The Contact - Recap

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The episode begins two weeks later. Marta is waiting eagerly for Schiller to call and tell her about, when she will have to do what he has asked. Irwin calls from prison to find out if she has heard from him yet and feels Schiller is screwing with their heads. While he is talking on the phone, he notices a couple of inmates walking up to him and immediately guesses their intentions. He attacks them before they can make their move. Marta can’t take it anymore and pays Schiller another visit. Schiller makes it clear to her that he isn’t keeping her waiting just to torture her and says that, when he wants to torture someone he is much more direct about it.

He says he is still waiting for the details from his exporter and how the consignment is going to be unloaded is up to her and Mike. Schiller makes it clear to her that she can’t take her father’s help because this debt is hers, Mike’s and Irwin’s. Marta meets Mike and tells him Schiller will kill them both if they don’t work together, which is why she wants him to teach her the business. Marta later tells her father about Schiller’s condition and he isn’t happy to hear it. Next day, Ramos visits Marta and says he is investigating Evan’s murder and is looking for suspects.

Mike arrives a while later and Marta’s training in drug smuggling begins. As a part of the training, Mike informs her about all the officials that need to be bribed to bring in a consignment. He then proceeds to bribe a dock supervisor who used to work for Evan, but things don’t go as planned because the guy asks for double the money, which Mike refuses to pay. The supervisor begins choking Mike, but just then Marta hits him on the back of the head with a stick and he falls to the ground unconscious. Marta returns home and sees Luther, her father’s guy, installing a security system.

Next day, Mike and Marta find themselves a new supervisor named Robert Rose, who Mike explains is in dire need of money and will readily work for them. Mike asks Marta to convince Robert and reminds her they are in hurry. Ramos finds out Marta had paid Schiller a visit and before leaving for work he tries to talk to his wife, who is in the bathroom doing drugs. Ramos apparently knows that his wife is an addict, but it seems he is helpless. When she fails to strike a conversation with Robert, let alone convince him, Mike again reminds Marta, Schiller’s container could arrive at anytime.

The next day, she again tries and this time she is wearing more makeup and her clothes are revealing. It works and Robert begins to warm up to her and even shares details of his life with her. While she is busy flirting with Robert she receives a call from Boris’s school informing her that he has been selected for a new program and it’s on Schiller’s recommendation. She pays Schiller a visit and asks him to keep away from her children, but Schiller says he was only trying to help and tells her to not waste his time, but worry about more important issues. Gabriel later tells Marta on the phone that he has ordered for pizza because he can’t take Kat’s cooking anymore.

At home, Luther notices Boris is missing his father and he teaches Boris some soccer to take his mind off things. Marta and Mike steal Robert’s bike and while stealing it Marta calls up Robert and flirts with him to distract him. Robert is so busy talking on the phone that he only at the last moment notices Mike loading the bike onto a pickup and driving away. He has so little time to react that he has to other option but to watch helplessly. At home, Luther tells Marta that Boris is still traumatized about his father’s death.

Marta blames herself for not noticing this and feels Boris needs to be in therapy. Next day, Ramos meets Marta and asks her about her meeting with Schiller, but she isn’t ready to share any details with him. He says she hasn’t done anything yet that she will regret and asks her to give him a call, before she thinks of doing anything. Ramos then asks his men to keep a watch on Marta’s house because he suspects she is up to something. Marta tells Mike about Ramos’s offer and says they haven’t gone too far yet, so they can still reconsider their decision, but Mike doesn’t think so.

He mentions how they will be in trouble, if the supervisor they assaulted earlier recognizes them. Next day, Marta comes straight out and tries to bribe Robert, but he is really offended and walks away in anger and while leaving even threatens to report her to Homeland Security. She realizes her attempt has gone horribly wrong and she pleads with Robert to not tell anyone about this. She later tells her father how badly she has screwed up things and says there is no way this mess can be fixed. Her father offers to help, but before she allows him to help she asks him how he is going to do it.

He explains that he will put a gun to Robert’s head, which will force him to agree to her demand. Marta can’t believe that she has turned into a person she never wanted to become, but her father says this is the only way she can now protect her children. Next, Marta pays Robert a visit in the middle of the night and tells him who she really is, she then tells him the problem she is in and explains to him how he can help. He says he doesn’t want any part of it and she says she doesn’t want that either, but she has three children to protect and has no other way out. She even confesses to the fact that she stole his bike, which makes him realize how desperate she is.

He agrees to do the job because he really needs the money and also because he wants to help her out. She is so relieved that she kisses him. Marta and Gabriel visit Irwin and are shocked to see bruises on his face. Irwin assures them that he is fine and the guys he beat up are in much worse shape.

He warns Gabriel to never think of doing anything illegal and says Gabriel can’t even begin to imagine how horrible life in prison can be. Marta is happy to see that Irwin has learnt his lesson. Marta and Gabriel later have an ice-cream and share a few laughs and while they are at it Marta gets a call from Schiller informing her about, when the consignment will arrive. The episode ends at this point.