The Escape - Recap

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The episode begins with Kat and Marta meeting with a guy, who can help create a fake identity for Marta and her family. Marta is still adamant about her decision to get out of town, and relocate to some place where Schiller won’t find her. Marta offers the guy $50,000, and he agrees to have Canadian passports ready by the next day. Marta tells Kat she will go to Canada with the kids and, from there, fly to some undisclosed location. Irwin is released from prison, and Marta is there to pick him up. She tells him that Schiller wants her to work for him, and Irwin blames himself for that. Marta, who still doesn’t know the truth, says it’s not his fault because Evan is the one who stole from Schiller. Irwin doesn’t bother correcting her.

Pablo visits Mike, at home, and tells him he wants his money. Mike assures him that he is good for it, but Pablo isn’t convinced. His guy beats Mike up. Before leaving, Pablo takes an expensive painting owned by Dina. Ramos meets Marta outside her house, and tells her that the FBI is building a case against her. He again tries to convince her to help the FBI, and promises her witness protection. Marta says she isn’t interested in his offer, and walks away. At Marta’s house Irwin finds his father waiting for him. He asks his father to help him restart his marijuana business. His father says he can’t help, because he can’t take the risk of trusting him. Irwin is mad and deliberately flirts with his hot, young stepmother, who apparently likes it. Marta tells her father to be nicer to Irwin, because Irwin is the one who will look after him in his old age. Her father says he has her, which is enough for him.

The next day, Marta gets a call telling her that Schiller wants to meet. Marta arrives at Schiller’s office, and sees Irwin there. Schiller says Irwin wants to do business with him. Irwin has proposed that Schiller help him distribute the marijuana he will procure, from a guy named Orson. Orson has refused to work with Irwin but, if he knows Schiller is involved, he feels Orson will agree. Schiller orders Marta to supervise Irwin and, reluctantly, she agrees. At home, Marta tells Kat that she has to complete this job Schiller has given her, because he will be watching. She decides to leave the next day, after completing the job. Dina calls Marta home and says she came back home, saw that Mike was gone, and her favorite painting was also missing.

Mike arrives and, on seeing the painting missing, feigns surprise. Gabriel wakes up in the middle of the night and, while heading to the kitchen, he hears some whispering. He spies on Irwin and his stepmother making out. The next day, Boris shows Marta a picture he has drawn of how the killer’s shoe looked. Natalie tells Marta that Boris is slowly recalling details about Evan’s killer. Marta and Irwin visit Orson. They try to convince him to work with them but, despite being told they are working with Schiller, Orson isn’t ready to budge.

Irwin suggests they bring a few of Schiller’s guys to convince Orson, but Marta doesn’t agree. She says there will be no more bloodshed. Her plan is to talk to Orson the next day, by herself, after he has calmed down. Irwin doesn’t think that’s a good idea so, after Marta leaves, he calls Mike and says he needs his help. Marta calls Kat and gives her an update. While Marta is collecting the passports, she gets a call from Mike, who says Irwin and he are in trouble. Marta’s father finds out about the passports and assumes correctly that she is leaving. He realizes she has no other option.

Marta arrives at Orson’s office, at the docks, where Mike and Irwin are. They tell her that they were trying to steal Orson’s weed and, in the process, shot one of his brothers. Another brother of his managed to escape. The guy they have shot is still alive and bleeding badly. Marta walks out with the guy to help him but, at a distance, she sees Ramos looming. They all go back in before Ramos sees them. Ramos is there to see Marta, and she knows that. She tells Mike and Owen that she will distract Ramos, so they can get a doctor in there. In order to distract Ramos, Kat calls him and says she wants to meet him at his office. She claims she has some information. Marta calls her father and tells him the trouble they are in.

He arrives at Orson’s office with a doctor. At his office, Ramos talks to Kat and realizes that she was only trying to get him away from the dock. While he is questioning Kat, Ramos’ drug-addict wife arrives at the office and creates a scene, because he hid her stash. While the injured man is being operated on, Irwin and his father get into a heated argument about the whole issue. Dina finds out Mike is broke. Marta, who has arrived to pick up Mike to meet Orson, sees them fighting. She tells Mike that it’s best if he leaves Dina before she gets hurt. Marta’s father visits Schiller and tells him to leave Marta alone. Schiller says that he will, if her father agrees to hand over all his territory to him.

Marta brings the injured brother to Orson’s hideout. Orson agrees to talk, but only with Marta. After Orson has punched her, for what Irwin and Mike did, she tells him she is there to negotiate. He says he would rather shoot her than negotiate, and Marta says that she feels the same way. Orson seems impressed by her courage. The next day, at home, Marta’s father tells her that he tried to convince Schiller to leave her alone, but he couldn’t. Vincent sees Boris’ drawing of the shoe, and Marta gives him the details. Vincent says he will look into it, and keeps the drawing with him.

Irwin thanks Marta for bailing him out, by convincing Orson. She says this is the last time. She doesn’t want to ever again jeopardize the lives of her children. Marta meets Ramos and asks him how much information he has on Schiller. He says he has a lot of information, but not enough to bury him. Marta assures him that she will get him all the information he needs. Marta meets Schiller and says she has convinced Orson. She adds that she wants a share of the profit, because she has children to feed. Schiller agrees and is happy to learn that Marta is fine with working for him. The episode ends at this point.