Robin of Sherwood

Robin of Sherwood

Richard Carpenter's groundbreaking series, considered by most to be the ultimate Robin Hood depiction, brings to the legend a magical and mystical quality that is both timeless and representative of the era in which it was made. With a superb young cast lead by Michael Praed (series 1 and 2) and Jason Connery (series 3), Robin and his merry men battle against the infamous Sheriff of Nottingham, and his poor fated right-hand-man, Sir Guy of Gisburne, as well as a host of vivid baddies. Spanning several genres, this action based adventure series is anything but a one-dimensional hack and slash series, rather is masterfully layered, rich in character and circumstance that will intrigue and excite the very youngest and oldest of viewers.

Special note must be made of Clannad's BAFTA award winning music, which is, like the series, both unmistakably '80s, yet still perfectly captures the medieval period it represents. More than any other series, the music is as much a part of the identity as the cast and crew.

Episode Info

Final: 3x13 -- The Time of the Wolf (2) (Jun/28/1986)

In this the final half of a two part episode, and the series finale, Robin has to cope with Gulnar's reappearance, and this time, Gulnar's evil deed is a golem identical to Robin himself. Robin and his merry men have to set the world to rights. Also, Gisburne and the Sheriff are seeking a way back into the King's favour without losing their heads.
Michael PraedMichael Praed
As Robin Hood (Robin of Loxley) (Series 1-2)
Jason ConneryJason Connery
As Robin Hood (Robert of Huntingdon) (Series 3)
Ray WinstoneRay Winstone
As Will Scarlet
Judi TrottJudi Trott
As Lady Marion (of Leaford)
Clive MantleClive Mantle
As Little John
Phil RosePhil Rose
As Friar Tuck
Mark RyanMark Ryan
As Nasir
Nickolas GraceNickolas Grace
As Sheriff of Nottingham
Robert AddieRobert Addie
As Sir Guy of Gisburne


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2x1: The Prophecy recap: We begin with Herne and Robin around a fire. Herne seems to be in a trance as Robin looks on bewildered. "A prisoner from the dead close to you... save him," is what he mutters, and Robin is left wondering who he is referring to... read more.

1x6: The King's Fool recap: A knight slowly meandering through Sherwood is ambushed by a pack of cutthroats, and just as they over power him and are about to kill him, Robin Hood and the gang appear to take care of the cu throats and save the knight. A little while later they are sitting around the dinner campfire, eating and talking, and the knight seems to be very noble and contrasts the merry men, who are Britons to the end. Once the knight is told he is a guest, however, tensions soon subside, and they are off to play some games, while around the corner we see soldiers moving ever closer to the camp. Meal and fun is over, now Robin demands payment for the meal, which the knight takes offense to considering he was told he was a guest. Robin suggest his horse as payment, and the knight replies with a challenge... a wrestling match in which the winner keeps the horse. John immediately volunteers believing he will certainly be the victor. The wrestling finishes with the knight picking up John and raising him above his head, and then tossing him down to the ground. When asked who he is, he reveals he is King Richard. He was travelling through the forest hunting the merry men, however, they saved him so he pardons them. Furthermore, he invites them to Nottingham to dine with him that night... read more.

1x5: Alan A Dale recap: The episode opens with Little John visiting his lover, Meg, in the village of Wickham, where they go into her hut together... read more.

1x4: Seven Poor Knights from Acre recap: We begin with an impressive sight a group of knights walking through the forest, setting up camp, and engaging in a ritual of prayer. All this is seen through the eyes of a one eyed bandit named Siward... read more.

1x3: The Witch of Elsdon recap: Opening with a visionary dream, foretelling the events of the episode, Robin awakes in a panic, and immediately ponders the meaning of what he dreamt... read more.
Recurring Guests

Richard O'Brien (1) as Gulnar (5 eps)
Stuart Linden as Old Man in Cell (5 eps)
Martin West as Martin (4 eps)
James Coombes as Grendel (4 eps)
Claire Toeman as Meg (4 eps)
Robbie Bolloch as Matthew (4 eps)
George Baker as Sir Richard of Leaford (3 eps)
Anthony Valentine as Simon De Belleme (3 eps)
Roger McKern as Guard (3 eps)
Mark Lewis (1) as Walter (3 eps)

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