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Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon: Unseen and Uncensored: Man's Best Friend / Big House Blues

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Man's Best Friend: George Liquor buys Ren and Stimpy at a pet shop and yet at first are happy about it but later they are sick of living with George. This episode was banned due to a scene where Ren hits George with an oar.

Big House Blues: The uncut pilot,Ren and Stimpy are first seen homeless no where to go but then a dog catcher comes and takes them to the pound where they are dancing to some music and are having a party but then a dog named Phil is being put to sleep and then Ren takes a nap and has a dream about dating a female chihuaha but finds out he is kissing Stimpy so washes his face in the toilet and then Jasper tells him again that Phil is asleep but he actually tells him it is the Big Sleep,Ren then panics and tells Stimpy that the dog catcher is trying to kill them but luckily a little girl takes Ren home with her but Ren won't go unless she takes Stimpy with her so she takes both and they go home where Ren is given a sweater and Stimpy is given an litter box which he calls his ''first material possession''.