Series 2 - Episode 22 - Recap

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The mystery man leaves a ripped photograph on a sleeping Stephanie's pillow. Jake and Jilly check out Revenge's current form and Jilly urges Jake to forget the bet and leave now but he refuses. Jake tells Jilly that a disqualification in the race would mean the other person won and Jilly gets an idea.

Dennis proposes to Cassie and wants to borrow $60,000 from her to bet on the race to set up their future. Jilly takes the company wages and prepares to leave on her own. At the airport she receives a phone call from the mystery man who tells her she can still win this one. This prompts her to stay.

Jake and Stephanie sign a contract making the bet legal and Stephanie tells Jake she will have to redecorate the office after she wins. Dennis catches Jilly trying to drug Tara's Pride and when the police show up Jilly says she was asleep at the time.

After Tara's Pride is moved Jilly offers Cassie $250,000 to tell her where the horse has been transfered to. Dennis taunts Jilly and he tells Cassie where Tara's Pride is being held. Cassie reports back to Jilly.

The horse box which is meant to be carrying Tara's Pride is stopped at a roadblock and is shot at with machine gun fire. Meanwhile Stephanie and Dennis are safely transporting the horse in another van. Stephanie invites Ahmal to watch the race with her. The race is close but at the end Tara's Pride manages to win.

Jilly watches a TV interview with Stephanie in a hotel room and throws a bottle at it. Stephanie and her family and friends celebrate at Eden. It's all over between Dennis and Cassie when she reveals that she lost their money by putting it on the wrong horse. Cassie and Angelo both regret ever being involved with the Harper's and drown their sorrows together.

Jilly tells Jake they are going to the Eden celebrations. She has a gun in her bag. Stephanie tells Jessica she shouldn't need to choose between her acting career and Dan. Dan and Jessica realize they can be happy together whilst she can still have her career. Dennis is knocked unconscious by the mystery person.

Jake and Jilly crash the party at Eden. Jilly fakes illness and is taken to one of the bedrooms. She pulls out the gun and tells Stephanie that Jake is Greg Marsden's brother. Jake struggles with Jilly for control of the gun but is shot. Stephanie gets the gun from Jilly but is covered in blood. Jake staggers out and falls down the stairs where he dies from the wound. A dazed Stephanie walks out holding the gun followed by Jilly who shouts out that Stephanie shot Jake in cold blood.

This was to be the cliffhanger for the end of series two but when the series was not renewed an ending was shot and added on to the episode to tie up all the loose ends.

Dennis has been tied up and connected to a grenade via a wire trap. The mystery man walks into the room. The man reveals himself to be the son Stephanie abandoned at birth and had planned to ransom Dennis back to the Harper's. He tells Dennis there is no point anymore as Stephanie has been charged with Jake's murder. His name is Chris and he tells Dennis he knows Stephanie is innocent and that Jilly shot Jake but even then it was an accident. Dennis asks how he knows this and is told by Chris that he was hiding on the balcony and even has pictures to prove it.

Dennis tells him he is Ahmal's son and doesn't need to hold him to ransom as Ahmal is loaded. Chris agrees to release Dennis.

Jilly goes to visit Stephanie who is being held in a prison cell and tells her she wont suit prison colors. At this point a detective shows up with Chris and Dennis. Dennis introduces Stephanie to her long lost son and tells her Chris witnessed the whole shooting. Jilly is arrested and Stephanie is released. She tells Chris they have a lot of catching up to do.

Dennis, Chris and Stephanie go to Sydney Harbour and Dennis tells Chris that Ahmal wants to meet him too. Stephanie says she has suddenly realized what freedom means and heaven help anyone who tries to take it away from her again.