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Season 8

281 :08x01 - Soldiers from the Wars Returning

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Guest Stars: James Cagney as George Bridgeman | George Mathews as guest star | Muriel Kirkland as guest star | Audra Lindley as guest star | Frank Schofield as guest star
Director: Perry Lafferty

282 :08x02 - Onions in the Stew

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Guest Stars: Constance Bennett as guest star

283 :08x03 - After All These Years

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Guest Stars: Claudette Colbert as guest star | Staats Cotsworth as guest star | David de Haven as guest star | Leona Powers as guest star

284 :08x04 - Last Trip of the Hindenburg

Drama about the final voyage of the German airship The Hindenburg in 1938.
Guest Stars: Robert Montgomery as guest star | Gale Page as guest star | David Clarke (1) as guest star

285 :08x05 - September Affair

The forced landing of an airplane in Naples leads to a romance between a pretty concert pianist and an unhappily married engineer.
Guest Stars: Alexis Smith as guest star | John Newland as guest star | Clarice Blackburn as guest star

286 :08x06 - Pilgrimage

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Guest Stars: John Hudson (1) as guest star | Joyce Holden as guest star | Theo Goetz as guest star | John Griggs (1) as guest star | Betty Lou Keim as guest star

287 :08x07 - Goodbye, Grey Flannel

A retired advertising man finds that it's not so easy to give up his old profession.
Guest Stars: George Chandler as guest star | Mary Grace Canfield as guest star | Frederick Herrick as guest star | John Shay as guest star | J. Robert Dietz as guest star

288 :08x08 - One Bright Day

The president of a drug company returns to his position after a long illness and finds that much in the industry has changed since he first took leave.
Guest Stars: Sidney Blackmer as Julian Prescott | Norma Moore as guest star | Robert Walker, Jr. as guest star | House Jameson as guest star

289 :08x09 - Mr. Tutt Goes West

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Guest Stars: Parker Fennelly as Ephraim Tutt | Lenka Peterson as guest star

290 :08x10 - The Misfortunes of Mr. Minihan

The story of a man who's a jinx and how even his friends go out of their way not to spend too much time in his company less they be effected by his negative waves.
Guest Stars: William Bendix as guest star | Horace McMahon as guest star

291 :08x11 - Plainfield Teachers College

Two stockbrokers make up a fictitious collegiate football team and begin calling in its scores to newspapers.
Guest Stars: Jerry Lester as Jerry Croyden | John Gibson (1) as Hank Blangdower | John Marley as Barney

292 :08x12 - Sunset Boulevard

Television version of the classic 1950 film about a forgotten silent movie actress who becomes tragically involved with a young screenwriter on the make.
Guest Stars: Mary Astor as Norma Desmond | Darren McGavin as Joe Gillis | Gloria DeHaven as Betty Schaffer

293 :08x13 - The Young and the Beautiful

A sensitive teenage damsel constantly searches for love but finds herself unable to return it. This characteristic of hers leads to alienation from others.
Guest Stars: Lee Remick as Josephine Perry | Geoffrey Horne as Travis | Douglass Watson as Anthony Harker | Terry O'Sullivan as Perry | Lesley Woods (1) as Mrs. Perry | James Olson as Captain Dicer | Fran Carlon as Mrs. Bray

294 :08x14 - Miracle at Lensham

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Guest Stars: Elsa Lanchester as guest star | Barry Jones (1) as guest star

296 :08x16 - Music for Your New Year's Eve

On this New Year's Eve show, the series departs from its usual format and presents an all musical episode.
Director: Perry Lafferty

297 :08x17 - The Liar

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Guest Stars: Norma Moore as guest star | Jan Miner as guest star | House Jameson as guest star | Fred Beir as guest star | Barbara Joyce as guest star
Director: John Newland

298 :08x18 - Give and Take

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Guest Stars: Martha Scott as guest star | Kent Smith as guest star

299 :08x19 - Crisis at Sand Cave

Dramatization based on a true story about a man trapped in a cave-in.
Guest Stars: Ford Rainey as Reverend Dickey | Ray Boyle as Floyd Collins | Joseph Boland as Lee Collins | Jack Grimes as William Burke Miller | Timmy Everett as Jewel Estes | John Dorman as Edward Estes | Leo Penn as Marshall Collins | David de Haven as Homer Collins | Wayne Howell as Neal Deaton | Al Stevenson as Johnny Gerald | Eddie Cooper as Isaac T. Woodson | William A. Lee as General Denhardt | John Gibson (1) as Professor Funkhouser | Carl Frank as Henry Carmichael | Peter Hughes as Posey | Gilbert Mack as Edward Brennen | Ian Martin as Captain Chaney | Warren Slocum as Radio Technician | Sid Raymond as Medicine Man | Jim Boles as Contractor | Frank Behrens as 1st Man | Griff Evans as 2nd Man
Director: Perry Lafferty

300 :08x20 - The Clay Pigeon

A test pilot finally meets the woman of his dreams but she's engaged to another.
Guest Stars: Farley Granger as guest star | Phyllis Kirk as guest star | Frank Maxwell as guest star | Paul McGrath as guest star
Writer: Dick Berg

301 :08x21 - The Week the World Stood Still

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Guest Stars: John Beal (1) as guest star

302 :08x22 - The Grand Prize

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Guest Stars: June Lockhart as guest star | John Newland as Robert Meredith | William Windom as guest star | Judith Braun as guest star

303 :08x23 - Wait for Me

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Guest Stars: Dana Wynter as guest star | Edward Andrews as guest star | Barbara Barrie as guest star | Scott Brady as guest star

304 :08x24 - Reclining Figure

A wealthy art collector is determined to get his hands on a valuable Renoir painting.
Guest Stars: Jim Backus as Lucas Edgerton | Scott McKay as Sam Ellis | Sally Kemp as Cass Edgerton | Norman Rose as Astorg | Ralph Bunker as Agramonte | Allen Nourse as Paul Weldon | Harry Bannister as Dr. Hickey
Director: Perry Lafferty

305 :08x25 - The Enemy

A Japanese surgeon, who trained in America, is faced with having to operate on a wounded American sailor who washed up on the shore near his home.
Guest Stars: Aki Aleong as Sadao | Shirley Yamaguchi as Hana | Khigh Dhiegh as General Mori | Shizu Moriya as Yumi

306 :08x26 - Last Train to Kildevil

The marital woes of a suburban couple come to a head on a commuter train's last trip into Manhattan.
Guest Stars: David White (1) as Tom Jackson | Martha Scott as Marietta Jackson | Charles Korvin as Rupert Farrand | Gene Blakely as Greg Fielding | Robert Scheerer as Frank Arnold | Millette Alexander as Jean Spaulding
Director: John Newland

307 :08x27 - His Name was Death

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Guest Stars: Henry Jones (1) as guest star

308 :08x28 - One Minute to Ditch

True life drama about an aircraft that was successfully ditched in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Oregon on March 26, 1955.
Guest Stars: Charles Cooper as Capt. Richard Off | Frank Maxwell as guest star | Marc May as guest star | Paul Mazursky as guest star | Karl Swenson as guest star | Gale Page as guest star
Director: Perry Lafferty

309 :08x29 - A Slice of Life

A maid and her sweetie don't have enough money to get married but then he hatches a scheme.
Guest Stars: Peggy McCay as Grizel McGregor | J. Pat O'Malley as Sam White | Ruth McDevitt as Mrs. White | James Pritchett as Tony Marino | William Taylor (2) as Page

310 :08x30 - Victoria Regina

Dramatization of Queen Victoria's marriage to Prince Albert.
Guest Stars: Claire Bloom as Queen Victoria | Paul Stevens as Prince Albert

311 :08x31 - Fear Street

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Guest Stars: Robert Alda as guest star | Joseph Campanella as guest star | Millette Alexander as guest star | Paul Mazursky as guest star
Director: Perry Lafferty

312 :08x32 - The Trial of Pontius Pilate

Pontius PIlate, the Roman governor of Judea who allowed Jesus Christ to be crucified, is arrested for misconduct while in office and put on trial himself.
Guest Stars: Bruce Gordon (1) as Pontius Pilate | Maria Palmer as guest star | House Jameson as guest star | Astrid Wilsrud as guest star | Max Adrian as guest star
Director: John Newland

313 :08x33 - The New World

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Guest Stars: Philip Bourneuf as guest star | Melville Ruick as guest star | Barnard Hughes as guest star | Lawrence Fletcher as guest star | Guy Sorel as guest star | Mark Miller (1) as guest star
Director: Tad Danielewski
Writer: Kevin McKay

314 :08x34 - Longing for to Go

The gal Friday of a producer is looking for more than a working relationship with her boss.
Guest Stars: Robert Culp as Sam Bullock | Lenka Peterson as Nancy Bolen | Joan Hotchins as Sarah | Gaines Kincaid as Henry | Belle Flower as Aunt Kate | Ken McEwen as Owen Miller | Carole Somers as Midge | Nelli Blaine as Janet | John Griggs (1) as Tom Peters | Betty Ebert as Sandra
Director: Frank Telford

315 :08x35 - Return Visit

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Guest Stars: Peter Falk as guest star | Malachi Throne as guest star | Joanne Linville as guest star

316 :08x36 - Sturdevant's Daughter

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Guest Stars: Diana Millay as guest star | Joan Wetmore as guest star | Nancy Malone as guest star

317 :08x37 - The Weather Lover

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Guest Stars: Edward Andrews as guest star | Joseph Campanella as guest star | Norman Rose as guest star

318 :08x38 - Faust '57

A scientist named Faust is trying to solve a difficult equation when the Devil's Frank Nittiesque assistant suddenly appears before him and says that Faust can have the answer if he will give his soul to the devil.
Guest Stars: Alfred Ryder as Faust | Bruce Gordon (1) as Green | Louis Edmonds as guest star | House Jameson as guest star | Farrell Pelly as guest star
Director: Tad Danielewski
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Anthology
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Mondays at 09:30 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January 30, 1950
Ended: June 24, 1957
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