Pilot - Recap

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The episode begins in the city of San Francisco at night. A bunch of workers are unloading small containers at a pier. A man with a gun is overseeing things. One of the containers crashes to the ground and packets of cocaine spill out. The men quickly put the packets back into the container before anyone notices. A man hiding under the pier makes his way up, sneaks up behind one of the workers and renders him unconscious with an iron rod. He then quickly hides. He then jumps the man with the gun from behind causing him to collapses to the ground.

The man, while lying on the ground, asks his assailant to walk away because no one steals from Schiller. He agrees and kills him so that Schiller won’t find out. He then drives away. It’s daytime and two woman are seen riding their bikes together. One of the women, Marta, is shown taking care of her family. One of her kids, Boris, sits in his father’s car and waits to be dropped off at school. Under the driver’s seat he finds a gun. He is pretty disturbed to see it and quickly hides it before his father arrives. Marta arrives at a boutique where her sister is shopping for her wedding gown. Irwin, the guy who was seen stealing the cocaine earlier, arrives and jokes around with his sisters. He tells Marta that he needs to talk business with her husband, Evan and asks her if he is a in a good mood or a bad. She tells him Evan is the way he normally is.

Next, Irwin is shown telling Evan about some great opportunity, but Evan doesn’t seem interested. Irwin asks Evan’s partner, Mike, to convince him. Mike then tells Evan they could do with the extra money. Just then an FBI agent named Ramos arrives. He tells Evan how Schiller was ripped off a couple of nights ago. Evan says he knows nothing about this and adds that none of them are involved. Ramos says a motorboat was found under the pier. He adds that someone knew about the load and made off with it. Ramos says he can help Evan out of this mess if he is the one involved. Evan reiterates that he is innocent. After Ramos leaves Evan questions Irwin who he suspects has something to do with this. Irwin admits to the whole thing and argues that he wanted to expand the business.

Mike and Evan are devastated with the truth because they realize they are in a world of trouble. Irwin assures them they will be fine and says that he has hidden the drugs on Evan’s boat so no one would know. Marta arrives at a pub, owned by her father. She is there to discuss her sister, Felicity’s wedding. At school, when an older kid bullies Boris, he removes his father’s gun from his backpack and points it at the kid. A teacher is shown later telling Marta how he luckily was nearby and prevented the situation from getting out of hand. The teacher says Boris will have to be expelled because the other kid’s parents want that. In the night at home, Marta tells Evan that Boris isn’t fine and it’s all her fault that Boris is seeing the same kind of life she had seen as a kid.

She says it’s her fault she allowed Irwin to drag Evan into a life of crime. Evan tries to argue that Boris has never been exposed to anything. Marta in turn tells him that Boris found his gun and could have killed the other kid. She tells Evan he has to get out of this business of crime. Evan tries to explain that it’s not possible at the moment, but Marta doesn’t want to hear it. She says if Evan doesn’t comply, she will take the kids and leave him. During Marta’s sister’s wedding, Irwin comes up to Evan and tells him that he has found a buyer. Marta from a distance sees Evan leave with Mike and Irwin and is worried. Irwin brings them to the boat and shows them the stash of the stolen cocaine.

Irwin says the buyer is Japanese and has no connection to Schiller. Evan feels they should dump the cocaine instead of trying to sell it because it’s too risky. Irwin manages to talk Evan into going ahead with the plan and says that after this deal, they will end the drug part of the business. Irwin leaves to meet the buyer. Evan asks Mike to go back to the party and says he will join him in a bit. A while later he returns to the party and dances with Marta. Marta can see he is really worried but he tells her that it’s nothing.

Irwin arrives at the spot where he is to meet the buyer, but he is surrounded by cop cars. He is arrested for the possession of an illegal firearm. Ramos asks him if he wants to talk about Schiller’s missing coke but Irwin laughs. Mike feels it was Evan who ratted out Irwin. He confronts Evan at the party and they get into a fistfight. Evan tells Marta that evening that if he leaves the business, they have to take the kids and go somewhere else. This would mean leaving their friends, family and the life that they have behind. Marta is shocked to hear this, but says that she still wants out whatever the costs.

They both seem happy with this decision. The next day, Marta gets busy readying things for their departure. Evan leaves with Boris to spend some time on his boat. Suddenly Marta hears gunshots and rushes outside. She sees Evan lying motionless on the ground. He has been shot multiple times. Boris is nearby and is in a state of shock. Marta yells for someone to help her because Evan is still alive. No one arrives for quite a while. The whole family is at a hospital including Marta’s father. Mike’s wife arrives and Marta asks her what Mike and Evan fought about last night. She says she doesn’t know. Marta feels Mike probably had something to do with Evan’s death. The next day, Marta meets Irwin in prison. Irwin tells her about Schiller’s coke but makes it sound like the whole thing was Evan’s idea.

He says Evan was keen on doing this one last deal before quitting. Marta blames herself because she had asked him to quit. Irwin tells her the coke is hidden in Evan’s boat and says she is the one who will now have to deliver the coke to the buyer. Marta doesn’t agree with his plan and instead says she has to settle the debt by returning the coke to Schiller. She returns home and sees the FBI searching the house. Agent Ramos tells Marta they are looking for a memory stick Evan was going to give him. Marta finds that unbelievable. Ramos says that Evan called and said he wanted witness protection for him and his family in return for helping the FBI. Despite the explanation, Marta reiterates she doesn’t believe Evan would go to the FBI. She then smuggles the key to the boat out and once there, sees the stash missing.

Just then, one of Schiller’s henchmen enters with Mike who has been badly beaten up. Mike too doesn’t know where the stash is. The henchman says she and Mike will have to return the coke or $1.5 M. She discovers that the boat’s keychain has a flash drive concealed in it. She tries accessing it, but it’s encrypted and she is unable to figure out the password. She asks her father to talk to Schiller, but he says it might make matters worse. She returns home and sees her older son Gabriel has figured out the password and has accessed all the info on the flash drive.

On it are the complete details about Evan and Marta’s family’s wrongdoings. Marta realizes Agent Ramos was telling the truth. There is also a video which Evan recorded for Marta. In the video, he mentions about some money hidden in the garden. He tells Marta to take the money and leave with the kids. Marta deletes all the files from the flash drive and hands Agent Ramos the drive only with the video in it. Ramos figures out that Marta has deleted the files. Marta pays Schiller a visit.

He says he did not kill Evan because killing Evan wouldn’t have made sense until he got his stuff back. Schiller says in order to make up for the wrong her husband did, he wants Marta to help him import one consignment of cocaine. He promises to leave her family alone after that. The episode ends at this point.