Series 2 - Episode 21 - Recap

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Jake rescues Jilly from the pool and revives her. When Jilly tells him that Anton tried to drown her Jake tells her he's paid Anton off to get out of their lives. Jake tries one last time to persuade Stephanie to marry him but she refuses. Dennis tells Jilly that Jake is only marrying her as Stephanie won't have him. Stephanie's thoughts return to the son she gave up for adoption at 18 whilst a mystery person is watching her.

Jilly tells Jake that they are going to rip off all the company funds into a Swiss bank account and leave the country. Jake tells Jilly he has entered her horse into the Melbourne Cup and if they stay a while longer they could make a fortune. Jilly goes out spending and tells Jake she wants the Swiss bank account number as a wedding present. Jake and Jilly marry.

Stephanie offers Dan some money to open a clinic on the island they visited. Things go wrong between Sarah and Angelo when he takes up boxing again. Sarah goes to see Tom and tells him she is still in love with him and that things will never work out with Angelo. Tom and Sarah get back together.

Jessica is offered an acting part but it would mean being in Sydney. Johnno decides it's time he moved on.

Stephanie goes to see Jake and Jilly and finds them all packed up and ready to leave. Stephanie tells Jake her horse Tara's Pride is also running in the Melbourne Cup and offers him a simple deal winner takes all. Jake accepts and Jilly screams out no.