Writer: Fred Freiberger
Director: Jesse Hibbs
Guest star: John Hart (Slim), Amzie Strickland (Grace Winston), Robert Anderson (Gene Matson), Paul Fix (Ellis Williams), Edward Platt (Jason Clark), Leon Needham (Nate Harmon), Terry Becker (Seth Warner), Grant Richards (Sheriff Tom Bracken), Rush Williams (Arthur Hassig), Dick Elliott (McTavish), Iron Eyes Cody (John Red Cloud), Richard Shannon (Ed), Jerome Cowan (Judge Gerald T. Crenshaw), Patrick Macnee (Henry Watkins), Duane Grey (Doc Markham), Walter Coy (Ott), Holly Bane (Clem Jackson), John Indrisano (Gregg), Robert Cornthwaite (Richard Smith), Charles Tannen (Jed Hodges), Harry Antrim (Bailiff), Russell Thorson (Mort Billings)

Rowdy and Wishbone head to a town to find a dentist to fix the cook's tooth. They discover that he's about to be tried for a murder and then are dragooned into serving on the jury.

29 :02x06 - Incident at the Buffalo Smokehouse

First aired: Oct/30/1959
Writer: Louis Vittes
Director: Stuart Heisler
Guest star: Vera Miles (Helen Walsh), Leif Erickson (Jeremiah Walsh), John Agar (Lon Grant), Gene Evans (Wes Thomas), J. Pat O'Malley (Matt Peeler), Bob Tetrick (2nd Soldier), Lane Bradford (Croft), Glenn Turnbull (1st Soldier), Jack Weston (Julian Smith), Harry Swoger (Miller), Karl Swenson (Sergeant), Harry Dean Stanton (Barlowe), Allison Hayes (Rose)

The drovers press the herd to outrun a nasty prairie fire that is hot on their heels but Favor gets held up at a smokehouse that's been taken over by four outlaws.

30 :02x07 - Incident of the Haunted Hills

First aired: Nov/06/1959
Writer: Louis Vittes
Director: Jesse Hibbs
Guest star: Bart Braverman (Indian Boy), Moody Blanchard (Crane), Clarke Gordon (Henderson), Ron Hayes (Owens), John Kroger (Phillips), Harry Lauter (Garrison), Marya Stevens (Indian Woman), John Drew Barrymore (Tasunka), Charles H. Gray (Flagg), Glenn Strange (Indian Chief), Kent Smith (Capt. Loomis), Strother Martin (Meeker)

Desperate for water, Favor and company try to mediate a dispute between Native Americans and surveyors.

31 :02x08 - Incident of the Stalking Death

First aired: Nov/13/1959
Writer: Louis Vittes
Director: Harmon Jones
Guest star: Cesar Romero (Ben Teague), Scott Davey (Tomas), Mari Blanchard (Marguerite Calinas), Martin Garralaga (Pedrillo), Regis Toomey (Goldie), Douglas Wilson (Flint), Marilyn Winston (Carlotta)

Favor agrees to hunt down a vicious puma for a widow but in doing so he arouses the wrath of her suitor.

32 :02x09 - Incident of the Valley in Shadow

First aired: Nov/20/1959
Writer: Buckley Angell
Director: Harmon Jones
Guest star: Fay Spain (Winoka/Nancy Curtis), Rick Jason (Manso), Don C. Harvey (Collins), John Cole (Hauck), John Erwin (Teddy), Arthur Batanides (Backstrom), Leo Gordon (Dagget)

The drovers move into Cheyenne country where they learn of a huge reward for the return of a white girl captured by the Native Americans.

33 :02x10 - Incident of the Blue Fire

First aired: Dec/11/1959
Writer: John Dunkel
Director: Charles Marquis Warren
Guest star: Skip Homeier (Lucky Markley), Joe De Santis (Jed), Don C. Harvey (Collins), John Erwin (Teddy), Eddie Little Sky (Brave)

A drover with the reputation of being a jinx joins the drive. Soon enough, bad things begin happening and Favor's leadership gets questioned once again.

34 :02x11 - Incident at Spanish Rock

First aired: Dec/18/1959
Writer: Louis Vittes
Director: Harmon Jones
Guest star: Frank DeKova (Villegro), Wolfe Barzell (Julio), Jacques Aubuchon (Juan Carroyo), Elena Verdugo (Maria Carroyo), Pepe Hern (Frank Volaro), Roberto Contreras (Castillo), Jorge Moreno (Perez), Vincent Padula (Waiter), George Ramsey (Dancer)

A group of men claiming to represent the president of Mexico arrive in camp wanting to take one of Favor's drovers back across the Rio Grande with them.

35 :02x12 - Incident of the Druid's Curse

First aired: Jan/08/1960
Writer: Louis Vittes
Director: Jesse Hibbs
Guest star: Claude Akins (Jim Lark), Stanley Adams (Crescent), Luana Patten (Mave/Mona Lismore), Byron Foulger (Lismore), Don Keefer (Hames)

Favor encounters a lovely damsel and her father who are searching for lost treasure.

36 :02x13 - Incident at Red River Station

First aired: Jan/15/1960
Writer: Charles Larson
Director: Gene Fowler, Jr.
Guest star: James Dunn (Dr. Solomon Flood), Glen Gordon (Guard), William Tannen (Wiley), Francis Morris (Hannah Junkin), Peter Adams (Lt. Shaw), Stanley Clements (Lon Paris), Robert F. Simon (Junkin), Earle Hodgins (Preacher), Kim Hector (Raymond Junkin), Dorothy Christmas (Raymond's Mother)

Favor unwittingly touches the corpse of a smallpox victim and decides to leave the drive so as not to spread the disease.

37 :02x14 - Incident of the Devil and His Due

First aired: Jan/22/1960
Writer: Louis Vittes, Samuel Newman
Director: Harmon Jones
Guest star: Neville Brand (Gaff), Sheila Bromley (Mrs. Burton), James Griffith (Maury), John Pickard (Owens), Lindsay Workman (Hooper), Barbara Morrison (Mrs. Gary), Peter Mamakos (Eddie), Fred Sherman (Dooley), Tudor Owen (Riley), Louis Jean Heydt (Wilson), Ralph Reed (Hal Burton), Hank Worden (Joe Wendell)

Favor goes on trial for murder while his drovers search for the real culprits.

38 :02x15 - Incident of the Wanted Painter

First aired: Jan/29/1960
Writer: Charles Larson
Director: Harmon Jones
Guest star: Norman Winston (Sergeant Todd), Arthur Franz (Charles Fredericks), Rex Holman (Harry), Steve Brodie (Marshal Coogan), Charles Maxwell (Charfee), Frank Wolff (Holzman), Dennis Cross (Clements), Robert Lowery (Major Sinclair)

The drovers must deal with a bandit, a hot-tempered marshal, and an artist who is wanted by the law.

39 :02x16 - Incident of the Tinker's Dam

First aired: Feb/05/1960
Writer: Jan Winters
Director: Gene Fowler, Jr.
Guest star: Regis Toomey (T.J. Wishbone), Jeanne Bates (Mrs. Wayne), Monte Blue (Wanakawa), Robert Chadwick (Kaiwie), Rus Conklin (Fleet Foot), Anthony Dexter (Chief), Ray Montgomery (Corporal Anderson), Herbert Patterson (Sgt. Gregory), Ron Soble (Hansho), Estelita Zarco (Kiowa Woman), Iron Eyes Cody (Blue Deer), John Cole (Bailey)

Wishbone's no talent assclown younger brother runs afoul of the Kiowas which might endanger an upcoming treaty between the government and the tribe.

40 :02x17 - Incident of the Night Horse

First aired: Feb/19/1960
Writer: John Dunkel
Director: Joseph Kane
Guest star: Judy Nugent (Willie Carst), George D. Wallace (Jed Carst), Madeleine Taylor Holmes (Sari Carst), John Erwin (Teddy)

Favor clashes with an old enemy who is obsessed with capturing a wild stallion.

41 :02x18 - Incident of the Sharpshooter

First aired: Feb/26/1960
Writer: Winston Miller
Director: Jesse Hibbs
Guest star: Jock Mahoney (Vance / Jonathan Williams), Hugh Sanders (Sheriff Fisher), Stafford Repp (Mayor Watkins), Raymond Greenleaf (Judge Sanders), Harry Ellerbe (Fred Milton), Morgan Jones (Red), Norman Leavitt (Hotel Clerk), Olan Soule (Styles), Keene Duncan (Sheriff Brown), John Hart (Posseman), Harold Goodwin (Posseman (as Herold Goodwin)), Fred Lerner (Posseman), Casey MacGregor (Posseman), George Hickman (Drunk), Terry Loomis (Girl), John Cole (Bailey), William R. Thompkins (Drover)

Rowdy Yates is on trial for murder and he discovers that his lawyer is in reality a notorious outlaw.

42 :02x19 - Incident of the Dust Flower

First aired: Mar/04/1960
Writer: Winston Miller
Director: Ted Post
Guest star: Margaret Phillips (Sophie Cartwright), Arthur Shields (Sam Cartwright), Tom Drake (Henry Fisher), Frances Bavier (Ellen Ferguson), Doreen Lang (Julia), John Cole (Slim), Len Hendry (Mr. Riddle), Fern Barry (Mrs. Riddle), Don Happy (Stagecoach Driver)

The drovers provide shelter to an injured traveler and his daughter who appears to live in a fantasy world.

43 :02x20 - Incident at Sulphur Creek

First aired: Mar/11/1960
Writer: Louis Vittes
Director: Harmon Jones
Guest star: John Dehner (Arvid Lacey), Jan Shepard (Clara Lacey), Charles Aidman (Waltzer), Ross Ford (Brad Lacey), Howard Wendell (Porteous), James Gavin (Williams), Duane Grey (Thurman), K.L. Smith (Chuck), Joseph Vitale (Chief (as Joseph A. Vitale)), X Brands (Kah-Wah), William R. Thompkins (Dinger (as William R. Thompkins Jr.))

Rustlers make off with the drovers' horses in order to sell them back for a high price.

44 :02x21 - Incident of the Champagne Bottles

First aired: Mar/18/1960
Director: Joseph Kane
Guest star: Hugh Marlowe (James Parker), Patricia Barry (Susan Parker), Lane Bradford (Matt Holden), John Hart (Murdoch), William R. Thompkins (Drover)

Favor and Rowdy are held hostage by a huband and wife outlaw team who are transporting nitroglycerine.

45 :02x22 - Incident of the Stargazer

First aired: Apr/01/1960
Director: Harmon Jones
Guest star: Buddy Ebsen (Will Kinch), Dorothy Green (Marissa Turner), Richard Webb (Henry Walker), Ted de Corsia (Gunnison), Jonathan Hole (Josiah Grimby), Marya Stevens (Teela), Tom Fadden (Circuit Judge Nield), Kelton Garwood (Hutchins), Clem Fuller (Driver), John Cole (Bailey)

Pete and Wishbone try to keep a woman from being declared incompetent by swindlers who want to takeover her ranch.

46 :02x23 - Incident of the Dancing Death

First aired: Apr/08/1960
Director: William F. Claxton
Guest star: Mabel Albertson (Kalla), Kipp Hamilton (Shezoe), Anthony Caruso (Cullen), Paul Picerni (Bahari), Warren Oates (Marco), Michael Mark (Gypsy Man), Bill Talent (Pana), William R. Thompkins (Achilles), John Cole (Bailey), Milan Smith (Kyle Jeffers)

The drovers are accused of murder by gypsies when a stolen horse re-appears carrying the dead body of a gypsy prince.

47 :02x24 - Incident of the Arana Sacar

First aired: Apr/22/1960
Director: Joseph Kane
Guest star: Cloris Leachman (Mary Ann Belden), Russell Arms (Joel Belden), Chris Alcaide (Pagan), Hal Baylor (Myles), Charles Fredericks (Strader), William R. Thompkins (Drover), John Cole (Bailey)

A con man manages to make off with Favor's entire herd.

48 :02x25 - Incident of the Deserter

First aired: Apr/29/1960
Director: Gerd Oswald
Guest star: Sheila Bromley (Mrs. Spencer), William Tannen (Noel Detrick), Michael Granger (Yuber), Walter Burke (Mr. Dimity), Curt Barrett (Logan), Bob Steele (Grogan), Rush Williams (Hall), Dorothy Christmas (Mrs. Logan), Mary Carroll (Miner's Wife)

After meeting and falling for a widow, trail cook Wishbone decides to quit the drive and open up a restaurant with her.

49 :02x26 - Incident of the One Hundred Amulets

First aired: May/06/1960
Director: Stuart Heisler
Guest star: R.G. Armstrong (Burke), Whit Bissell (Doc Taggart), Vaughn Taylor (Perce Morgan), Argentina Brunetti (Rosa Patines), Virginia Christine (Sarah Tenney), Richard Reeves (Sheriff (Tom Oldfield)), Patricia Michon (Polly Morgan (as Pat Michon)), Ed Nelson (Chuck Wittaker), Carol Anne Seflinger (Ellen Tenney (as Carol Selfinger)), John Erwin (Teddy), Alex Montoya (Lopez), Peter Whitney (Jake Tenney), John Cole (Bailey)

Favor and Rowdy try to protect Hey Soos and his mother from a mob that thinks the mother is a witch.

50 :02x27 - Incident of the Murder Steer

First aired: May/13/1960
Writer: John Dunkel
Director: Joseph Kane
Guest star: James Franciscus (Andy Nye), Whitney Blake (Callie Carter), Howard Petrie (Abner Carter), Paul Lukather (Gus Price), John Erwin (Teddy), Robert Jordan (Adair), Stephen Joyce (Hanson Buck), John Cole (Bailey), William R. Thompkins (Drover)

The only clue to a series of mysterious killings is a steer branded with the word "murder" that appears after each death.

51 :02x28 - Incident of the Music Maker

First aired: May/20/1960
Director: R.G. Springsteen
Guest star: Peter Whitney (Anton Zwahlen), Lili Kardell (Maria Zwahlen), Werner Klemperer (Kessel), Robert Boon (Ernest Zwahlen), Jered Barclay (Fran Zwahlen (as Jerry Barclay)), Norman Winston (Sepp Zwahlen), John Durren (Willi Zwahlen), Robert Griffin (Marshal), Ted Stanhope (Bill Kelley), John Cole (Bailey), Bob Duggan (Soldier), X Brands (Indian Leader), William R. Thompkins (Drover)

A Swiss gunsmith sabotages the weapons of the drovers as part of an attempt to rustle a portion of the herd.

52 :02x29 - Incident of the Silent Web

First aired: Jun/03/1960
Writer: Winston Miller, Charles Smith
Director: Joseph Kane
Guest star: Reba Waters (Jeanie Porter), Don Haggerty (Chaney), William Thourlby (Morgan), Charles Maxwell (John Taggatt), Paul Langton (Henry Porter), Carlos Romero (Mendoza), Joe Patridge (Ellis (as Joseph Partridge)), Patrick O'Moore (Simmons (as Pat O'Moore)), Stephen Ellsworth (Sheriff), John War Eagle (Indian), John Cole (Bailey), William R. Thompkins (Drover)

An escaped convict poses as the father of a young girl struck mute with fear after witnessing a massacre.

53 :02x30 - Incident of the Last Chance

First aired: Jun/10/1960
Writer: Winston Miller
Director: Ted Post
Guest star: John Kerr (Bert Eaton), Roxane Berard (Marcia Eaton), John Marley (Little Cloud), Kathryn Card (Edna Gillespie), Jon Lormer (Harry Gillespie), Dick Elliott (Sam Davis), William D. Gordon (Sid Gorman), Hank Patterson (Dan Simmons), Bob Hopkins (Denton), Guy Teague (Driver)

A pair of newlyweds from Boston join the cattle drive after losing their wagon in a flash flood. It turns out that the husband is the jealous type.

54 :02x31 - Incident of the Garden of Eden

First aired: Jun/17/1960
Director: Joseph Kane
Guest star: John Ireland (Winch), Debra Paget (Laura (Laura Ashley)), John Hoyt (Harry Wilks), Robert Coote (Ashley (Sir Richard Ashley)), J. Pat O'Malley (Oliver), Patrick O'Moore (Tompkins (as Pat O'Moore)), Gregory Walcott (Crane), Charles Davis (Higgins), Joan Elan (Nancy), John Cole (Indian), Adrienne Marden (Oneewa)

After an English nobleman refuses top sell his cattle to Rowdy, the ramrod tries to make a deal with the man's attractive daughter.

55 :03x01 - Incident at Rojo Canyon

First aired: Sep/30/1960
Writer: Steve Raines, Budd Bankson
Director: Ted Post
Guest star: Julie London (Anne Danvers), Bobby Troup (Nelson Hoyt), Frank Maxwell (Anderson), John Pickard (Matson), Stanley Clements (Sgt. Willis), William Wellman, Jr. (Chatsworth (as Bill Wellman Jr.)), Nelson Welch (Purkey), Robert Easton (Bugler), Richard Gering (First Trooper), Tom Troupe (Trooper), Linden Chiles (Jenkins), Len Hendry (White), John Cole (Bailey)

The drovers drive the herd into an isolated canyon that's occupied by Confederate soldiers who do not know that the Civil War has ended.

56 :03x02 - Incident of the Challenge

First aired: Oct/14/1960
Director: Charles Marquis Warren
Guest star: Lyle Bettger (Major Victor Darius), Ann Robinson (Julia Garcia), Michael Pate (Mitla), Ann Doran (Millie Darius), Orville Sherman (Charlie Casey), John Hart (Nate Johnson), Harry Ellerbe (Melberg (Leonard Melberg)), Vicki Raaf (Lil), John Erwin (Teddy), John Cole (Indian), Herman Hack (Barfly), William R. Thompkins (Drover)

Favor encounters an Aztec who is looking for a legendary princess who according to legend will save his impoverished village back in Mexico.

57 :03x03 - Incident at Dragoon Crossing

First aired: Oct/21/1960
Writer: John Dunkel
Director: Ted Post
Guest star: Dan O'Herlihy (John Cord), Duane Grey (Jose Becerra), Garry Walberg (Corey Bates), Ralph Thomas (Billy Joe Bates), John Erwin (Teddy)

An ailing Favor lets another trail boss takeover the drive while he recuperates but the men soon come to question the motives of the new boss.

58 :03x04 - Incident of the Night Visitor

First aired: Nov/04/1960
Writer: John Dunkel
Director: R.G. Springsteen
Guest star: Dane Clark (Jeff Barkley), Harold Stone (Nick Mesa (as Harold J. Stone)), Tom Nolan (Joey Gardner (as Tommy Nolan)), John Erwin (Teddy), John Cole (Bailey), Mark Norton (Greb)

A boy looking for his long absent father stumbles into camp one night.

59 :03x05 - Incident of the Slavemaster

First aired: Nov/11/1960
Director: Ted Post
Guest star: Peter Lorre (Victor Laurier), John Agar (Mike Anderson), Lisa Gaye (Odette Laurier), Theodore Newton (Somers), Ernest Sarracino (Francois), K.T. Stevens (Martha Bradley), Roy Glenn (Jonah), Stephen Courtleigh (Garrett), Andy Albin (Morgan), James Gavin (Breen), John Erwin (Teddy), Jimmie Horan (Slave), Arthur Tovey (Slave), John Cole (Bailey)

A former Confederate prison warden now uses slave labor on his cotton plantation.

60 :03x06 - Incident on the Road to Yesterday

First aired: Nov/18/1960
Writer: Jan Winters, Winston Miller
Director: R.G. Springsteen
Guest star: Frankie Laine (Ralph Bartlet), Chester Morris (Hugh Clements), Robert Gist (Ed Stockton), Nan Grey (Carly Stockton), King Calder (John Slocum), Stephen Joyce (Wilbur), Shirley O'Hara (Mrs. Slocum), Charles Tannen (First Bartender (Joe)), John Erwin (Teddy), John Cole (Bailey), George Hickman (Second Bartender), Herman Hack (Townsman), Bert Madrid (Townsman), William R. Thompkins (Drover)

A man asks Favor to return the $250 he stole from a stagecoach company. Then the trail boss learns that the man is wanted for murder.

61 :03x07 - Incident at Superstition Prairie

First aired: Dec/02/1960
Writer: Wilton Schiller
Director: Stuart Heisler
Guest star: Rodolfo Acosta (Ossolo), Michael Pate (Sankeno), Carlos Romero (Asunta), John Erwin (Teddy), John Cole (Bailey), Connie Buck (Kiancita), Bert Madrid (Indian), William R. Thompkins (Drover)

Wishbone rescues a Native American who's been left to die in a cave.

62 :03x08 - Incident at Poco Tiempo

First aired: Dec/09/1960
Writer: Buckley Angell
Director: Ted Post
Guest star: Agnes Moorehead (Sister Frances), Gigi Perreau (Sister Joan), Stewart Bradley (Payton), Carolyn Hughes (Emerald Carney), Gregory Walcott (Mata), Frank Puglia (Father Sebastian), Lew Gallo (Colley), Wally Cassell (Station Keeper), Ken Mayer (Swanson), Allan Nixon (Sign Painter), Henry Wills (Stagecoach Driver), Robert Swan (Town Marshal), Bill Hale (Will), John Cason (Charlie), Geoffrey Becton (Gun Guard), Herman Hack (Townsman)

Rowdy and Jim Quince are suspected of robbing a bank of the sum of $10,000 and killing a local priest. Meanwhile, the real robbers are forcing a group of nuns to hide them.

63 :03x09 - Incident of the Captive

First aired: Dec/16/1960
Writer: Ted Gardner
Director: Stuart Heisler
Guest star: Mercedes McCambridge (Martha Mushgrove), Albert Salmi (Vince Lohman), Robert Driscoll (Billy Chance (as Bobby Driscoll)), Joe De Santis (Ellis Crowley), Dan Sheridan (Gottfried), Kathryn Card (Millicent Laker), Vic Perrin (Sgt. Comstock (as Victor Perrin)), Russ Bender (Sheriff), Hank Worden (Driver), Allen Jaffe (Crown Keller), Bud Osborne (Second Driver), George Johnson (Sam), Len Hendry (Guard), John Cole (Bailey), William R. Thompkins (Drover)

On her way to visit her son, Mushy's mother foils a stagecoach robbery attempt but the bandits get on her trail because she can identify them.

64 :03x10 - Incident of the Buffalo Soldier

First aired: Jan/01/1961
Writer: John Dunkel
Director: Ted Post
Guest star: Woody Strode (Corporal Gabe Washington), Ray Montgomery (Lt. Howard), Roy Glenn (Corporal "Lardface" Jones), Rupert Crosse (A Trooper (as Rupert Crouse)), Charles Stevens (Old Indian)

Rowdy joins a search party looking for a buffalo soldier suspected of murder.

65 :03x11 - Incident of the Broken Word

First aired: Jan/20/1961
Writer: Louis Vittes
Director: R.G. Springsteen
Guest star: E.G. Marshall (Ben Foley), Dick York (Frank Price), Gloria Talbott (Lucille Foley), Morris Ankrum (Doctor Morgan), Howard Petrie (Hunnecker (Fred Hunnecker)), Don Diamond (Mexican Cowboy), Frank Gerstle (Bartender), John Hart (Sheriff), John Cole (Bailey), William R. Thompkins (Drover)

A man resorts to murder to hide the fact that the cattle he just sold Favor are diseased.

66 :03x12 - Incident at the Top of the World

First aired: Jan/27/1961
Director: Ted Post
Guest star: Robert Culp (Craig Kern), Les Tremayne (Dr. Gardner), Jan Shepard (Ann Powell), Paul Carr (Jason Adams), Ron Foster (Bill Rudd (as Ronald Foster)), Bill Cutter (Thomkins)

A nasty storm and a morphine addicted drover hamper the cattle drive.

67 :03x13 - Incident Near the Promised Land

First aired: Feb/03/1961
Writer: John Dunkel
Director: Ted Post
Guest star: Mary Astor (Emma Cardwell), Hugh Sanders (Marshal Thorpe), Stafford Repp (Matt Walters), Frank Wilcox (Mr. Draper), Don C. Harvey (Collins (as Don Harvey)), John Erwin (Teddy), John Harmon (Hadley), Gene Benton (Burke), Michael Ford (Garcia), Bert Remsen (Murdock), John Cole (Bailey), William R. Thompkins (Drover)

After more than two years, the drive finally arrives in Sedalia but there is a bank scare and no buyers for the cattle.

68 :03x14 - Incident of the Big Blowout

First aired: Feb/10/1961
Writer: John Dunkel
Director: George Templeton
Guest star: Mari Blanchard (Laura Carter), Hugh Sanders (Marshal Thorpe), Myron Healey (Lou Calvert), William Tannen (George Frost), Don C. Harvey (Collins (as Don Harvey)), Dabbs Greer (Townsman), Frank Cady (Storekeeper), Bert Remsen (Murdock), John Erwin (Teddy), John Alvin (Officer), Ted Stanhope (Bartender), Curt Barrett (Photographer), Vicki Raaf (Doll), Joseph Vitale (Joseph Vitale (as Joe Vitale)), Marlene Manners (Lady), Len Hendry (Deputy Sheriff), George Hickman (Trainman), Tommy Lee (Cook), John Cole (Bailey), Bert Madrid (Barfly), Jack Perkins (Brawler), William R. Thompkins (Drover)

At the end of the trail in Sedalia, Favor discovers that his fiancee has married another man. Will he return to the next trail drive, will he settle down, or will he just stay drunk?

69 :03x15 - Incident of the Fish Out of Water

First aired: Feb/17/1961
Writer: Albert Aley
Director: Ted Post
Guest star: Dorothy Green (Eleanor Bradley), George D. Wallace (Colonel Somers (as George Wallace)), Jock Gaynor (Ogalla), Candy Moore (Gillian Favor), Barbara Beaird (Maggie Favor), Fred Graham (shannon), Max Mellinger (Conductor), Ralph Bucko (Train Passenger), John Cole (Bailey), Herman Hack (Train Passenger), William R. Thompkins (Drover)

Favor travels to Philadelphia to visit his two daughters who are attending school there.

70 :03x16 - Incident on the Road Back

First aired: Feb/24/1961
Writer: Louis Vittes
Director: George Templeton
Guest star: Gene Evans (Tom Wilson), Arch Johnson (James Cronin), Jeanne Cooper (Clara Wilson), Lane Bradford (Dorn), Brian G. Hutton (Chandler), Adrienne Hayes (Miss Winkle), Mark Tapscott (Otis), Dick Elliott (Ben), Larry Kent (Conductor), Len Hendry (Brakeman), Richard Wolf Jr. (Miller)

The drovers re-unite and head to San Antonio with a herd of horses. Naturally, they encounter trouble along the way.

71 :03x17 - Incident of the New Start

First aired: Mar/03/1961
Director: Justus Addiss
Guest star: John Dehner (Jubal Wade), Burt Douglas (Webb Church), Jan Harrison (Charity Wade), Bill Erwin (Parker (as William Erwin)), Robert Bice (Kreiger), Robert Williams (Blount), John Hart (Prussel), Henry Wills (Ern), William R. Thompkins (Toothless Cowboy (as Bill Cutter)), John Cole (Bailey), Jerry Gatlin (Brawler), Herman Hack (Cowboy Giving Directions), Charles Horvath (Brawler), Jack Perkins (Brawler)

Favor takes a job as ramrod with an aging rancher as trail boss. It soon becomes obvious to all that the wrong man is in charge of the cattle drive.

72 :03x18 - Incident of the Running Iron

First aired: Mar/10/1961
Writer: John Dunkel
Director: Harmon Jones
Guest star: Darryl Hickman (Andy Miller), Addison Richards (Frank Miller), John Litel (John Rye), Frank Wilcox (Marshal Cox), William Schallert (Lt. Hill), Kenneth R. MacDonald (Sheriff Morgan (as Kenneth MacDonald)), John Erwin (Teddy), Thomas F. Martin (Sutler), Bill Foster (Grant), Bill Coontz (Grant (as William Foster)), John Cole (Bailey), William R. Thompkins (Toothless)

Jim Quince faces a hangman's noose for rustling. Favor and Rowdy race against time to find the real culprit.

73 :03x19 - Incident Near Gloomy River

First aired: Mar/17/1961
Writer: John Dunkel
Director: R.G. Springsteen
Guest star: John Cassavetes (Cal Fletcher), John Ericson (Dan Fletcher), Leif Erickson (Frank Travis), Rosemary DeCamp (Margaret Fletcher), Anne Helm (Flora Travis), Robert Glenn (Gunman)

Searching for a source of water, the drovers get involved in a bitter feud between families.

74 :03x20 - Incident of the Boomerang

First aired: Mar/24/1961
Director: Allen Reisner
Guest star: Patricia Medina (Ruthann Harper), Woody Strode (Binnaburra), Michael Pate (Richard Goffage), James Drury (John Adler), Frank DeKova (Cheif Tawya (as Frank de Kova)), John Cole (Bailey), John Erwin (Teddy), Charles Stevens (Sub-Chief), William R. Thompkins (Drover)

The drovers encounter a herd bound for Australia driven by only two men--an Aussie and a huge aborigine.

75 :03x21 - Incident of his Brother's Keeper

First aired: Mar/31/1961
Writer: Buckley Angell
Director: Ted Post
Guest star: Jack Lord (Paul Evans), Susan Oliver (Laurie Evans), Jeff Richards (Jubal Evans), Norman Leavitt (Telegrapher), Viola Harris (Mrs. Besson), Alan Reynolds (Stableman), Dick Winslow (Townsman), Margie Liszt (Townswoman), Fenton Jones (Square Dance Caller (as Fenton G. Jones)), Fred Rapport (Party Guest), Lovyss Bradley (Townswoman), Herman Hack (Party Guest), Jimmie Horan (Party Guest), Harvey Karels (Party Guest), Bert Madrid (Party Guest), William Meader (Townsman), Jeffrey Sayre (Party Guest)

Pete Nolan becomes involved in a domestic triangle when he escorts the attractive wife of a crippled man to a dance.

76 :03x22 - Incident in the Middle of Nowhere

First aired: Apr/07/1961
Director: R.G. Springsteen
Guest star: Cecil Kellaway (McKay), Fay Spain (Barbara Fraser), Elisha Cook (Joe Turner), George Keymas (Siko), James Griffith (Tyree), Charles Fredericks (Banning), X Brands (1st Indian Brave), Olan Soule (Bartender), Ralph Smiley (Tonelli), John Cole (Bailey), William R. Thompkins (Drover)

Favor and Rowdy look for water and grazing in the mountains but find their paths blocked by Native Americans and an old white man.

77 :03x23 - Incident of the Phantom Bugler

First aired: Apr/14/1961
Director: George Templeton
Guest star: Jock Mahoney (Captain Donahoe (Brian Donahoe)), Vaughn Taylor (Judge Brady), Kathie Browne (Mary Donohoe), Hardie Albright (Ben Wallace), Ken Mayer (Thompson), Richard Wolf Jr. (Benson), John Cole (Bailey), Bill Cutter (Thomkins), John Erwin (Teddy)

Nearing a river, the drovers are approached by Jayhawkers who claim to own the land and demand $5.00 a head to cross the river.

78 :03x24 - Incident of the Lost Idol

First aired: Apr/28/1961
Writer: Albert Aley
Director: Ted Post
Guest star: Claude Akins (Clete Manson), Ted de Corsia (Sheriff), K.L. Smith (Doug Redfern), David McMahon (Doctor Crowder), Jena Engstrom (Laurie Manson), Doug Lambert (Billy Manson), Gene Benton (Station Master), Ken Curtis (Vic Slade), Jean Engstrom (Mrs. Manson)

The drovers come across two children and their dying mother who are fleeing from their outlaw father who has just escaped from prison.

79 :03x25 - Incident of the Running Man

First aired: May/05/1961
Writer: David Lang
Director: Justus Addiss
Guest star: Lloyd Corrigan (Simon Barnes), Don 'Red' Barry (Grut (as Donald Barry)), Robert J. Wilke (Sheriff McVey), Luana Anders (Maddie Trager), Walter Coy (Lem Trager), Peter Mamakos (Slate (as Pete Mamakos)), Peter Adams (Lt. Pauling (as Pete Adams)), Russ Conway (Colonel Henroy), James Anderson (Morse), Helen Wallace (Mrs. Cory), Glenn Dixon (Mr. Cory), Lew Brown (Trevor), Gregg Martell (Peterson), Terry Frost (Pollet), Lasse Hellman (White (as Les Hellman)), Jackie Searl (Hollis (as Jack Searl)), Robert Donner (Toland), Robert Adler (Driver), Regis Parton (Latch (as Reg Parton))

Rowdy is arrested for the murder of a deputy.

80 :03x26 - Incident of the Painted Lady

First aired: May/12/1961
Writer: John Dunkel
Director: Harmon Jones
Guest star: David Brian (Thad Clemens), Marie Windsor (Miss Katie), Ed Nelson (Lt. Cory Clemens), Raymond Guth (Harris), Herbert Patterson (Clint Coffee), Don C. Harvey (Marshal (as Don Harvey)), Harry Lauter (Bartender), Paul Barselou (Clerk), Byron Morrow (Secretary), Ted Stanhope (Doctor), John Cole (Bailey), Franklyn Farnum (Townsman), Bert Madrid (Piano Player), William H. O'Brien (Gambler), Jeffrey Sayre (Townsman)

While his cattle are being held hostage in a town, Favor searches for another trail boss who made off with $15,000 of the town's money.

81 :03x27 - Incident Before Black Pass

First aired: May/19/1961
Director: Ted Post
Guest star: Zachary Scott (White Eyes), Robert Armstrong (Cal Stone), Cathy Downs (Jenny Stone), Joan Taylor (Paibada), Arthur Batanides (Gypsy), Dennis Cross (Satanga), Leonard Nimoy (Anko), Robert Sampson (Lt. Meadows), John Cole (Bailey), Hank Gillen (Fletcher), Billy Strange (Murphy), Regis Parton (Burke (as Reg Parton)), Jimmy Lee Cook (Henderson), John Lomma (Williams (as Johnny Lomma)), William R. Thompkins (Drover)

Rowdy and Pete are taken hostage by Kiowas who want safe passage to Black Pass from the Army for their chief.

82 :03x28 - Incident of the Blackstorms

First aired: May/26/1961
Director: R.G. Springsteen
Guest star: Stephen McNally (Sky Blackstorm (as Steve McNally)), Robert Crawford, Jr. (Danny Blackstorm), Bern Hoffman (Vetch), Virginia Christine (Ada Covey), Vic Avery (Sheriff), Harry Shannon (Jeffries), Richard Reeves (Lang), Tom Greenway (Hawthorn), Milton Parsons (Williams), Dee Pollock (Inger Jeffries), George Hickman (Jim)

Mushy carries a message from an outlaw to a sheriff in a nearby town. The outlaw says he is coming for his son.

83 :03x29 - Incident of the Night on the Town

First aired: Jun/02/1961
Director: Anton Leader
Guest star: Harry Townes (Lewis Lewis), James Drury (Rance), Don Haggerty (Brewster (Phillip Brewster)), Anne Whitfield (Carol North), Ralph Dumke (Judge Akins), Norman Leavitt (Court Clerk), Grady Sutton (Desk Clerk), Elizabeth Furedi (Mrs. Foster), Ralph Smiley (Alfred), Allan Nixon (Jim), Tom Peters (Second Cowhand), Dorothy Christmas (Mrs. Foster's Daughter), Margaret Hayes (Mrs. Meg North), William H. O'Brien (Waiter)

A widow sues Favor for part of his herd.

84 :03x30 - Incident of the Wager on Payday

First aired: Jun/16/1961
Writer: Louis Vittes
Director: R.G. Springsteen
Guest star: Stephen Joyce (Sidney Proctor), Kathie Browne (Lily), Ford Rainey (Sheriff), Lurene Tuttle (Mrs. Porter), Charles Watts (Albert Proctor), Mark Tapscott (Deputy), Jonathan Hole (Lawyer), Percy Helton (Bartender), Mickey Finn (Groat), Hank Patterson (Simpson (as Hank Paterson)), Dick Ryan (Bank Guard), David McMahon (Man), Tom Wade (Jury Foreman), Larry Kent (Judge (as Larry Kent)), Henry Wills (Ranch Hand), Ken Mayer (Joe Stapp), Lauren Tuttle (Mrs. Proctor), John Cole (Bailey), William R. Thompkins (Drover)

Two men decide to rob a bank as a joke but the joke turns sour and the drovers get caught right in the middle of things.

85 :04x01 - Rio Salado

First aired: Sep/29/1961
Writer: John Dunkel
Director: Ted Post
Guest star: Tom Tully (Dan Yates), Edward Andrews (Ben Andrews), Carlos Romero (Antonio Marcos), John Pickard (Sheriff), Jan Arvan (Don Andres Marcos), Alex Montoya (Segundo), Don C. Harvey (Collins (as Don Harvey)), Penny Santon (Servant), John Erwin (Teddy), Bert Remsen (Murdock), Michael Davis (Mexican Boy), Tyler McVey (Dealer (Destrie)), Kenneth R. MacDonald (Bartender), Len Hendry (Man), John Cole (Bailey), William R. Thompkins (Drover)

About to begin a new drive in Texas, Rowdy encounters his long absent ne'er-do-well father, whose actions cause Favor to lose the potential herd he had lined up.

86 :04x02 - The Sendoff

First aired: Oct/02/1961
Writer: John Dunkel
Director: George Templeton
Guest star: Darren McGavin (Jed Hadley), Claude Akins (Karse), Lillian Bronson (Mrs. Lefevre), Stacy Harris (Sheriff), Don C. Harvey (Collins (as Don Harvey)), John Hart (Rep One), Charles Tanner (Rep Two), Edward Colmans (Padre), Kelly Dobson (Drover #3), George Chalk (Warren), John Cole (Bailey), William R. Thompkins (Jeffries (as William Thompkins)), Guy Teague (Stitch)

While gathering strays, Favor discovers the remnants of a wagon train destroyed by Comanches along with a dozen graves.

87 :04x03 - The Long Shakedown

First aired: Oct/13/1961
Writer: Albert Aley
Director: Justus Addiss
Guest star: Skip Homeier (Jess Clayton), Lew Gallo (Haskell), Don C. Harvey (Collins (as Don Harvey)), Jay Douglas (Frank), Edward Faulkner (Lobey (as Ed Faulkner)), Kelly Dobson (Drover #3), William R. Thompkins (Drover)

Favor begins pushing the drovers too hard on the drive, causing some of the older men to quit. This leaves the trail boss with some younger men who are eager but lacking the experience of the older men.

88 :04x04 - Judgment at Hondo Seco

First aired: Oct/20/1961
Director: Perry Lafferty
Guest star: Ralph Bellamy (Judge Quince), Burt Douglas (Brad Lyons), Anne Whitfield (Joanna Quince), Jean Inness (Hattie), Roy Barcroft (Casey), Dick Wessel (Barker (as Richard Wessel)), Kathie Browne (Lily), Ray Teal (Hennigen), Tom Greenway (Sheriff), Robert Bice (Bentley), George Petrie (Deputy), Robert Donner (Billings), Henry Wills (First Guard), Guy Cain (Second Guard)

Quince's niece begs for his help in keeping her father from hanging the man she was trying to elope with.

89 :04x05 - The Lost Tribe

First aired: Oct/27/1961
Writer: John Dunkel
Director: George Templeton
Guest star: Abraham Sofaer (Little Hawk), Sonya Wilde (White Deer), Larry Chance (Two Eagles), John Hart (Sheriff), John Erwin (Teddy), Elizabeth Furedi (Moonstone), Bob Swimmer (Moby), Earl Rivard (Eagle Eye)

Rowdy, Pete, Quince, and Hey Soos are captured by a band of Cheyennes who are headed for the Mexican border with the cavalry in hot pursuit.

90 :04x06 - The Inside Man

First aired: Nov/03/1961
Writer: Albert Aley
Director: George Templeton
Guest star: Anne Helm (Shelia Brewster), Chris Alcaide (Craddock), Lane Bradford (Baines), Don C. Harvey (Collins (as Don Harvey)), John Cole (Bailey)

Favor buys 750 heads from a cattle dealer who plans to steal it back along with Favor's entire herd. Meanwhile, a disgruntled Army officer's wife arrives on the scene.

91 :04x07 - The Black Sheep

First aired: Nov/10/1961
Director: Anton Leader
Guest star: Richard Basehart (Tod Stone), Will Wright (Grandfather), Hardie Albright (Veteranarian), Don C. Harvey (Collins (as Don Harvey)), James Anderson (Sheriff), Clarke Gordon (Cousin Jack Stone), Hal Baylor (Pool Player), Fred Graham (Bartender)

Rowdy is mistaken for a sheep man in a town where they don't much care for sheepmen.

92 :04x08 - The Prairie Elephant

First aired: Nov/17/1961
Director: Robert L. Friend
Guest star: Lawrence Dobkin (Pascal), Gloria Talbott (Jenny), Britt Lomond (Dario), Billy Barty (Shorty), Laurie Mitchell (Rosette), Mickey Morton (Orlando), Maxine Gates (Fat Lady), John Cole (Bailey), Arnold Roberts (Show Spectator), William R. Thompkins (Drover)

Favor orders Wishbone to guide a lost circus to their destination. The cook soon becomes involved in the marital woes of the circus owner and his much younger wife.

93 :04x09 - The Little Fishes

First aired: Nov/24/1961
Writer: Charles Larson
Director: Justus Addiss
Guest star: Burgess Meredith (Tom Gwynn), Richard Webb (Paul Morgan), Phyllis Coates (Elizabeth Gwynn), Don C. Harvey (Morgan (as Don Harvey)), Richard Reeves (Higgins), Russ Bender (Gilmore), Leake Bevil (Ernie Nardoni), John Cole (Bailey), William R. Thompkins (Drover)

Favor receives inside information that because of a financial panic in the East his entire herd will become worthless unless he's able to arrive in Abilene by a certain time.

94 :04x10 - The Blue Spy

First aired: Dec/08/1961
Director: Sobey Martin
Guest star: Phyllis Thaxter (Pauline Cushman), Lyle Bettger (Dan Madox), Charles Aidman (Bert Pearson), George D. Wallace (Brady (as George Wallace)), Harry Lauter (Kirby), John Cole (Bailey), Regis Parton (Callaway (as Reg Parton)), Guy Cain (McCann), William R. Thompkins (Drover)

An actress who was spied spy for the Union during the Civil War wanders into camp. Her presence doesn't go over very well with the drovers who served with the Stars and Bars.

95 :04x11 - The Gentleman's Gentleman

First aired: Dec/15/1961
Writer: Robert Lees
Director: Sobey Martin
Guest star: Brian Aherne (Woolsey), John Sutton (Lord Ashton), Richard Shannon (Bison Bob Driscoll), Russell Thorson (Mayor Thurman Osgood), Sheila Bromley (Lydia), Kathryn Card (Mrs. Emily Osgood), Don C. Harvey (Collins (as Don Harvey)), Jay Silverheels (Pawnee Joe), John Hart (Spence), Paul Barselou (Mr. Whimple (as Paul Barselow)), Lane Chandler (Sheriff), Tim Graham (Livery Man), Jean Harvey (Woman), Mark Slade (Bellboy), Elizabeth Furedi (Bit Woman), John Cole (Bailey)

After his British Lord is shot and killed, a valet assumes the same duties for trail boss Favor.

96 :04x12 - Twenty-Five Santa Clauses

First aired: Dec/22/1961
Writer: Charles Larson
Director: Robert L. Friend
Guest star: Ed Wynn (Bateman), Anne Seymour (Mag (Mag Bateman)), Rafael Lopez (Danny (Danny Bateman)), Theodore Newton (Doctor), Don C. Harvey (Collins (as Don Harvey)), John Hart (Narbo), Guy Cain (McCann), John Cole (Bailey), William R. Thompkins (Drover)

A pair of con artists pretend their son is sick right before Christmas in order to scam valuable presents from the drovers.

97 :04x13 - The Long Count

First aired: Jan/05/1962
Writer: Albert Aley
Director: Jesse Hibbs
Guest star: Bethel Leslie (Martha Hastings), Kevin Hagen (Jess Cain), Harry Shannon (Sheriff Blanton), Robert Cornthwaite (Martin Gidwell), Milton Frome (Mr. Frazer), Cheerio Meredith (Little Old Woman), Charles Maxwell (Staley), Vito Scotti (Manuel), Allegra Veron (Manuel's Wife), Jack Boyle (Barber), John Daheim (Brant (as John Day)), John Cole (Bailey)

Clay Forrester, now working with the Census Bureau, involves the unwitting drovers in a scheme to capture a pair of nearby outlaws and collect a substantial reward.

98 :04x14 - The Captain's Wife

First aired: Jan/12/1962
Writer: John Dunkel
Director: Tay Garnett
Guest star: Barbara Stanwyck (Nora Holloway (as Miss Barbara Stanwyck)), John Howard (James Carr), Robert Lowery (Captain Holloway), Nestor Paiva (Hagerty), Eugene Martin (Tonio), Dennis Cross (Tonkin), Don C. Harvey (Collins (as Don Harvey)), Bill Walker (Sandy), Ross Ford (Lieutenant), Mary Carroll (Laundress), John O'Neill (Aide (as Johnny O'Neill)), Val Benedict (Sick Soldier), Jerry Rush (Wounded Soldier), John Hart (Narbo)

Favor arrives at a fort where only civilians remain to defend it against marauding Comancheros.

99 :04x15 - The Peddler

First aired: Jan/19/1962
Writer: Charles Larson
Director: László Benedek
Guest star: Shelley Berman (Mendel J. Sorkin), Vitina Marcus (Wahkshum), George Kennedy (George Wales), William Tannen (Sheriff), Hal John Norman (Mumush (as Hal Jon Norman)), Don Beddoe (Hood), I. Stanford Jolley (Caretaker), William Riggs (Indian), Elizabeth Furedi (Woman in Mourning), John Cole (Bailey), William R. Thompkins (Drover)

A Jewish peddler joins up with the drive and proves to be a good luck charm.

100 :04x16 - The Woman Trap

First aired: Jan/26/1962
Writer: Buckley Angell
Director: George Templeton
Guest star: Robert Gist (Harleck), Maria Palmer (Emilie), Alan Hale, Jr. (Wagon Master (J.T. Lucas, as Alan Hale)), Karen Steele (Dolly LeMoyne), Rayford Barnes (Grieve), Carol Byron (Maggie), Dorothy Dells (Jane), Ray Montgomery (Lt. Keown), Carole Kent (Sally), Gene Damion (Meyers), Jim Calente (Guard), Marion Ross (Flora), John Cole (Bailey), William R. Thompkins (Drover)

The drovers think they've hit paradise when they run into a stranded wagon train of mail order brides.

101 :04x17 - The Boss's Daughters

First aired: Feb/02/1962
Writer: Albert Aley
Director: Sobey Martin
Guest star: Paul Richards (Vance Caldwell), Dorothy Green (Eleanor Bradley), Candy Moore (Gillian Favor), Barbara Beaird (Maggie Favor), Byron Morrow (Sheriff Crowell), Harry Fleer (Art Durgin), Vicki Raaf (Hostess), Joe Brooks (Clerk), Boyd "Red" Morgan (Cowhand (as Red Morgan))

Favor's two daughters and sister-in-law visit the cattle drive and soon get caught up in a scheme by a rancher who wants to marry the sister-in-law and adopt the daughters as his own.

102 :04x18 - The Deserters' Patrol

First aired: Feb/09/1962
Writer: Louis Vittes
Director: Andrew V. McLaglen
Guest star: Jock Gaynor (Ogalla), Don Megowan (Corporal Cochran), Robert Dix (Kano), Russell Arms (Marshall), Russ Conway (Colonel Hiller), Dan Stafford (Henderson), Conlan Carter (Baines), Edward Faulkner (Rutledge (as Ed Faulkner)), Eugene Martin (Acoma), William White (Davis (as Will J. White)), Hal Needham (Corporal Williams), Barnaby Hale (Sentry), Bob Duggan (Sgt. Regan), Harry Carey, Jr. (Walsh)

Favor and Pete temporarily enlist in the Army in order to exchange a Native American chief for six soldiers being held by the Native Americans. Unfortunately, the six soldiers happen to be deserters.

103 :04x19 - The Greedy Town

First aired: Feb/16/1962
Director: Murray Golden
Guest star: Mercedes McCambridge (Ada Randolph), Jim Davis (Sheriff Sam Jason), Diana Millay (Honey Lassiter), J. Pat O'Malley (George Emory), Kathleen Freeman (Mrs. Beamish), Ross Elliott (Bix Thompson), William Phipps (Floyd Peters), Dean Fredericks (Jed Harvey), Addison Richards (Judge Wainwright), Roy Glenn (Joshua (as Roy E. Glenn Sr.)), Fred Lerner (Lon), Chuck Hicks (Billy), Jim Calante (Handyman)

The mother of a deceased outlaw promises a great deal of money to town residents if they will wipe her son's crimes off the books. Clay Forrester, who was a witness at the son's trial, decides to accept the offer.

104 :04x20 - Grandma's Money

First aired: Feb/23/1962
Director: Sobey Martin
Guest star: Josephine Hutchinson (Abigail Briggs), Frank Maxwell (Sheriff of Indian Springs), Jonathan Hole (Otis Eames), Frank Wilcox (Colonel Horatio Agee), Harry Ellerbe (Asa Simms), Carolyn Daniels (Jane (as Carol Ann Daniels)), James Gavin (Hank Higgins), Thomas Browne Henry (Doctor (as Thomas B. Henry)), Dan White (Sheriff of Elkville (as Daniel M. White)), Norman Leavitt (Deputy of Elkville), Gayla Graves (Melanie Agee), Roy Wright (Bartender), Mason Curry (Liveryman), Claudia Perkins (Bar Girl), Zon Murray (Faro Dealer), Olan Soule (Hotel Clerk), Everett Glass (Pop), Bert Madrid (Townsman)

Rowdy rescues an older woman who's apparently being hounded by thieves only to be framed by her later for a series of thefts.

105 :04x21 - The Pitchwagon

First aired: Mar/02/1962
Director: Sobey Martin
Guest star: Buddy Ebsen (George Stimson), Hugh Marlowe (Sam Garner), Joan O'Brien (Melinda Stimsom), Jack Elam (Turkey Creek Jack Jackson), Nick Pawl (Nonie Matthews), Dan Grayam (Little Billy Connor), Eddie Foster (Hugo Fuller), Clancy Cooper (Logan), Russell Trent (Driver), Ralph Reed (Frank Miller), John Hart (Narbo), George Hickman (Drunk), Larry Kent (Croupier), Bud Osborne (Mine Owner), Gail Bonney (Woman Customer), Joe Brooks (Heckler), Fred Aldrich (Townsman), Nick Borgani (Townsman), John Cole (Bailey), Jaye Durkus (Townsman), Fred Rapport (Fred Rapport), Cosmo Sardo (Bartender), Phil Schumacher (Townsman), Chalky Williams (Townsman)

When the drovers rescue a pitchman from attacking Native Americans, one of them gets killed. They then set out to raise money for the dead man's family but the pitchman's ideas aren't exactly ethical.

106 :04x22 - Hostage Child

First aired: Mar/09/1962
Writer: Ric Hardman
Director: Harmon Jones
Guest star: Debra Paget (Azuela Briscoe), James Coburn (Colonel Briscoe), Ed Kemmer (Major Harper), Jimmy Baird (Arnee), Naomi Stevens (Maria), Alan Reynolds (Gary), Joe Brooks (Sentry), John Cole (Bailey)

An Army colonel with a reputation of being brutal towards Native Americans is unknowingly married to one thinking that his wife is Spanish. Things hit the fan when her younger brother arrives at the colonel's fort.

107 :04x23 - The Immigrants

First aired: Mar/16/1962
Writer: Elliott Arnold
Director: Tay Garnett
Guest star: John van Dreelen (Ulrich), Maria Palmer (Elsa), Robert Boon (Siegfried), Don Hight (Rogers), John Mauldin (Karl), Jim Calante (Hans)

Clay, Wishbone, and Jim Quince are held hostage by an exiled Prussian army officer who decides to use them for slave labor along with other peasants he has brought from Prussia.

108 :04x24 - The Child-Woman

First aired: Mar/23/1962
Director: Murray Golden
Guest star: Cesar Romero (Big Tim Sloan), Jena Engstrom (Posie Mushgrove), Dorothy Morris (Laverne Mushgrove), John Hart (Narbo), Julian Burton (Harrick), Coke Willis (Man in the Bar), George Barrows (Walsh), Dick Winslow (Piano Player), John Cole (Bailey), William R. Thompkins (Sloan's Heavy), Jack Perkins (Brawler)

Mushy tries to rescue his 15 year old cousin from a life as a saloon girl.

109 :04x25 - A Woman's Place

First aired: Mar/30/1962
Writer: Eric Fleming, Chris Miller
Director: Justus Addiss
Guest star: Gail Kobe (Dr. Louise Amadon), Jacques Aubuchon (Proffessor Daniel Pearson), Mala Powers (Loretta Opel), Eduard Franz (Mayor Arnold Opel), Charles Maxwell (Sheriff Barker), Herbert Patterson (Harve Carter), Robert Williams (Robert James), Marilee Phelps (Mrs. James), John Close (1st Thug), John Alwin (2nd Thug), Alex Barringer (Bobby James), Regis Parton (1st Deputy), Mark Tanny (2nd Deputy)

The only hope for an injured drover is a female doctor in a nearby town but many of the drovers don't trust a woman in that profession.

110 :04x26 - Reunion

First aired: Apr/06/1962
Writer: Elliott Arnold
Director: Sobey Martin
Guest star: Walter Pidgeon (General Augustus Perry), Darryl Hickman (Lt. Matthew Perry), Anthony Caruso (Grey Hawk), Eugene Iglesias (Wild Horse), Judson Pratt (Sargeant Morgan), William Wellman, Jr. (Sargeant Bennett), Guy Cain (Manning), John Hart (Narbo), William R. Thompkins (Drover)

Favor and Pete are both caught in the middle when an Army general makes a succession of foolish decisions which could lead to a full scale war with the Pawnee.

111 :04x27 - The House of the Hunter

First aired: Apr/20/1962
Writer: Louis Vittes
Director: Tay Garnett
Guest star: Robert F. Simon (Mackie), Rosemary DeCamp (Mrs. Armstrog), Paula Raymond (Franny Wells), Lester Matthews (Larkins), Peter Adams (Burt Wells), Lane Bradford (George Ash), Harry Shannon (Kilo), Hal John Norman (Walker), John Hart (Narbo)

Rowdy finds himself kidnapped and held in an old house with a mysterious group of characters, none of whom have any idea why they are there.

112 :04x28 - Gold Fever

First aired: May/04/1962
Writer: Robert Lees
Director: Jean Yarbrough
Guest star: Victor Jory (Hosea Brewer), Karen Sharpe Kramer (Jessica Brewer), Marion Ross (Pricilla Brewer), Davey Davison (Meg Brewer), Adam Williams (Hank Cale), Quintin Sondergaard (Morse), Logan Field (Les), Ted Stanhope (Bartender), Curt Barrett (Clerk), Charles Tannen (Nelson), Glen Gordon (Mr. Clark), Ron Brogan (Man #2), John Cole (Bailey)

The drovers arrive at a ghost town inhabited only by a prospector and his three daughters.

113 :04x29 - The Devil and the Deep Blue

First aired: May/11/1962
Writer: Louis Vittes
Director: George Templeton
Guest star: Ted de Corsia (Ben Wade), John Pickard (Sheriff), Harry Lauter (Reagan), John Erwin (Teddy), John Hart (Narbo), Coleen Gray (Helen Wade), Tod Andrews (Holt), Len Hendry (Dr. Miller), George Hickman (Sexton), Larry Kent (First Drover), Guy Cain (Mc Gann), Bob Swimmer (Bartender), William R. Thompkins (Drover), Kermit Maynard (Drover)

Approaching Abilene, Favor mixes his herd with that of another trail boss who has been murdered. Unknown to Favor, the second herd has been infected with Texas tick fever.

114 :04x30 - Abilene

First aired: May/18/1962
Writer: Elliott Arnold, Charles Larson
Director: Anton Leader
Guest star: John Pickard (Sheriff), John Erwin (Teddy), John Hart (Narbo), John Cole (Bailey), Audrey Totter (Vada Nordquist), Ken Lynch (Grenfell), Jim Secrest (Huggins), Bing Russell (Jack Harris), Richard Collier (Dooley), Dick Winslow (Clark), Kent Hays (Hays), Guy Teague (Guy), Stacy Graham (Molly), William R. Thompkins (Toothless), E.J. Andre (Doctor), Jack Lilley (Townsman), Jimmy Noel (Townsman), Jaye Durkus (Townsman)

Right before the end of the trail in Abilene a drover gets sick with what might be smallpox and Rowdy is forced into a showdown with an old enemy.

115 :05x01 - Incident of the Hunter

First aired: Sep/28/1962
Director: Thomas Carr
Guest star: Mark Stevens (John Shepard), Hal Baylor (Jenkins), Gregory Walcott (Girard), William R. Thompkins (Toothless)

Clay Forrester recognizes a new drover as a vicious bounty hunter and soon everyone on the drive begins to suspect that he's after them.

116 :05x02 - Incident of the Portrait

First aired: Oct/05/1962
Writer: William Blinn, Michael Gleason
Director: Ted Post
Guest star: Ted de Corsia (Sheriff Kieler), Nina Shipman (Marion Curtis), Emile Meyer (Raymond Curtis), John Ireland (Frank Trask), William R. Thompkins (Toothless), John Cole (Bailey)

A man escorts a blind girl to another town after being asked to do so by Favor. The girl is unaware that the man accidentally killed her father.

117 :05x03 - Incident at Cactus Wells

First aired: Oct/12/1962
Writer: Albert Aley
Director: Christian Nyby
Guest star: Keenan Wynn (Simon Royce), Ron Hagerthy (Danny Clayton), Don Haggerty (Sheriff Brinkley), Henry Wills (Kilroy), William R. Thompkins (Toothless), John Cole (Bailey)

Favor hires a man who's been trailing the herd as a new drover but others are suspicious of him.

118 :05x04 - Incident of the Prodigal Son

First aired: Oct/19/1962
Writer: Richard Fielder
Director: Christian Nyby
Guest star: Gene Evans (Sam Hargis), Carl Reindel (Ben Whitney), Frank Wilcox (Mr. Whitney)

A rich kid who has run away from his father and joined the drive becomes friends with a crusty old drover who lost his own son back in the Civil War.

119 :05x05 - Incident of the Four Horsemen

First aired: Oct/26/1962
Writer: Charles Larson
Director: Thomas Carr
Guest star: Claude Akins (Gus Marsdon), John Dehner (Ben Kerran), Edward Faulkner (Clay Gault), Robert J. Wilke (Tom Gault), Ron Hayes (Frank Louden), Norman Leavitt (Loafer), Jena Engstrom (Amy), James Griffith (White), Roberto Contreras (Hombre), I. Stanford Jolley (Justice of the Peace)

Favor gets stuck in the middle of a range war and is forced to hire four new drovers but these new men have plans of their own regarding his herd.

120 :05x06 - Incident of the Lost Woman

First aired: Nov/02/1962
Writer: Ward Hawkins
Director: Thomas Carr
Guest star: Fay Spain (Lissa Hobson), R.G. Armstrong (Gantry Hobson), Harry Dean Stanton (Jess Hobson), Hampton Fancher (Billy Hobson), Roy Engel (Whit Stokes), John Cole (Bailey), William R. Thompkins (Toothless)

Favor finds a passed out woman and her baby in the wilderness and later finds out that relatives of the woman's late husband are after her because they want the baby.

121 :05x07 - Incident of the Dogfaces

First aired: Nov/09/1962
Writer: Gene L. Coon
Director: Don McDougall
Guest star: James Whitmore (Sgt. Joe Duclos), Ford Rainey (Broken Bow), John Doucette (Pvt. Vasily Kandinsky), Steve Brodie (Cpl. Dan Healy), William Wellman, Jr. (Harry Dobkins), James Beck (Marker), Robert J. Stevenson (Beard), Allan Getkey (Beard's Son), Kathleen O'Malley (Mrs. Dobkins)

The herd is surrounded by hostile Native Americans after the drovers rescue a group of soldiers from an attack.

122 :05x08 - Incident of the Wolvers

First aired: Nov/16/1962
Writer: William L. Stuart
Director: Thomas Carr
Guest star: Dan Duryea (Cannon), Jack Grinnage (Matt Cannon), Paul Carr (Luther Cannon), Patricia McCormack (Julie Cannon), William R. Thompkins (Toothless)

During Favor's absence, Rowdy has problems with a wolfpack that's been thinning the herd. A family of wolvers offers their aid but complications ensue.

123 :05x09 - Incident at Sugar Creek

First aired: Nov/23/1962
Writer: Fred Freiberger
Director: Christian Nyby
Guest star: Everett Sloane (Dr. Walter Harper), Beverly Garland (Marcie), John Larch (Sam Garrett), Arthur Franz (Sheriff Art Harris), James Westerfield (Mort Henry), John Litel (James Whitcomb), Charles Herbert (Jody), Jack Kosslyn (Will), William R. Thompkins (Toothless)

The town of Sugar Creek refuses to have anything to do with the drovers once it learns that a man named Sam Garrett is riding with them. Unfortunately, Sam is injured and needs medical attention.

124 :05x10 - Incident of the Reluctant Bridegroom

First aired: Nov/30/1962
Director: Don McDougall
Guest star: Ruta Lee (Sheila Delancey), Arch Johnson (John Landy), Ed Nelson (Sam Weber), Harry Lauter (Hank), Jack Kosslyn (Bert), Rodney Bell (Barber), Eddie Foster (Waiter), Curt Barrett (Poker Player), Jack Boyle (Poker Player)

After a night of hard partying on the town, Rowdy wakes up and discovers that he is married.

125 :05x11 - Incident of the Querencias

First aired: Dec/07/1962
Writer: Joseph Petracca
Director: Thomas Carr
Guest star: Hal Baylor (Jenkins), Edward Andrews (Lije Crowning), Herbert Patterson (Drover), William R. Thompkins (Toothless)

Upon discovering that an old pal is broke, Favor lets him bring 30 head of his own cattle onto the drive. The man soon makes a general nuisance of himself with his braggadocio and incompetence.

126 :05x12 - Incident at Quivira

First aired: Dec/14/1962
Writer: Raphael Hayes
Director: Christian Nyby
Guest star: Claude Akins (Sergeant Parker), Royal Dano (Monty Fox), Donald Losby (Sergeant Parker's Son), William Henry (Corporal), John Dierkes (Private), Robert A. Kline (Bugler)

A drifter wanders into camp and begins to beguile Mushy with stories about Quivira, supposedly a lost city of gold and a fountain of youth. Mushy and the man then wander off in search of this legend forcing Rowdy to come looking for the wayward duo.

127 :05x13 - Incident of Decision

First aired: Dec/28/1962
Writer: John Dunkel
Director: Don McDougall
Guest star: Doug Lambert (Johnny Calvin), Carlos Romero (Antonio Chavez), Hugh Sanders (Harvey Calvin), Sheila Bromley (Elva Calvin), Mike De Anda (Pedro (as Michael De Anda)), Jaye Durkus (2nd Bandit), John Michael Quijada (1st Bandit)

A crippled boy wants to be a drover. Rowdy refuses to take him on but he begins following the herd anyway.

128 :05x14 - Incident of the Buryin' Man

First aired: Jan/04/1963
Writer: Jack Turley
Director: Thomas Carr
Guest star: King Donovan (Poke Tolliver), Constance Ford (Georgia), Richard Devon (Cole Striker), William R. Thompkins (Toothless), Nick Dimitri (Indian Brave)

A traveling undertaker who joins up with the drive is really a counterfeiter.

129 :05x15 - Incident of the Trail's End

First aired: Jan/11/1963
Writer: Ed Adamson
Director: Don McDougall
Guest star: Harold Stone (Harry Maxton), George Brenlin (Frank Slade), King Calder (Doctor), Glenn Strange (Bartender), Dwayne Spratt (Linda Lou), William R. Thompkins (Toothless)

Favor gives a job to the aging trail boss who once showed him the ropes. He's unaware that the man is slowly going blind.

130 :05x16 - Incident at Spider Rock

First aired: Jan/18/1963
Writer: Al C. Ward
Director: Thomas Carr
Guest star: Susan Oliver (Judy Hall), Lon Chaney, Jr. (Rock), James Best (Willy Cain), Mary Beth Hughes (Lola), William Phipps (Joe Leeds), William R. Thompkins (Toothless)

A saloon singer joins up with the drovers after being run out of a town. When one of the drovers discovers that she's an heiress he decides to kidnap her for ransom.

131 :05x17 - Incident of the Mountain Man

First aired: Jan/25/1963
Writer: Richard Fielder
Director: Don McDougall
Guest star: Robert Middleton (Josh Green), Pat Crowley (Sarah May Green), Robert J. Wilke (Lafe Thomas (as Robert Wilkie)), Roy Barcroft (Sanders), Hal John Norman (Buffalo Horn (as Hal Jon Norman)), William R. Thompkins (Toothless)

Rowdy prevents a mountain man from being lynched and decides to take him to the nearest town for a proper trial.

132 :05x18 - Incident at Crooked Hat

First aired: Feb/01/1963
Writer: Joseph Petracca
Director: Don McDougall
Guest star: James Gregory (Owen Spencer / Jack Jennings), Jeanne Cooper (Kate Merrill), Arch Johnson (Big Sam Talbot), Parley Baer (Dinny), Walter Sande (Doc Crowley), Jan Merlin (Little Sam Talbot), Robert J. Stevenson (Asa Carter), Harlan Warde (Sims)

Favor tries to prevent one of his men from being lynched after he shoots down the son of the wealthiest man around in a gunfight.

133 :05x19 - Incident of Judgment Day

First aired: Feb/08/1963
Director: Thomas Carr
Guest star: Claude Rains (Alexander Langford), John Dehner (Capt. Francis Cabot), John Kellogg (Leslie Bellamy), Richard Carlyle (Sam Jordan), Howard Dayton (Cal Mason), Gail Kobe (Agnes Quintle), William R. Thompkins (Toothless)

On his birthday, Rowdy is kidnapped by a pair of men he once knew in the Yuma POW camp. They take him to a ghost town where they put our hero on trial for treason in front of a hopeless alcoholic who was once a judge.

134 :05x20 - Incident of the Gallows Tree

First aired: Feb/22/1963
Writer: Albert Aley
Director: Christian Nyby
Guest star: Beverly Garland (Della Locke), Gregory Walcott (Roy Kane), Edward Failkner (Cryder), William Henry (Corey), Holly Bane (Pete), Judson Pratt (Sheriff Ben Devlin), John Barton (Townsman), George Bell (Townsman), Bill Clark (Bill), Russell Custer (Townsman), Frank Ellis (Townsman), Herman Hack (Townsman), Michael Jeffers (Townsman), Tom Kennedy (Townsman), Jack Lilley (Townsman), Billy McCoy (Drover), Cosmo Sardo (Bartender), Cap Somers (Townsman), William R. Thompkins (Toothless)

Jim Quince is arrested for murder when he wakes up in a livery stable after a hard night of drinking and a man is found shot to death in the same stable.

135 :05x21 - Incident of the Married Widow

First aired: Mar/01/1963
Director: Thomas Carr
Guest star: Patricia Barry (Abigail Fletcher), Dabbs Greer (Jebidiah Hadelbert), Don Haggerty (Ace), Sheila Bromley (Thelma), Roy Engel (Mr. Amy), Robert Williams (Mr. Swain (as Robert B. Williams))

A female saloon owner has a picture of her late husband hanging front and center in her establishment. The picture is that of Gil Favor.

136 :05x22 - Incident of the Pale Rider

First aired: Mar/15/1963
Writer: Dean Riesner
Director: Christian Nyby
Guest star: Albert Salmi (John Day/ Rivers), Fredd Wayne (Calhoun), Russell Thorson (Sheriff), Jackie Searl (Hotel Clerk (as Jack Searl)), I. Stanford Jolley (Doctor), Chubby Johnson (Sam Mayhew)

In town to buy supplies, Rowdy is forced to kill a man who attempts to hold him up but back at camp he's faced with a new drover who looks just like the man he killed.

137 :05x23 - Incident of the Comanchero

First aired: Mar/22/1963
Writer: Al C. Ward
Director: Thomas Carr
Guest star: Robert Loggia (Maria Jose Chappela), Virginia Gregg (Sister Margaret), Christopher Dark (Sam Barnes), Than Wyenn (Malvado), Joseph V. Perry (Carlos (as Joseph Perry)), Nina Shipman (Sister Teresa), William R. Thompkins (Toothless)

After two nuns rescue a Comanchero from a torture rack, Rowdy must decide whether or not to turn the man back over to his former comrades.

138 :05x24 - Incident of the Clown

First aired: Mar/29/1963
Writer: Charles Larson
Director: Don McDougall
Guest star: Eddie Bracken (Morris G. Stevens), Harry Lauter (Capt. Ross), Ted de Corsia (Lame Bear), Richard Hale (Medicine Man), Joey Russo (Gray Pony), William R. Thompkins (Toothless)

A former clown, who's now a linguistics expert, claims he can avert a war with the Comanches by speaking with them in their own tongue.

139 :05x25 - Incident of the Black Ace

First aired: Apr/12/1963
Writer: Dean Riesner
Director: Thomas Carr
Guest star: Walter Slezak (Lazio Tzgorni), Robert Strauss (Sam Lewellyn), Chris Alcaide (O'Toole), Karen Sharpe Kramer (Zia (as Karen Sharpe)), William R. Thompkins (Toothless)

A gypsy telling Wishbone's fortune draws the death card three times.

140 :05x26 - Incident of the Hostages

First aired: Apr/19/1963
Director: Don McDougall
Guest star: Leslie Wales (Yellow Sky), Morgan Brittany (Winter Night (as Susanne Cupito)), Rodolfo Acosta (Arapahoe Leader), William R. Thompkins (Toothless (as William Thompkins)), Joseph V. Perry (Ulzana (as Joseph Perry)), Naomi Stevens (Natana), Tony Haig (Running Dog)

The drovers take in three white children who long to return to their homes with the Apaches.

141 :05x27 - Incident of White Eyes

First aired: May/03/1963
Writer: Shimon Wincelberg, Edward J. Lakso
Director: Christian Nyby
Guest star: Nehemiah Persoff (Domingo), John Vivyan (Beaumont Butler), Diana Millay (Rachael Shay), William Schallert (Lieutenant Carter), Nita Talbot (Delilah (Delilah Butler)), William Henry (Stage Driver), Guy Teague (Native American)

Favor and Hey Soos rescue five people whose stagecoach was attacked by Apaches. One of them might be the notorious (and long thought dead) Mexican bandit Joaquin Murietta.

142 :05x28 - Incident at Rio Doloroso

First aired: May/10/1963
Writer: Paul King
Director: Thomas Carr
Guest star: Cesar Romero (Don Francisco Maldenado), Michael Ansara (Alfredo Maldenado), Madlyn Rhue (Inez Maldenado), Ernest Sarracino (Vasquez), Carlos Romero (Hernan Maldenado), William R. Thompkins (Toothless), Martin Garralaga (Jose)

Rowdy's mistake leads to him and Favor being sentenced to die when the herd stampedes and kills a local.

143 :05x29 - Incident at Alkali Sink

First aired: May/24/1963
Writer: Thomas Thompson
Director: Don McDougall
Guest star: Ruta Lee (Lorraine Stanton), Roy Barcroft (Cliff Stanton), Russell Johnson (Burt Harvey), I. Stanford Jolley (Preacher), Judson Pratt (Reb)

Temporarily in charge of the drive, Rowdy returns to camp to find a wedding taking place along with an irate father-in-law who wants to prevent it.

144 :06x01 - Incident of the Red Wind

First aired: Sep/26/1963
Writer: Dean Riesner
Director: Thomas Carr
Guest star: Neville Brand (Lou Bowdark), William R. Thompkins (Toothless)

With the herd running low on water, Favor must decide whether to take the advice of Rowdy or a recently hired on drover as to which direction to take.

145 :06x02 - Incident of Iron Bull

First aired: Oct/03/1963
Writer: Carey Wilber
Director: Christian Nyby
Guest star: James Whitmore (Colonel John Macklin), Michael Ansara (Joseph/Iron Bull), Richard X. Slattery (Clanton), Judson Pratt (Sergeant Grogan), Ralph Moody (Yellow Elk), William R. Thompkins (Toothless)

When a Comanche joins the drive it leads to problems with an Army colonel and other drovers.

146 :06x03 - Incident at El Crucero

First aired: Oct/10/1963
Writer: Charles Larson
Director: Earl Bellamy
Guest star: Elizabeth Montgomery (Rose Cornelius), Gene Evans (Gus Cornelius), Parley Baer (Bryant), Buddy Baer (Big Will Cornelius), Holly Bane (Eddie Cornelius), John Craig (Charlie Cornelius), Richard "Dick" Simmons (Stranger), L.Q. Jones (George Cornelius)

Rose Cornelius erects a barbed wire fence across her land that prevents the herd from crossing. Rowdy has Favor made sheriff of a nearby town in order to do something about the situation.

147 :06x04 - Incident of the Travellin' Man

First aired: Oct/17/1963
Writer: Paul King
Director: Ted Post
Guest star: Simon Oakland (Bolivar Jagger), Robert Middleton (Matt Harger), Robert Donner (Billy Harger), James Sikking (Luke Harger), William R. Thompkins (Toothless)

The drovers save a man from drowning in a river only to discover that he's wearing leg irons.

148 :06x05 - Incident at Paradise

First aired: Oct/24/1963
Writer: Charles Larson
Director: Thomas Carr
Guest star: Burgess Meredith (Matthew Higgins), Patricia McCormack (Sarah Higgins), Arch Johnson (Harry Johanson), Peter Helm (Grover), Beau Bridges (Billy Johanson), Neil Nephew (Jess), Michael Davis (Prescott)

At a place called Paradise Valley, the drovers once again become involved in a range war only this time there's a rising river to worry about as well.

149 :06x06 - Incident at Farragut Pass

First aired: Oct/31/1963
Writer: Jack Turley
Director: Thomas Carr
Guest star: Frankie Avalon (Billy Farragut), Glenda Farrell (Mrs. Elizabeth Farragut), Tommy Farrell (Mister Buzby), John Pickard (Sheriff), William Henry (Bartender), Ralph Reed (Jared), Dee Pollock (Cass)

Favor is forced by a woman to take her grandson on as a drover in order to teach him the values of responsibility and hard work. The only friend the young man makes among the drovers is Mushy.

150 :06x07 - Incident at Two Graves

First aired: Nov/07/1963
Writer: Al C. Ward, Sam Roeca
Director: Harry Harris
Guest star: Steve Brodie (Sloan), Dennis Cross (Navajo Chief), Don Haggerty (Bartender), William R. Thompkins (Toothless), Bill Travers (Jeremiah O'Neal)

An Irish prizefighter joins the drive in order to travel to sacred Native American grounds for a mysterious purpose.

151 :06x08 - Incident of the Rawhiders

First aired: Nov/14/1963
Writer: Jay Simms, Jack Turley
Director: Ted Post
Guest star: James Best (Brock Quade), Wright King (Collie Quade), John Mitchum (Luke Rose), Denver Pyle (Daddy Quade), Nina Shipman (Valley Rose), William R. Thompkins (Toothless)

A group of rawhiders plan to seize the herd by forcing Rowdy to marry one of their men's intended bride.

152 :06x09 - Incident of the Prophecy

First aired: Nov/21/1963
Writer: Sam Roeca
Director: Thomas Carr
Guest star: Dan Duryea (Brother William), Warren Oates (Charlie "Rabbit" Waters), Raymond Guth (Orville), Ray Teal (Sheriff), James Griffith (Gurney), Harry Dean Stanton (Dexter)

After accidentally killing a gunslinger while shooting at a church bell, Rowdy and another drover are cursed by the man's preacher brother.

153 :06x10 - Incident at Confidence Creek

First aired: Nov/28/1963
Writer: Jack Turley
Director: Harry Harris
Guest star: Dick York (Elwood P. Gilroy), Barbara Eden (Crystal Simpson), Harry Lauter (Orville Tippet), J. Pat O'Malley (Judge Thaddeus Fillmore), Roy Roberts (Town Mayor), Roy Barcroft (Sheriff), Norman Leavitt (Prospector), Dick Wessel (Jed), Henry Wills (Tom), Byron Foulger (Farmer)

A pair of con artists steal the herd's ownership papers and sell it to a bank for a tidy profit.

154 :06x11 - Incident of the Death Dancer

First aired: Dec/05/1963
Writer: Dean Riesner
Director: Thomas Carr
Guest star: Forrest Tucker (Dan Carlock), Med Flory (Billy Barton)

An escaped circus lion begins bedeviling the herd and Favor hires on a hunter who's been tailing the animal. The hunter then decides to use poor Mushy as bait.

155 :06x12 - Incident of the Wild Deuces

First aired: Dec/12/1963
Writer: Jack Turley, Preston Wood
Director: Harry Harris
Guest star: Sandra Giles (Ellie), William Henry (Poker Player), Sailor Vincent (Sam), Robert Williams (Joe), Ken Lynch (Walt Fuller), George Chandler (Reverend Jess Linwood), Barbara Stuart (Lorelei Mars)

Dim-witted Mushy is suddenly everyone's best friend after he cleans up in a poker game.

156 :06x13 - Incident of the Geisha

First aired: Dec/19/1963
Writer: Charles Larson
Director: Ted Post
Guest star: Miyoshi Umeki (Nami), Joseph V. Perry (Santana), William R. Thompkins (Toothless)

A Japanese geisha girl joins the drive but the Kiowas are trailing her because they believe she is a sacred princess.

157 :06x14 - Incident at Ten Trees

First aired: Jan/02/1964
Writer: Carey Wilber
Director: Ted Post
Guest star: Royal Dano (Jeb Newton), Michael Pate (Running Horse), Iron Eyes Cody (Medicine Man), Susan Kohner (Abbie Bartlett)

The drovers find a mentally unbalanced woman one night and discover that the Cheyenne want to kill her because they believe she is a witch.

158 :06x15 - Incident of the Rusty Shotgun

First aired: Jan/09/1964
Writer: Paul King
Director: Ted Post
Guest star: Claude Akins (Aloysius Claybank), Marie Windsor (Amie Claybank), Don Megowan (Abraham Claybank), Kelly Thordsen (Amos Claybank), Jonathan Hole (Drummer), Don Beddoe (Minister), Herbert Anderson (Sheriff Aaron Burr)

The brothers of a feisty woman dragoon Wishbone into becoming her husband.

159 :06x16 - Incident of the Midnight Cave

First aired: Jan/16/1964
Writer: Barry Trivers, Sam Roeca
Director: Thomas Carr
Guest star: Ed Kemmer (Dr. Jethro Manning), William R. Thompkins (Toothless)

After a fall, Wishbone develops a mysterious blindness that might be related to a traumatic event in his childhood.

160 :06x17 - Incident of the Dowry Dundee

First aired: Jan/23/1964
Writer: Sam Roeca, Joy Dexter
Director: Ted Post
Guest star: Lyle Bettger (Richard Whiting), Hazel Court (Kathleen Dundee)

The drovers meet up with a Scottish woman who is traveling with four prize bulls.

161 :06x18 - Incident at Gila Flats

First aired: Jan/30/1964
Writer: Paul King, Sam Roeca
Director: Thomas Carr
Guest star: Gene Evans (Sergeant Pike), Rodolfo Acosta (Del Latigo), L.Q. Jones (Corporal Wayne), Harry Lauter (Major Blaine), Leslie Wales (Lalota), Edward Faulkner (Private Larson), Med Flory (Private Hawkins), Holly Bane (Corporal Rokka)

As part of a peace treaty Favor, Wishbone, and Jim Quince must deliver 200 head of cattle to the Apaches but a Mexican bandit, who wants the cattle for himself, stands in the way.

162 :06x19 - Incident of the Pied Piper

First aired: Feb/06/1964
Writer: Sam Roeca, Albert Aley
Director: Harry Harris
Guest star: Eddie Bracken (Edgar Allan Smithers), Everett Sloane (Calvin Randolph), Arch Johnson (Sheriff Andrews), Duane Grey (Frank Travis), Rodney Bell (Clarence)

Favor comes up with a complicated scheme to con a banker who illegally sold some of his cattle after coming into possession of the animals.

163 :06x20 - Incident of the Swindler

First aired: Feb/20/1964
Writer: John Hawkins, Jack Turley
Director: Thomas Carr
Guest star: John Dehner (Straw Coleman), Sally Forrest (Loreen Bouquet), Peter Leeds (Samson), Richard Reeves (Jess Carmody), William Fawcett (Jim Cline)

Wishbone inexplicably pulls a gun and helps a manacled fugitive escape custody. Favor and Mushy go after them to learn the reason behind the trail cook's strange behaviour.

164 :06x21 - Incident of the Wanderer

First aired: Feb/27/1964
Writer: Carey Wilber
Director: Christian Nyby
Guest star: Nehemiah Persoff (Michob), Gregory Walcott (Les Hunt), William R. Thompkins (Toothless)

The drovers rescue a man found wandering in the desert but the man appears to be a jinx.

165 :06x22 - Incident at Zebulon

First aired: Mar/05/1964
Writer: Dean Riesner
Director: Christian Nyby
Guest star: Kelly Thordsen (Tom), Herbert Patterson (Sam), Robert Cornthwaite (Langhorn Wallace), John Lupton (Roy Cutter), Patricia Huston (Louanna Day), Ron Foster (Johnny Larkin)

Favor seeks revenge after he is horsewhipped and one of his drovers is lynched.

166 :06x23 - Incident at Hourglass

First aired: Mar/12/1964
Writer: John Hawkins
Director: Christian Nyby
Guest star: Elizabeth MacRae (Sally Ann Rankin), Jay C. Flippen (Sargeant Shalor), John Anderson (Captain John Rankin), Kent Smith (Colonel Greer), Russell Arms (Lt. Peter Crook)

Gil Favor is framed for murder by an old flame after he refuses to run off with her. Rowdy and Wishbone then try to break their boss out of confinement.

167 :06x24 - Incident of the Odyssey

First aired: Mar/26/1964
Director: Thomas Carr
Guest star: Mickey Rooney (Pan Macropolous), William R. Thompkins (Toothless), Carole Mathews (Lucey), Raymond Guth (Proprietor), John Pickard (Sheriff)

The drovers befriend a happy go lucky wanderer.

168 :06x25 - Incident of the Banker

First aired: Apr/02/1964
Writer: Chris Miller
Director: Christian Nyby
Guest star: Lola Albright (Marjbelle Ashton-Warner), Marjorie Bennett (Old Lady), Virginia Gregg (Sarah), Allyn Joslyn (Albert Ashton-Warner), William R. Thompkins (Toothless)

In order to prove a point to his nagging wife, a banker changes jobs with trail boss Favor.

169 :06x26 - Incident of El Toro

First aired: Apr/09/1964
Writer: Charles Larson
Director: Thomas Carr
Guest star: James Best (Art Fuller), John Cole (Bailey), Hal Baylor (Jenkins), William R. Thompkins (Toothless), Brad Morrow (Jones)

A massive wild bull causes major problems for the drovers on the drive.

170 :06x27 - Incident at Deadhorse (1)

First aired: Apr/16/1964
Writer: Paul King
Director: Thomas Carr
Guest star: Burgess Meredith (Hannibal H. Plew), Broderick Crawford (Jud Hammerklein), William R. Thompkins (Toothless), Chill Wills (Sheriff Asa Tanner), Robert Middleton (Judge John Jefferson Hogan), Paul Carr (Mark Hammerklein), Hampton Fancher (Jake Hammerklein), Hugh Sanders (Deputy Ef Wiley)

When a town's leading citizen is sentenced to be hanged for a revenge killing it's discovered that no one in the town wants him to be hung.

171 :06x28 - Incident at Deadhorse (2)

First aired: Apr/23/1964
Writer: Paul King
Director: Thomas Carr
Guest star: Burgess Meredith (Hannibal H. Plew), Broderick Crawford (Jud Hammerklein), William R. Thompkins (Toothless), Chill Wills (Sheriff Asa Tanner), Paul Carr (Mark Hammerklein), Hampton Fancher (Jake Hammerklein), Hugh Sanders (Deputy Ef Wiley)

The drovers escort a hangman into town to carry out his duties but the intended hangee and his sons have other plans.

172 :06x29 - Incident of the Gilded Goddess

First aired: Apr/30/1964
Writer: Don Brinkley
Director: Christian Nyby
Guest star: Dina Merrill (Lisa Temple), Herbert Rudley (Jeremiah Breen), Robert J. Stevenson (A.J. Hogan), George Van Wort (School Teacher), John McKee (Posse Leader)

Rowdy discovers that an old galpal who has wondered into camp is wanted for the killing of a sheriff.

173 :06x30 - Incident at Seven Fingers

First aired: May/07/1964
Writer: John Dunkel, John Hawkins
Director: Christian Nyby
Guest star: Ken Johnson (Trooper Dobbs), Don Marshall (Private Goodlove), William Marshall (Sergeant Sam Turner), Hari Rhodes (Corporal Dunbar), Harry Townes (Captain Jesse Coulter)

A buffalo soldier, who's wanted on cowardice and desertion charges, joins up with Favor's cattle drive.

174 :06x31 - Incident of the Peyote Cup

First aired: May/14/1964
Writer: Dick Nelson
Director: Thomas Carr
Guest star: James Gregory (Brothers), Ted de Corsia (Chief Pala), Richard Hale (Munyo), Hal John Norman (Yulca), Pilar Seurat (Maga)

Hey Soos is captured by Apaches and forced to drink water laden with peyote.

175 :07x01 - The Race

First aired: Sep/25/1964
Writer: Robert Lewin
Director: Bernard McEveety
Guest star: Joseph Breen (Jim Traynor), Barry Brooks (Bartender), William Bryant (Lockwood), Émile Genest (Curt Mathison), Claude Hall (Doctor), Michael Hinn (Clerk), L.Q. Jones (Luke), Hal Needham (Tom), Warren Oates (Weed), John Pickard (Marshal Morgan), William R. Thompkins (Toothless)

Given a chance at being a trail boss, Rowdy vows that his herd will beat Gil Favor's into Abilene.

176 :07x02 - Enormous Fist

First aired: Oct/02/1964
Writer: Sam Ross
Director: Bernard L. Kowalski
Guest star: James Anderson (Sheriff), Brenda Scott (Dolly Grant), Mark Slade (Adam Grant), Lee Van Cleef (Fred Grant), Adam Williams (Jeb), Douglas Henderson (Cal), Walter Mathews (Storekeeper)

After accidentally killing a potential drover in a fight, Favor finds himself having to take care of the man's widow and children.

177 :07x03 - Piney

First aired: Oct/09/1964
Writer: Clyde Ware
Director: Philip Leacock
Guest star: Ed Begley (Piney Kinney), J.D. Cannon (Jack Rose), Tom Reese (Bert Carrico), Lee Van Cleef (Deck Sommers), Elisha Cook (Jim Gribble), Robert Karnes (Sheriff), Victor Izay (Clerk), Jerry Davis (Jud), Leonard York (Storekeeper)

Needing drovers, Favor is elated when old pal Piney Kinney signs on but the old chum is really trying to aid the escape of a gang of bank robbers with whom he's gotten involved.

178 :07x04 - Lost Herd

First aired: Oct/16/1964
Writer: Archie L. Tegland
Director: Vincent McEveety
Guest star: Peter Bourne (Gustauf), Paul Comi (Yo Yo), Royal Dano (Teisner), Leo Gordon (Chris Jensen), Harry Townes (Dillman), Bill Williams (Tom Bickel)

Favor loses his herd when he takes a risky short cut in order to beat a competitor into Abilene. Can he still cut the mustard as a trail boss?

179 :07x05 - A Man Called Mushy

First aired: Oct/23/1964
Writer: John Mantley
Director: Michael O'Herlihy
Guest star: Paul Comi (Yo Yo), John Hubbard (Smitty), Mike Kellin (Vassily), Sondra Blake (Teya), Jonathan Kidd (Seth Parker), Dawn Little Sky (Squaw), Margo (Selena), John McLiam (Bartender), Michael Pataki (Anselmo)

Favor tears Mushy a new one at the end of a drive after a group of gypsies con him out of the drove's wagons and supplies. Devastated, Mushy jumps off a train and wanders into the desert.

180 :07x06 - Canliss

First aired: Oct/30/1964
Writer: Stirling Silliphant
Director: Jack Arnold
Guest star: Dean Martin (Gurd Canliss), Michael Ansara (Don Miguel), Theodore Bikel (Pence), Laura Devon (Augusta Canliss), Scott Marlowe (Tate), Ramon Novarro (Father Tasso), Stewart Moss (Felipe), Teno Pollick (Lope de Cruz), Rico Alaniz (Garcia Flores), Jack Kruschen (Bartender)

Dean Martin makes a rare television guest appearance as a legendary but aging hired gun who's after a Hispanic cattleman.

181 :07x07 - Damon's Road (1)

First aired: Nov/13/1964
Writer: Richard Carr, Robert Lewin
Director: Michael O'Herlihy
Guest star: Barbara Eden (Goldie), Fritz Weaver (Jonathan Damon), Sean McClory (Finn), Robert Sorrells (Barker), Curt Conway (Judge Asher), J. Edward McKinley (Goodgate), Steve Darrell (Sheriff), Kitty Malone (The Kumquats), Rita D'amico (The Kumquats), Beatriz Monteil (The Kumquats), Paul Comi (Yo Yo)

A railroad foreman in need of men uses some tricky maneuvers to get the drovers to work for him.

182 :07x08 - Damon's Road (2)

First aired: Nov/30/1964
Writer: Richard Carr, Robert Lewin
Director: Michael O'Herlihy
Guest star: Fritz Weaver (Jonathan Damon), Barbara Eden (Goldie), Sean McClory (Finn), Curt Conway (Judge Asher), Robert Sorrells (Barker), John Craig (Cowboy), Steve Darrell (Sheriff), Kitty Malone (The Kumquats), Rita D'amico (The Kumquats), Beatriz Monteil (The Kumquats)

Favor tries to free his drovers from being forced to work on the railroad but some seem to enjoy it there.

183 :07x09 - Backshooter

First aired: Nov/27/1964
Writer: Richard Carr
Director: Herschel Daugherty
Guest star: Louis Hayward (John Tasker), Jan Arvan (Telegraph Operator), Terry Becker (Burt), Roy Engel (Bartender), Steve Gravers (Fred Adams), Joseph Hoover (Sam Jefferson), George Keymas (Bill Adams), Slim Pickens (Sheriff McKay), Robert Yuro (Sam Cleet), Holly McIntire (Molly Jefferson)

Alone on the trail, Rowdy befriends a man who admits to being wanted. He asks Rowdy to turn him into the law and give the reward to his wife. Then the man is gunned down on the trail and Rowdy discovers that there is no wife.

184 :07x10 - Corporal Dasovik

First aired: Dec/04/1964
Writer: Lionel E. Siegel
Director: Bernard L. Kowalski
Guest star: Nick Adams (Corporal Dasovik), John Drew Barrymore (Harry Eccles), Cyril Delevanti (Tahoolcut), Ron Soble (Everts), Barry Atwater (Chief Ollocot), Howard Caine (Mumford), Sherwood Price (Willoughby), John Dierkes (Martinson)

When an Army officer dies, an inexperienced corporal is forced to take over as leader of the mission. Fortunately, he has Favor along to help him.

185 :07x11 - Photographer

First aired: Dec/11/1964
Writer: Clyde Ware
Director: Vincent McEveety
Guest star: Eddie Albert (Taylor Dickson), Ben Cooper (Clell Miller), William O'Connell (Poet), Richard X. Slattery (Daws), Morgan Woodward (Kale Maddox), Frank Richards (Emmett), Kelton Garwood (Blackpowder Charley)

A famous photographer ends up getting the drovers involved with a ruthless outlaw gang.

186 :07x12 - No Dogs or Drovers

First aired: Dec/18/1964
Writer: Cliff Gould, Sam Ross
Director: Vincent McEveety
Guest star: Zeme North (Claire Dennis), Philip Abbott (Ben Dennis), Paul Comi (Yo Yo), Gilbert Green (Farnsworth), Dabbs Greer (Sheriff), Bryan O'Byrne (Hotel Manager), Olan Soule (Barber)

The drovers arrive in Junction City where it appears that they are not wanted. It seems as though the place is trying to gentrify itself away from its prior image as a cattle town.

187 :07x13 - The Meeting

First aired: Jan/01/1965
Writer: Robert Lewin
Director: Michael O'Herlihy
Guest star: John Hart (Harley Lear), Don Quine (Loy Slake), Gavin MacLeod (Rian Powers), Richard Karlan (Hugh Brewster), Len Wayland (Forrest Denver), Harry Dean Stanton (Joe Spanish), Mel Gallagher (Bolt Carson), Ric Roman (Bowie Fisk)

Favor finds himself kidnapped and headed for a rendezvous with a gang of notorious outlaws.

188 :07x14 - The Book

First aired: Jan/08/1965
Writer: Cliff Gould
Director: Bernard L. Kowalski
Guest star: Pat Hingle (Pop Stark), J.D. Cannon (Austin Ware), Leonard Stone (Leroy Means), Valentin de Vargas (Ernie Torres), Ziva Rodann (Pony), Malcolm Atterbury (Sheriff), Robert Cleaves (R.J. Riley), Madelyn Darrow (Saloon Girl), Walker Edmiston (Announcer), Victor Izay (Fred Holt), Alan Roberts (Townsman), Timothy Carey (Carl Hatcher)

Rowdy is the latest protege of a man who makes a living betting on gunfighters he has trained.

189 :07x15 - Josh

First aired: Jan/15/1965
Writer: Robert E. Thompson
Director: Herschel Daugherty
Guest star: Paul Comi (Yo Yo), Jay C. Flippen (Bigger Seton), Albert Dekker (Josh), Ann Shoemaker (Mrs. Meyer), Ottola Nesmith (Mrs. Beech), John Doucette (H. L. Pine)

Towards the end of a drive a frustrated Favor lashes out and fires an older drover but soon comes to regret his action.

190 :07x16 - A Time for Waiting

First aired: Jan/22/1965
Writer: Sy Salkowitz
Director: Charles Rondeau
Guest star: George Grizzard (Capt. George Ballinger), Lin McCarthy (Lt. Scott MacIntosh), Lisabeth Hush (Mrs. Morton), George Murdock (Sergeant), Larry Ward (Sergeant Morton), Ken Berry (Lt. Trodall), Arthur Malet (Reginald Wingate), Michael Barrier (Trooper), Don Paulin (Johnny)

Rowdy leaves the drive to witness the execution of an Army officer who was once a friend but whom he had to testify against.

191 :07x17 - Moment in the Sun

First aired: Jan/29/1965
Writer: Bernard Girard
Director: Bernard Girard
Guest star: Gene Evans (Royal K. Shaw), Sherry Jackson (Mara), Pat Conway (Reed McCuller), Billy Gray (Lindsey McCuller), Rayford Barnes (Bert Inge), Noel Drayton (Gerber), Donald Ein (Snow), Tyler McVey (Sheriff Blair), Karl Swenson (Merle)

A marshal is taking a notorious outlaw into Denver and joins the drive in order to blend in with the drovers. Needless to say, this strategy fails when rescuers surround the herd.

192 :07x18 - Texas Fever

First aired: Feb/05/1965
Writer: John Dunkel
Director: Harmon Jones
Guest star: Royal Dano (Sam Wentworth), Christopher Dark (Bud Grady), Judi Meredith (Kate Wentworth), Frank Maxwell (Avery), Douglas Kennedy (Maxey), Willard Sage (Lt. Watkins), Duane Grey (Jenkins)

The drovers come upon a town where former scout Pete Nolan is being held for murder and where lynch fever is rising.

193 :07x19 - Blood Harvest

First aired: Feb/12/1965
Writer: Walter Black
Director: Justus Addiss
Guest star: Tom Tully (Clete Bonner), Steve Forrest (Cable), Michel Petit (Will Bonner), Rayford Barnes (Shelby), Michael Witney (Lt. Cass), Richard X. Slattery (Tebbets), Paul Bryar (Sgt. Borrell)

Favor acquires two extra drovers who may not be what they first appear.

194 :07x20 - Violent Land

First aired: Mar/05/1965
Writer: Buckley Angell
Director: Harmon Jones
Guest star: Davey Davison (Fanah), Michael Forest (Yuma), Gregg Palmer (Mace), Lew Brown (Gorman), Jacque Shelton (Pecos), Paul Sorenson (Kiley), Julia Montoya (Squaw)

Rowdy is sent into Apache territory in order to recover some cattle that were stolen by them but the presence of white captives in the Apache camp complicates things.

195 :07x21 - Winter Soldier

First aired: Mar/12/1965
Writer: John Dunkel
Director: Justus Addiss
Guest star: Robert Blake (Hap Johnson), Stanley Clements (Sergeant Watson), Liam Sullivan (Lieutenant Whitley), Brooke Bundy (Ellie Kurtz), Jim Boles (Ephraim Kurtz), Robert Bice (Coats Watson), Ralph Reed (Tooky)

Favor is arrested for possession of stolen Army property that was left in the drovers' camp by a deserter. It's up to Rowdy to save the day once again.

196 :07x22 - Prairie Fire

First aired: Mar/19/1965
Writer: Elliott Arnold, Louis Vittes
Director: Jesse Hibbs
Guest star: Michael Conrad (Jerry Munson), Anthony Caruso (Milt Dexter), Vic Perrin (Vinnie Pitts), Hal Baylor (Barney), John Hart (Narbo), Jacques Shelton (Pecos), John Boyer (Tom)

Favor and the drovers are faced with both a raging prairie fire and a plot to steal the cattle.

197 :07x23 - Retreat

First aired: Mar/26/1965
Writer: John Dunkel
Director: James Goldstone
Guest star: Ford Rainey (Colonel Hart), John Anderson (Major Cantwell), Jan Arvan (Sergeant), Jacque Shelton (Lieutenant), Keith McConnell (Sergeant), John Lasell (Lieutenant), Steve Ihnat (Kaster)

A disgruntled Army major steals $30,000 from an Army outpost and gives it to Favor to mail to him at a town further on down the line. Then the major begins having second thoughts and tries to retrieve the money but one of the drovers has discovered it.

198 :07x24 - Empty Sleeve

First aired: Apr/02/1965
Writer: Louis Vittes
Director: Justus Addiss
Guest star: Dick Davalos (Will Butler), Everett Sloane (Sam Butler), Nancy Rennick (Jenny Conway), Burt Douglas (Tom Cowan), John Pickard (Sheriff)

The herd refuses to drink or cross a river because they need salt. A newly hired one-armed drover tells Favor of a salt source that's nearby but refuses when Favor orders him to go there.

199 :07x25 - The Last Order

First aired: Apr/09/1965
Writer: Tom Seller
Director: Robert L. Friend
Guest star: Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. (Jeff McKeever), Harry Lauter (Lenny), Lawrence Dobkin (Colonel Reed), Rex Holman (Cady), Bruce Mars (Grady), Kelton Garwood (Decker)

A wounded man staggers into camp with a strongbox from a robbery. He soon dies but his partners are quickly on the scene looking for the loot.

200 :07x26 - Mrs. Harmon

First aired: Apr/16/1965
Writer: John Mantley
Director: Michael O'Herlihy
Guest star: Barbara Barrie (Mrs. Harmon), Paul Lambert (Fred Harmon), James Hampton (Charlie Peck), Pat Cardi (Billy), Richard O'Brien (Sheriff), William Wintersole (Doctor)

When an abused wife shoots down her drunken husband, Wishbone takes the blame in order to protect her.

201 :07x27 - The Calf Women

First aired: Apr/30/1965
Writer: Buckley Angell, Louis Vittes
Director: Anton Leader
Guest star: John Boyer (Waco), Kelly Thordsen (Ryan), Roger Ewing (Billy Wallace), Karl Lukas (Cole Wallace), Betty Conner (Betsy Teall), Julie Harris (Emma Teall)

Two calf women cause problems for the drovers and a group of buffalo hunters.

202 :07x28 - The Spanish Camp

First aired: May/07/1965
Writer: John Dunkel
Director: Harmon Jones
Guest star: John Ireland (Dr. Joseph Merritt), John Erwin (Teddy), Rico Alaniz (Pedro), Brock Peters (Phinn Harper)

Treasure hunters dam up a stream thus cutting off the herd's water supply.

203 :07x29 - El Hombre Bravo

First aired: May/14/1965
Writer: Herman Groves
Director: Philip Leacock
Guest star: Frank Silvera (Pajarito), Malachi Throne (Joaquin Valino), Manuel Padilla, Jr. (Pepe), Henry Corden (Velasquez), Carmelita Acosta (Tia)

In Mexico, Favor and Mushy try to help an old man and three children elude the Federales.

204 :07x30 - The Gray Rock Hotel

First aired: May/21/1965
Writer: Jack Curtis
Director: Stuart Rosenberg
Guest star: Lola Albright (Lottie), Steven Hill (Marty Brown), Rex Holman (Bill), Strother Martin (Bates), Vic Tayback (Monte)

Favor and some sick drovers make it to an abandoned hotel in a ghost town where they encounter a mysterious woman.

205 :08x01 - Encounter at Boot Hill

First aired: Sep/14/1965
Writer: Rory Spinner
Director: Sutton Roley
Guest star: Simon Oakland (Sheriff Blaine), Jeff Corey (Morgan Kane), Peter Haskell (Jethroe Kane), Malcolm Atterbury (Jarvis), Timothy Carey (Ed Walker), David Watson (Ian Cabot)

When one of his men is killed and another wounded trying to prevent a lynching, new trail boss Rowdy Yates rides into town seeking justice.

206 :08x02 - Ride a Crooked Mile

First aired: Sep/21/1965
Writer: N.B. Stone, Jr.
Director: Justus Addiss
Guest star: John Drew Barrymore (Danny Hawks), Douglas Kennedy (Nat Benson)

Jed Colby convinces Rowdy against his better judgment to hire a drover who soon begins causing trouble.

207 :08x03 - Six Weeks to Bent Fork

First aired: Sep/28/1965
Writer: Mort R. Lewis
Director: Thomas Carr
Guest star: James Gregory (Lash Whitcomb), R.G. Armstrong (Sheriff John Keeley), L.Q. Jones (Pee Jay Peters), Roy Roberts (Fletcher), Vaughn Taylor (Clay Heath), David Watson (Ian Cabot)

Rowdy has to hire a hard as nails ranch foreman as ramrod to make sure the drovers complete a drive on time or they will not be paid. As usual, conflict develops between the new ramrod and the men.

208 :08x04 - Walk into Terror

First aired: Oct/05/1965
Writer: Jerry Adelman, Joanna Thompson
Director: Thomas Carr
Guest star: Claude Akins (Jerry Boggs), Bruce Dern (Ed Rankin), Roy Barcroft (Adams)

When Quince and Simon are trapped in a cave-in, new drover Ed Rankin and his friend Jerry Boggs offer to get some blasting gel and free them in return for $500.

209 :08x05 - Escort to Doom

First aired: Oct/12/1965
Writer: Walter Black
Director: Alan Crosland, Jr.
Guest star: Rip Torn (Jacob Yellow-Sun), Christopher Dark (Quadero), Tom Reese (Jennings), David Watson (Ian Cabot)

Rowdy recruits a group of Indians to accompany the cattle drive through Pawnee Indian territories, and the half-white leader, Jacob Yellow-Sun, agrees. However, Rowdy's and Yellow-Sun's men both disagree with the decision and tempers flare.

210 :08x06 - Hostage for Hanging

First aired: Oct/19/1965
Writer: Walter Black
Director: Herman Hoffman
Guest star: Robert Blake (Max Gufler), Sharon Farrell (Billie Lou Gufler), Mercedes McCambridge (Ma Gufler), Warren Oates (Jesse Gufler), Robert Beecher (Skinner), Hal Baylor (Will Gufler)

When Rowdy reneges on a horse deal because of the poor quality of the bovines, the woman with whom he was trading threatens to hang him high unless he produces the money agreed upon.

211 :08x07 - Vasquez Woman

First aired: Oct/26/1965
Writer: Boris Ingster
Director: Bernard McEveety
Guest star: William Bryant (Turner), Don Diamond (Paco), Victor French (Bartender), Carol Lawrence (Maria Vasquez), Robert Phillips (Luis), John Michael Quijada (Guard), Cesar Romero (Colonel Vasquez), Malachi Throne (Baker), David Watson (Ian Cabot)

Jed, Simon, Quince, and Wishbone head south of the border to buy some extra heads of cattle but end up in a border war that hinges around the wife of a Mexican colonel.

212 :08x08 - Clash at Broken Bluff

First aired: Nov/02/1965
Writer: Louis Vittes
Director: Charles Haas
Guest star: Thom Carney (Sheriff), Lyn Edgington (Sue Henley), Elisabeth Fraser (Belle Connelly), Nancy Gates (Cassie Webster), L.Q. Jones (Pee Jay), Ron Randell (Mayor Mal Thorner), Warren Stevens (Talbot), David Watson (Ian Cabot)

A suffragette refuses to let the drovers shelter their cattle on her property to protect them from an on-coming storm.

213 :08x09 - The Pursuit

First aired: Nov/09/1965
Writer: John Dunkel
Director: Justus Addiss
Guest star: Ralph Bellamy (Marshal Hanson Dickson), Jim Davis (Sheriff), Larry Barton (Jailer), Eric Cooper (Drover), Robert Williams (Dying Man)

A U. S. Marshal arrives at the drovers' camp in order to arrest Jed Colby on a murder charge. Jed flees but when he learns that Rowdy has been arrested for aiding and abetting his escape he decides to turn himself into the law.

214 :08x10 - Duel at Daybreak

First aired: Nov/16/1965
Writer: Herman Miller, Robert Bloomfield
Director: Sutton Roley
Guest star: Charles Bronson (Del Lingman), Jill Haworth (Vicki Woodruff), Larry Gates (Mason Woodruff), Brendon Boone (Roman Bedford)

A new drover has incurred the wrath of the foreman at the ranch where the drive is picking up cattle. It seems that both men are sweet on the ranch owner's daughter.

215 :08x11 - Brush War at Buford

First aired: Nov/23/1965
Writer: Mort R. Lewis
Director: Thomas Carr
Guest star: Richard Carlson (Major Buford), Skip Homeier (Wichita Kid), Tim McIntire (Court Buford), Robert Middleton (Duke Aberdeen), Robert Sorrells (Mint Shawcross), Michael Vandever (Print)

Rowdy gets involved in renewed Civil War hostilities between a former Confederate officer and a rancher who fought for the Union.

216 :08x12 - Testing Post

First aired: Nov/30/1965
Writer: John Hawkins, Ward Hawkins
Director: Gerd Oswald
Guest star: Rory Calhoun (Captain Masters), Burt Brinckerhoff (Karl Denner), Lew Brown (Unknown), Eddie Firestone (Smitty), Dick Foran (Major Taggart), Robert Donner (Adjutant), K.L. Smith (Jackson)

Rustlers pose as cavalrymen in order to make off with part of the herd.

217 :08x13 - Crossing at White Feather

First aired: Dec/07/1965
Writer: Robert Bloomfield
Director: Richard Whorf
Guest star: Albert Dekker (Jonas Bolt), Johnny Crawford (Aaron Bolt), Barry Atwater (Sam Clayton), David Watson (Ian Cabot)

The guide hired by Rowdy to lead the herd across a dangerous river crossing turns out to be a worthless drunkard. Rowdy feels some compassion for the man's son because his situation is similar.