Redneck Island

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Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
01 01x01 09/Jun/2012 Welcome to Redneck Island
02 01x02 16/Jun/2012 Leapin' Lizards
03 01x03 23/Jun/2012 A Bird in the Hand
04 01x04 30/Jun/2012 All Mixed Up
06 01x06 21/Jul/2012 The Pinky Swear
08 01x08 11/Aug/2012 Like Shootin' Fish in a Barrel
09 01x09 18/Aug/2012 What Goes Down, Must Come Up
10 01x10 25/Aug/2012 One Last Beer Run

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
11 02x01 10/Nov/2012 First Challenge
12 02x02 17/Nov/2012 Booty
13 02x03 24/Nov/2012 Tropical Storm
14 02x04 01/Dec/2012 Letting it All Hang Out
15 02x05 08/Dec/2012 A Sexy Shock
16 02x06 15/Dec/2012 Missing the Mark
17 02x07 22/Dec/2012 Hauling Ass
18 02x08 29/Dec/2012 Remember to Hold On
20 02x10 05/Jan/2013 Season 2 Finale - Winner is Declared: $100,000 Richer

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
21 03x01 05/Jun/2013 Redneck Paradise
22 03x02 08/Jun/2013 Beer Belly Flop
23 03x03 15/Jun/2013 The Human Slingshot
24 03x04 22/Jun/2013 Tug-of-War Touchdown
25 03x05 29/Jun/2013 Food for Thought
26 03x06 06/Jul/2013 Gone Tubin'
27 03x07 13/Jul/2013 Balls to the Wall
28 03x08 20/Jul/2013 The Shady Burrito
29 03x09 27/Jul/2013 Varmints in a Tree
30 03x10 03/Aug/2013 The Reckonator

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
31 04x01 04/Dec/2014 It's All About The South
32 04x02 11/Dec/2014 Shot Through the Heart
33 04x03 18/Dec/2014 The Plot Thickens
34 04x04 01/Jan/2015 What Goes Up, Must Come Down
35 04x05 08/Jan/2015 Never Let Go
36 04x06 15/Jan/2015 Flour Power
38 04x08 29/Jan/2015 Are You Smarter Than a Redneck?
39 04x09 05/Feb/2015 On the Ropes
40 04x10 12/Feb/2015 Two for the Money

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
41 05x01 28/Jan/2016 The Battle Begins
42 05x02 04/Feb/2016 Broken Dreams
43 05x03 11/Feb/2016 Great Expectations
44 05x04 18/Feb/2016 Breaking up is Hard to Do
45 05x05 25/Feb/2016 Tuff Luck
46 05x06 03/Mar/2016 Money Hungry
48 05x08 17/Mar/2016 Pulling Off a Victory
49 05x09 24/Mar/2016 Don't be Trippin'

Episode Air Date Episode Name
S04 - #1 20/Nov/2014 Sneak Peek 2
S04 - #2 27/Nov/2014 Sneak Peek 3
S04 - #3 02/Dec/2014 Exclusive First Look

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