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The Recorder - Recap

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The episode begins with a man named Pasha playing with little Marta, when her father comes and orders her to go to her room. Back in the present, Marta enters Schiller’s office and asks him what her next assignment is. He says he is looking at a new piece of business, but the person involved is being difficult, so he wants her help in improving relations with this person. She asks Schiller who this person is, but he says she is overreaching. Their conversation is interrupted, when Schiller’s father enters and says he wants to talk to Marta. Schiller refuses to allow it and orders Marta to leave.

Ramos listens to the whole conversation, which was recorded because Marta was wearing a wire in her hair comb. He tells her the old man, who wanted to talk to her, is Lazlo Schiller, a Romanian, who was rounded up by the Nazis during the war. At home in the night, Marta hears a girl’s voice coming from Gabriel’s room and barges in. She sees him having sex with his girlfriend and isn’t happy. They have a heated argument about the issue. The next day, Marta tells her father that Evan was talking to the feds and he is really angry to hear this. He says he will find Evan’s killer because he was her husband, but he is now ashamed of Evan.

While she is cycling to get some exercise, Marta flashes back to her childhood. Little Marta is calling out to her Uncle Pasha, when her father comes out of his room and reprimands her. She sees in the background, Pasha lying on the floor and his face all bloodied. Back in the present, Marta’s exercise is interrupted when one of Schiller’s men tells her to come along with him. The man brings her to a place where Schiller is dealing with a client. He is trying to sell the client some guns. The client doesn’t seem happy with the quality because his bodyguard takes aim, fires at a tree and only manages to shoot the tree once, so he says there is something wrong with the gun. Marta offers to take a shot and each time she hits the tree, proving the gun is fine. The client is convinced and the deal is struck.

Schiller introduces Marta to the client as his partner and also tells him that she is a Petrov. After the client leaves, Schiller invites Marta to dinner. Marta calls Ramos and tells him about the dinner. During their conversation, she says that Kat knows she is helping the FBI because if something happens to her she wants someone to tell her kids about it. Ramos is worried on hearing this and tells Marta to not say anything to anyone else in her family. At home, Marta tells Irwin about her dinner plans with Schiller and he immediately assumes it’s a date. She hopes that it’s not a date and is worried because she hadn’t looked at the whole thing in that way.

Ramos visits Kat and tells her that she has to keep the fact that Marta is working for the FBI a secret. Kat assures him she will and reminds him that her father is a Petrov, so she doesn’t have an option. Mike visits Marta at home and asks when Schiller’s next job is, saying he needs the money. Marta tells him Schiller doesn’t trust him anymore because he is an addict and says he is fired, before closing the door on his face. Marta gets ready for her dinner with Schiller and puts on the hair comb with the wire in it. She arrives at the restaurant where Schiller is waiting for him. Schiller whispers in her ear to not speak or say anything unless he tells her to.

They approach a man, who collects every piece of jewelry they are wearing including the hair comb, after which they are allowed to enter a room. Inside, they meet a woman named Alexandra, who is a Russian just like her. They talk business and Schiller tells Alexandra that he wants to be her importer, but she says she already has an importer named Sergei. Schiller says Sergei has been taken care of and Alexandra isn’t happy to hear this. Schiller tells her they could come to an agreement that would be beneficial for them both. Gabriel and his girlfriend proceed to have sex; after they both swallow some pill, which she had brought along.

During the meeting, Marta tells Alexandra how she has contacts on the dock that could help offload her consignments without the FBI’s knowledge. Alexandra seems interested, but eventually she tells Marta to leave and says she wants to spend some time alone with Schiller. Marta leaves and when returns home she sees an ambulance parked outside her house. She goes in and sees Gabriel’s girlfriend being rushed to the hospital. Gabriel is ok, but Irwin says his girlfriend had a bad reaction to the drug they took before sex.

Ramos calls Marta and she tells him who she met and also informs him that her hair comb was taken. The next day, Kat tells Marta about the problems she is having in her marriage because she has to hide things from Jay, her husband. She says she can’t explain things to Jay because he is not from their world. Dina doesn’t trust Mike anymore, so she packs his stuff and tells him to move out. He tries to reason with her, but she is adamant. Alexandra meets Marta on her boat and Marta explains to her how she will help unload her consignments. Alexandra seems convinced and agrees to give Schiller her shipment. She says that if something goes wrong she will hold Marta responsible and even Schiller won’t be able to save her.

She tells Ramos everything and he says Alexandra is from a Russian crime family that is even more powerful than Schiller. He assures her he will protect her from both Schiller and Alexandra, by taking them both down. Kat sees Ramos waiting for Marta outside the house. She sits in his vehicle and they have a heart to heart about the problems in their lives. While at it, they end up kissing each other and Natalie sees this from a distance. Kat notices a shocked Natalie watching them and rushes out to talk to her. Marta meets Schiller in his office and he asks her why she is so enthusiastic about helping him. He feels she is hiding something and asks her what it is. She flashes back to her childhood and recalls that her father shot Pasha after beating him up because he was a rat.

Back in the present, Marta strips down to her underwear, so she can prove to Schiller that she isn’t a rat and is not wearing a wire. He seems convinced, so he orders her to get dressed and get out. At home, Kat tells Marta what Natalie saw her do. The next day, Marta meets Ramos at his office and tells him she was nearly caught by Schiller. She refuses to work for him anymore and says he can’t do a thing about it because he kissed Kat, which is against protocol. She says if he forces her to help she will lawyer up and sue him for harassment. Schiller’s father tells him that eventually Schiller will have to kill Marta because she is a Petrov, but Schiller says nothing.

Marta brings Boris and her classmates to her boat, so they can go for a spin. Gabriel tries to start the boat, but is unable to. He goes underwater to check and finds something tied to the boat, which is preventing the propeller from turning. He tells Marta about it and begins pulling at the rope tied to the object. He pulls it out of the water and Marta sees that it’s a large container. She immediately realizes it contains the drugs that Evan, Irwin and Mike had stolen from Schiller. She orders Gabriel to immediately sink it without asking any questions. The episode ends at this point.