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ReBoot: Where No Sprite Has Gone Before

Matrix and AndrAIa are on different sides of an arguement when they arrive in a system filled with Superhero Sprites and Spectrols.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 3x6
Production Number: v3.2.2
Airdate: Thursday April 22nd, 1999

Guest Stars
Andrew KavadasAndrew Kavadas
voiced voice
Ian James CorlettIan James Corlett
voiced Captain Robert Cursor / E-mail
David KayeDavid Kaye
voiced Head Spectrol
Michael DobsonMichael Dobson
voiced Powerlock
Teryl RotheryTeryl Rothery
voiced Pixel / Catwoman
Venus TerzoVenus Terzo
voiced Gigagirl / Copy Girl
Episode Notes
This is the second part of a four-part story:

"Where No Sprite Has Gone Before"
"Number 7"
"The Episode With No Name"

D.C. Fontana was one of the original the writers of Star Trek and the animated series.

Rob uses one of Bobs most used pharses "I don't think so".

Ian Jame Corlett would later provide the voice for Bob in Season 3 and 4.

Rob has hair just like Bob did in seasons 1 and 2. This and along with the way Rob acts makes Matrix believe Rob is Bob.

Episode Title Pun: "Where No Man Has Gone Before".

Energy Tears was introduced in the first episode of ReBoot, "The Tearing," but this is the first time we see that some Tears can actually be living beings.

Episode Quotes
Rob: Trying to escape? I don't think so!

Gigagirl: He's been deleted, Slim.
AndrAIa: He wasn't Bob...
Matrix: No. But he was a friend...

Cultural References
AndrAIa's Log
The episode begins with AndrAia adding an entry to her vocie log.

Cursor's actions and speech resembled Captain Kirk's.

Spock like. Green skinned, large pointed ears and eyebrows.

A cross between Marvel's The Punisher and Arnold Schwarzenegger, lots of weaponary and a smoking stogie.

A cross between Plastic Man and Mr. Fantastic.

Vulcan Neck Pinch
Pixel uses it on Powerlock, a move used by Spock to immobilize opponents.

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