The Hit - Recap

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The episode begins with Marta arriving at a sushi bar where Schiller is having lunch. She says she wanted to have a talk with him in a public place. She says that Irwin killed Vincent, but Schiller seems unaffected. She, in the course of their conversation, manages to convince Schiller not to kill Irwin until the guns are safely brought in. She states that she needs Irwin’s help in this operation. Schiller makes it clear to her that after the job is done all bets are off. At Café Rossiya, Andrei’s lair, Marta brainstorms with Luther and Andrei on how she should kill Schiller and get away with it.

They come to the decision that in order to get away with Schiller’s murder, they have to pin it on someone else. Marta suggests they kill Schiller at the dry docks. Schiller will be at that location for a meeting with JJ Johns, a gun trafficker, who is scheduled to buy the gun shipment from him. The plan is to make it look like Johns is the one who killed Schiller. Luther and Andrei like the plan. Luther suggests they rehearse the whole thing before executing it. Andrei tells Marta that Alexandra should be kept in the loop on this plan. Alexandra wants Schiller’s business, so Andrei feels she won’t mind Schiller being killed. At Schiller’s office, Alexandra tells him that her family is interested in his territory. Which is why, her family would like to join hands with him and help him expand his business.

Schiller in no uncertain terms makes it clear that he isn’t interested in her offer. Alexandra isn’t too pleased at being turned down and angrily storms out. At Kat’s, while she and Ramos are busy making out, there is a knock on the door. It’s Irwin. Before letting him in, Kat hides Ramos in the bedroom. Irwin tells her that he needs to hide out at her place for the time being because Schiller sent someone to kill him. A worried Kat asks if Marta is ok and Irwin says she is, but only until she delivers Schiller’s gun shipment. Before Irwin can reveal anything more, Kat rushes him off to have a bath, saying he is stinking. After Irwin goes for a bath, Ramos comes out of the bedroom and tells Kat that he can’t ignore what he just heard.

Kat says he will have to or else she will reveal to his bosses, how he came across this information. Ramos is angry on hearing this and storms out. At Alexandra’s, Marta arrives and tells her about the plan she has formulated to kill Schiller. Alexandra on hearing that it was Schiller, who killed Marta’s husband, which is why she wants revenge, agrees to not stand in Marta’s way. Marta arrives at Kat’s. Irwin apologizes to her for everything and she asks him to help her with the gun run. He is more than willing and Kat too, volunteers to help. The next day, before leaving for school, Gabriel tells Natalie that he is going to use the gun Andrei gave him, to kill Schiller. At the docks, after she has instructed Irwin and Kat to go along with Schiller’s men and get the guns, Marta enters the dry docks.

Inside, Luther, who is waiting for her, discusses how the whole thing will go down once the guns are brought in. He tells Marta that she will have to take out Schiller first, which will then give him the opportunity to take out JJ John and the other bodyguards. The both of them physically rehearse the whole scenario. After the guns are safely transported to the docks in Marta’s boat and are being unloaded, Kat and Irwin make sure that no one suspects anything. At the FBI office, Ramos talks to his partner about the gun run. She asks him how he knows about it, but he refuses to reveal anything more than saying that he has a confidential informant.

At home, during a family dinner, Marta tells Kat and Irwin, how the delivery of the guns will be made the next day and their ordeal will, at last, be over. Elena, Marta’s mother, tries to get close to Andrei now that Felicity is dead. He spurns her advances, calling her a withered old hag. After Andrei walks out with Luther, Marta offers to drop her heartbroken mom at home. On the way, Elena tells Marta that she needs to tell her a secret. She reveals that on the night of Kat’s wedding, when Evan and she (Marta) were talking about going away somewhere with the kids, Andrei was making love to her (Elena) in a boat nearby. Elena says she and Andrei heard their conversation and Andrei said he would never let his grandchildren go away. Marta realizes what her mother is getting at, but refutes what her mother is suggesting, saying it was Schiller who killed Evan.

Elena disputes that, so Marta takes her to the freezer in her father’s café to show her the shoes with the yellow stripes that Boris had seen the killer wearing. Marta removes a shoe from Vincent’s body to show her mother and is shocked to see three toes on Vincent’s foot missing. She realizes that they were severed to make the shoe fit, while Elena says the shoes are actually Luther’s. Marta can’t believe that Luther killed Evan on Andrei’s instructions. At Kat’s, Marta tells Irwin and her everything. Marta tells Irwin she can’t kill Schiller because it will be like rewarding Andrei for killing Evan. She also knows that if she doesn’t kill Schiller, Alexandra will come after her. Over dinner, Alexandra tells JJ John, how Marta is planning to frame him for Schiller’s death.

She proposes John work with her and they can be really successful, but for this to happen they have to let Schiller die. She therefore suggests that Marta be allowed to kill Schiller, after which, she suggests John kill Marta and put the smoking gun in Schiller’s hand. She feels this will make the whole thing look like a deal gone bad. Elsewhere, Ramos is listening in on the whole conversation via a wire concealed in a food cart place near the table, where Alexandra and JJ John are dining. The next day, after Natalie tells Gabriel that Andrei has assured her that he will kill Schiller; Gabriel changes his mind about doing the deed himself. At the docks, after all the guns have been safely moved to the dry dock, Marta asks Irwin to take the Corina and leave for good. He wants to stay by her side, but she insists that he do as she says.

Irwin climbs onto the Corina and after Marta leaves he walks into the boat’s cabin, where he sees one of Schiller’s men, waiting for him gun in hand. As Marta arrives at the dock’s parking lot, Kat and Ramos, who are waiting there for her, rush to her. Ramos tells Marta that Alexandra is planning to kill her. At Schiller’s, Marta arrives and comes clean with him about everything, including the part about her wanting to kill him and now Alexandra wanting to kill them both. She even reveals that she got this info from an FBI agent, who has been pressuring her to become an informant. Schiller is baffled as to how he should react to all this news. At Andrei’s café, Luther tells him that he can’t get over the guilt of killing Evan. Andrei says he has no regrets because Evan was going to take his grandchildren away from him.

Luther counters that he has many regrets, accusing Andrei of using him as a weapon and nothing more. After Andrei calls him ungrateful and reminds him of all the things he has done for him, Luther can take it no more, so he quits. After Luther walks out, Irwin enters. He tells Andrei that Marta might get cold feet and not kill Schiller. He tells Andrei that they should do this deal themselves and even volunteers to kill Schiller. Andrei likes the suggestion and hugs Irwin, saying how proud he is of him. At home, Marta comes downstairs and sees Luther waiting there for her. She says she doesn’t want him at gun exchange, but he insists on coming, so he can protect her. After slapping him across the face, she lets him know that she is aware he killed Evan.

He tells her how sorry he is, but Marta isn’t in a forgiving mood and asks him to get out. At the dry dock, JJ Johns arrives with his men and finds Marta waiting there with the guns. She asks him about the money and he says he will hand over the money only to Schiller. A while later Andrei arrives there with Irwin. At Alexandra’s, Schiller and his men arrive at her doorstep and she is surprised on seeing them. At the dry dock, JJ John is shocked on being told by Andrei that he is going to strike a deal with Alexandra. John realizes he has been set up, but before he can do anything about it Andrei and Luther, who was hiding there, shoot down John and his men. One of John’s men, who was hiding behind a boat, fires at Marta, but Luther shields her, taking the bullet in the chest.

Soon after, the FBI storms the place and arrests Andrei. Before passing away, Luther again apologizes to Marta. At Alexandra’s, before she can take a gun out of her purse and shoot Schiller, he grabs the gun from her hand and shoots her instead. Schiller’s men then quickly dispose of her body. At the docks, Marta tells Ramos that Alexandra has run off to Russia, which is why she didn’t show up for the gun deal. At Schiller’s office, he commends Marta for a job well done. He tells her that she has paid back her debt in full and is therefore free and clear. Schiller adds that Alexandra’s family will come gunning for both of them, eventually. At home, Natalie asks Marta if Schiller has been killed.

Marta replies in the negative, but adds that she (Natalie), doesn’t need to worry about it anymore. After stepping out of his office building, Schiller waits for his chauffer to bring the car around, when Natalie steps out from behind a pillar, gun in hand. She points it at Schiller, saying he killed her father. The episode ends at this point.