The Consignment - Recap

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The episode begins with Schiller’s consignment on its way. At home, Marta gets a call from Leon, Schiller’s man, informing her that the time of delivery has been moved up by an hour. Leon then informs Schiller that Marta has been updated. Marta is really nervous and Kat gives her a pep talk. Kat reminds her that after she has done this job, she will be free and can start leading a normal life. Natalie overhears their conversation, but doesn’t say anything. Marta leaves Gabriel in charge and leaves for her mission. James Ramos tries to talk his boss into putting a wire on Marta, but he doesn’t feel it’s a good idea.

Just then, Newton, his partner, informs them that they have a got a lead. Mike on the phone assures Marta that he has arranged everything for their job and asks her not to worry about a thing. Before going to the docks, Marta has a chat with a psychiatrist about Boris and she says Boris hasn’t forgotten his father’s death and it’s still affecting him. Just then, Bob gives her a call and says the other supervisor named Logan, who had turned them down, is claiming that he is working with her and Mike. Marta says Logan’s lying and Bob says he believed Logan and gave him the date and time of the consignment’s arrival. He adds that Logan wants $25k before the shipment arrives or he will go to the feds. Marta drops Boris home and picks up some cash to pay Logan.

Natalie asks Mike, who is waiting for Marta, what he and her mom are up to, and he makes up some lies. Natalie then talks to Gabriel about it and he says their father was into some bad business and he left Marta to clean up his mess. Gabriel then leaves with his girlfriend and asks Natalie to look after Boris. At the docks, Marta sees Logan at a distance and steps out of Mike’s vehicle to meet him. Just then, Mike gets a call from his wife telling him a guy called Pablo and his friend are at their house. Turns out, Mike owes Pablo money and Mike assures him he will get him the money as soon as he can. Marta returns to the car just then and asks him to drive out of there. She says she didn’t talk to Logan because she feels the feds are watching.

Mike feels she is simply overreacting and just then they see Ramos, who incidentally hasn’t seen them yet. She calls up Bob and says that the feds are outside so the shipment can’t be unloaded, but Bob says they are screwed because he already has. She asks Bob to load the container into a different truck instead of theirs and then asks him to meet them at the south gate. Bob jumps into action, while Mike are Marta are really worried because they just have two hours left to deliver the consignment. At home, Kat’s husband sees she is really worried and asks her about it, but she is reluctant to reveal anything to him. She then calls up to check on Marta’s kids, but no one picks up the phone. Next, it’s shown that Natalie is headed someplace with Boris and while they are crossing the road, Boris sees a man on a motorcycle.

Boris recollects that the man is wearing the same shoes; the biker who shot his father was wearing. Bob manages to get the container loaded on to a different truck that drives away just before the feds arrive. Bob then meets Marta and Mike and gives them the license plate number of the truck and tells them which direction it’s headed in. The three of them leave in Mike’s vehicle to chase down the truck. Logan is working with the feds and had given them the information about the shipment, but Ramos feels he lied to them because they couldn’t find anything. Ramos says it was all a waste of time, but Newton with a smile on her face tells him she has something to show him.

On the freeway, Marta and gang manage to locate the truck. Gabriel is somewhere outside with his girlfriend and just then he gets a call from Kat, who tells him she is at his house and Natalie and Boris are missing. Her husband suggests Kat call up Marta, but she is really reluctant to, which is something that really baffles him. Just as Marta arrives outside a diner where the truck is parked, she gets a call from Kat informing her about the kids. Marta begins to worry, but just then she gets a call from Ramos and it’s shown that Natalie and Boris are sitting in his office. Turns out, Natalie found Ramos’s card at home and decided to pay him a visit. Marta has a talk with Natalie, who says she is worried about her.

Marta calms her down and says she will talk in details with her, once she gets home. They then break open the container and Marta goes inside the diner to distract the driver. This is to buy Mike and Bob some time to remove the consignment. They load the box containing the drugs into their van and then signal to Marta, who leaves in a hurry. At Ramos’s office, Boris tells Natalie that he now remembers the man who killed their father was wearing a boot with a yellow stripe. Natalie asks him to be quiet, so Ramos who is outside with Kat, doesn’t hear him. Marta and gang hand Leon the consignment and he doesn’t seem too happy to see Bob there. Schiller gives Leon some instructions over the phone and he then shoots Bob. Marta and Mike are both shocked, but Leon calmly says that Schiller would like to see them.

On the way to his office, they both conclude, Schiller would have killed them along with Bob, if he wanted them dead. Logan from a bunch of photos recognizes Marta and tells Ramos that she was at the dock earlier today. At Schiller’s office, he tells Marta he had Bob killed because he was a liability. She argues that she handled everything, despite things initially going horribly wrong and so there was no need to kill him. Schiller tells her that she has potential and hints at the fact that he isn’t ready to let her go, although he had promised otherwise. She comes back and tells Mike, Schiller gave her another assignment and she is working for him now. Mike is shocked to hear this and asks her what about him and she says he will from now on be working for her.

Marta returns home and Natalie is happy to see her. Mike too is happy to see his wife, at the end of an eventful day. Marta tells Kat that Schiller wants her to work for him, so she is planning to disappear with the kids because she feels there is no other way to put an end to this. The episode ends at this point.