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Return to Treasure Island

Return to Treasure Island

Return to Treasure Island

Episode Info

Final: 1x10 -- Treasure Island (Jun/07/1986)

Brian BlessedBrian Blessed
As Long John Silver
Christopher GuardChristopher Guard
As Jim Hawkins
Deborah PoplettDeborah Poplett
As Isabella
Kenneth ColleyKenneth Colley
As Ben Gunn
Reiner SchöneReiner Schöne
As Van Der Brecken
Donald PickeringDonald Pickering
As Hallows
John CaterJohn Cater
As Sharpe
Artro MorrisArtro Morris
As Rev. Morgan
Nick BrimbleNick Brimble
As Keelhaul

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Return to Treasure IslandRating: 1 likes, 0 dislikes

This was a great miniseries that the masters of the Disney universe decided to immure in a crypt of secrecy. It's never been released on DVD, and the few copies of it on VHS, very rare to begin with, are decaying with age. Read more

Review posted on Monday, March 31st 2008 at 1:16 am

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