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The Coke - Recap

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The episode begins with Schiller and Alexandra, arriving at the docks to meet Marta. Alexandra is there to find out if Marta has organized everything for the arrival of her shipment. Schiller assures Alexandra that her guns will be safely delivered to her. Schiller instructs Vincent, his minion, to drop Alexandra back at her car. After she has walked off, Schiller reveals to Marta that it was Alexandra’s coke that Irwin, Mike, and her husband had stolen. Schiller covered Alexandra’s loss by paying her, but lost her trust. He says that once he wins back Alexandra’s trust Marta will win back her freedom.

At home, Andrei gives Gabriel a gun, saying he is the man of the house now. Gabriel, who still is feeling bad about what they all did to Mike, reluctantly accepts it. Marta tells her father that she is going to return the stolen cocaine to Schiller. She is hoping this will give her a way out because her assumption is that it would repair Schiller’s relationship with Alexandra. Instead of agreeing with her, Andrei suggests that they directly return this coke to Alexandra, so the Petrovs can form some sort of an alliance with her. Marta is outraged at her father’s suggestion. She makes it clear to him that she won’t allow any such thing. She only wants to use this coke to buy her freedom and nothing else. Irwin is still bedding Felicity, his stepmother, Andrei’s wife.

He says that one day he will become more successful than his father and will make his father work for him. At the hospital, Dina comes to see Mike, who is in a really bad shape because of the beating he received from the Petrovs. Dina is surprised to find Natalie, standing by Mike’s bedside. Natalie says that although Mike kidnapped her, he didn’t hurt her. He only talked to her. At the docks, Ramos comes to talk to Marta. He asks her who beat up Mike. She says she doesn’t have a clue. He then brings up Marta’s connection with Schiller and Alexandra. Marta counters, asking him to keep away from her business, and reminding him about how he kissed her sister while on duty. She warns him that she will report this incident to his superiors and have him suspended, if he doesn’t stop bothering her. After Ramos left, Marta and Kat pull out the crates of coke hidden in the water, under her boat.

They are shocked to see that the crates are filled with pebbles instead of coke. At home, she questions Gabriel about the issue and he admits that he told Irwin about the coke. Marta tells Andrei about it over the phone tells. Felicity hears her husband say that if Irwin tries to sell Schiller’s product, he will get himself killed. She looks worried and Luther notices. Marta had asked to meet Schiller, so she could tell him about the coke. She later cancelled after realizing that the coke was stolen, but was told to come to Schiller’s office anyway. She arrives at his office and sees Lazlo, Schiller’s father, sitting there by himself. He tells Marta that he has raised his son to never be weak, but adds that she makes him weak. Marta refuses to believe that, but Lazlo is convinced.

He removes a gun he had concealed, but before he can fire, Marta wrestles the gun out of his hand. In the process, Lazlo, who is a weak old man on a wheelchair, collapses on the ground and begins to groan in pain. Marta rushes Lazlo to the hospital. A while later a frantic Schiller arrives. After informing him that his father is in surgery, Marta clams him down. After returning home, Marta finds Felicity waiting there for her. Felicity admits to her that she is having a relationship with Irwin. She gives Marta info on who Irwin would be meeting to sell the coke. Soon after, Marta arrives at the spot, where Irwin is suppose to meet his buyer. She sees the deal is already done, so she snatches the bag of money from Irwin’s hand and follows the buyer in her car, so she can get the coke back. She eventually catches up with the buyer and convinces him to return the coke by telling him that it belongs to Schiller. After she has safely put the coke in storage, she pays Lazlo a visit at the hospital flowers in hand.

At the hospital, she learns that Schiller has already taken his father home. Irwin tells his partner Vincent, Schiller’s minion, that the coke is missing. Vincent isn’t too pleased to hear that. He threatens to kill Irwin because he feels Irwin is screwing with him. On learning from Natalie that Gabriel is at her grandfather’s, Marta looks worried because it’s poker night. She arrives at Andrei’s and sees Gabriel gambling with Andrei’s men. She also notices her father sitting with Alexandra, and is surprised. She orders Gabriel to go home and then walks up to her father. Andrei informs Marta that Alexandra’s family and the Petrovs are joining hands to take over Schiller’s drug trade. Alexandra asks Marta about the stolen cocaine, saying if Marta gives it to her; she can protect her from Schiller and give Marta back her freedom.

At that moment, Marta gets a text saying Schiller wants to meet. At Schiller’s office, he thanks Marta for saving his father’s life. He gives her a diamond necklace worth $100,000 as a token of his gratitude. At home, Natalie urges Marta to go see Mike for her sake. She also tells Marta that Mike has something he wants to tell her. At Ramos’, Kat meets him to apologize for her sister’s behavior. They both blame themselves for the kiss, but it seems that they clearly like each other. At the hospital, after telling Marta that Gabriel was a part of the group that beat him up, Mike shocks Marta by revealing that it was Irwin, who stole Schiller’s coke, and not her husband Evan.

At Irwin’s hideout, Marta arrives and confronts him. With a gun pointed to his face, Marta gets Irwin to confess that it was he who stole the coke. Before leaving and in tears, Marta tells Irwin that he is no longer a part of her family. After calling up and informing her father that the coke is all gone, Marta begins dumping the packets of coke in the ocean. After returning home, Marta reprimands Gabriel for what he did to Mike. Regaining consciousness, Lazlo tells Schiller that Marta is collaborating with the Nazis. Schiller realizes that his father’s dementia is getting the better of him. Vincent comes and tells Schiller he has discovered something that he wants to tell him.

At the hospital, Marta arrives and hands Dina the diamond necklace Schiller gave her, saying it would help clear Mike’s debts. The next day at Schiller’s office, he confronts Marta about the fact that Irwin stole his cocaine. She admits as much. Schiller orders her to get him the cocaine, but she says she has dumped it all in the ocean. Schiller is beside himself with anger and orders Marta to leave. In a deserted alley, Irwin arrives to meet Felicity. Suddenly, someone shoots at them; it’s Vincent. Irwin quickly gets in his car and runs him down. He then gets out to check on Felicity and is dismayed on learning that she has been shot. Felicity passes away in his arms before he can call for help. Irwin quickly drives away before anyone sees him. At home, Natalie tells Gabriel that Mike told her it was Schiller, who killed their father.

At Schiller’s office, Alexandra comes to meet him with some flowers in hand for Lazlo. She tells him that she knows Marta’s husband stole her coke. He says he doesn’t want to talk about Marta. They grab each other and begin passionately making out. Luther finds Felicity’s body lying in the alley. In his hideout, Irwin disposes off his bloodied clothes. At Ramos’s, he and Kat have ended up sleeping together. At home, Gabriel is loading bullets into the gun Andrei gave him. At Andrei’s, Marta arrives and sees him standing over Felicity’s body with tears in his eyes.

He says she was killed by Alexandra as retaliation for not delivering the coke he had promised. Luther shows Marta the other body and she recognizes that it’s Vincent, Schiller’s man. Luther feels Felicity wasn’t the intended target. He feels that someone else was there and this person killed Vincent. Luther’s conclusion is that this person was Irwin. Luther shows Vincent’s shoes to Marta, which have a yellow stripe on their soles, just like Boris had recalled Evan’s killer having. Marta is now confident that Schiller had Evan killed. She concludes that the only option left for her is to kill Schiller. The episode ends at this point.