Show FAQ
Was Wishbone a better cook than Wagon Train's Charlie Wooster?
In general, Wishbone seemed to get fewer complaints about his cooking (and coffee) than did Charlie Wooster although neither trail cook would ever get hired by a five star restaurant.
Why was Eric Fleming released at the end of Season 7?
The network and producers felt the show needed new blood due to its declining ratings so they fired Fleming and made Clint Eastwood (who had just made a couple of his spaghetti Westerns in Italy) the new trail boss.
Why was Charles Gray let go from the series?
Gray's character, Clay Forrester, simply never clicked with the audience so he was released from the show.
Why did Sheb Wooley leave the series in the middle of Season 4?
Wooley wanted to concentrate on his music career so he asked to be let out of his contract. He would return for a nine episode stint in Season 7 at the invitation of the producers.
Was Gil Favor based on a real character?
Gil Favor was based on a real life trail boss named George C. Duffield whose 1866 diary about a real life cattle drive was one of the sources for the series.