The Captive - Recap

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The episode begins with Marta telling her father and Irwin that she has found Schiller’s cocaine, but doesn’t tell them where it is. Irwin suggests they sell it and make some money, but Andrei, Marta’s father, feels she should use this cocaine to join hands with Alexandra against Schiller. During their conversation, Andrei’s wife comes and places something she has cooked for them on the table. Andrei tells her off for interrupting their conversation and she walks away visibly hurt. On the way out, Irwin runs into Andrei’s wife and sees her crying. He consoles her, saying that his father is a jerk and if ever she needs to talk to someone she can give him a call.

At the docks, while Marta is having a chat with Schiller, who is modifying one of her boats so it can accommodate Alexandra’s shipment, she gets a call from Natalie’s school. The teacher informs her that Natalie hasn’t shown up and it’s not like her to cut class. While Irwin is looking around for the stolen cocaine in Marta’s house, he tells Mike over the phone about it. Gabriel returns from school and asks Irwin what he is looking for. Irwin says it’s something dangerous that Marta thinks she can handle by herself, but she can’t. He asks Gabriel if he has seen his mother hide some large boxes and Gabriel lies that he hasn’t.

In the evening, Natalie returns home and Marta reprimands her for skipping school. Marta grounds Natalie and she willingly accepts her punishment. The next day, Marta doesn’t find Natalie in her room. Turns out, Natalie has sneaked out and is spray painting the picture of her father’s killer on the roof of a hardware store with the words “WANTED” written alongside it. She sends Gabriel a photo of her painting on his cell phone. Marta recognizes the hardware store in the photo and goes there with Boris and Gabriel. They find Natalie’s bike parked near the store and also find her cell phone dumped nearby. Natalie has apparently been kidnapped and is being held captive in an apartment by a man.

Marta calls Schiller and tells him that her daughter is missing. Schiller agrees to help Marta, but reminds her that she has to carry out a dry run of her boat before Alexandra’s shipment arrives.

Irwin is busy having sex with Andrei’s wife in his car, when he receives a text from Marta, saying Natalie is missing. Marta tells Irwin to take her boat out for a dry run. On his way out, Irwin runs into Gabriel, who asks him if Natalie’s disappearance could have something to do with what Irwin was looking for earlier. Irwin says it could, so Gabriel tells him about the boxes he found tied to the Corina, Evan’s boat, last week. Marta receives a text from the kidnapper, saying he wants $500K by the evening or he will kill Natalie. She is told to make the drop at a place called Lagoon Park. Andrei assures Marta that he will arrange for the money and will also find Natalie.

After he leaves, Marta calls Schiller for help because she isn’t sure if Andrei will be able to manage it. Irwin finds the boxes of coke tied to the Corina and quickly hides them before one of Schiller’s men arrives for the dry run. Schiller arranges for the money and hides a GPS device in the bag containing the money. Marta thanks him for helping her out and rushes out of his office to make the drop. A masked man, who is apparently the mastermind, enters the apartment where Natalie is being held. He has an argument with the man keeping watch on Natalie about how the ransom money would be spilt. In the end, the guy storms out in anger. Natalie recognizes that the masked man is Mike by his voice. Mike upon being discovered, angrily removes his mask.

While Marta is waiting for the kidnapper at Lagoon Park, she gets a call from Schiller, who has found out that a guy called Kurt Bowman has kidnapped Natalie. He sends her Bowman’s photo on her cell phone. Turns out, Bowman is the guy who was keeping a watch on Natalie at the apartment. When Bowman doesn’t show up, Marta tells Andrei about him and shows him his photo. She tells Andrei to get Natalie back at any cost. Mike and Natalie have a heart to heart about everything ranging from why he kidnapped her to how her father was and her grandfather still is a criminal. He tells her that Schiller killed her father because of the coke Irwin stole from Schiller.

Andrei and Marta find out from an old accomplice of Bowman that he is now working with Mike. Marta calls up Schiller and says she knows who took Natalie. Schiller finds out where Mike is and tells Marta he will deal with Mike after Natalie is rescued, but she tells Schiller she will deal with Mike herself. Natalie tells Mike she needs some tampons because it’s that time of the month. On the Corina, Schiller’s guy tells Irwin that he knows about Schiller’s coke that he has hidden. The guy tells Irwin that he won’t say anything to Schiller if he gets a cut from the sale of the coke. While Mike is out buying some tampons, Bowman returns and asks where Mike is. He says that her people are looking for him. He takes out a knife, but before he can hurt her, Mike arrives and kicks him out of the apartment.

Soon after, Marta comes there with Andrei. Andrei is about to shoot Mike, but Natalie begs him to stop. Marta manages to spare Mike’s life. Marta tells him that he is dead to her and her family and orders him to leave. Natalie returns home and Gabriel tells Andrei that he wants to make Natalie’s kidnappers pay for what they did.

The next day, Natalie apologizes to Marta for sneaking out of the house. She is still worried if Andrei will kill Mike, but Marta assures her that he has promised he won’t. She tells Marta that she doesn’t like being a part of a family of criminals and Marta promises that she will take her and her bothers and go away somewhere. Schiller pays Marta a visit at home and tells her that Bowman has been dealt with. He asks about Mike and she replies that he too has been dealt with. Schiller tells Marta to concentrate on her work now that Natalie has been rescued.

Irwin calls Mike to the docks and tells him that he needs his help in selling Schiller’s coke. He takes Mike inside the Corina and there Mike finds Andrei and Gabriel waiting for him. Before Mike has time to realize that it’s a setup, they all begin beating him up. He begs Andrei to just kill him, but Andrei says he promised Marta he wouldn’t do that and continues kicking and punching him. The episode ends at this point.