The King's Fool - Recap

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A knight slowly meandering through Sherwood is ambushed by a pack of cutthroats, and just as they over power him and are about to kill him, Robin Hood and the gang appear to take care of the cu throats and save the knight. A little while later they are sitting around the dinner campfire, eating and talking, and the knight seems to be very noble and contrasts the merry men, who are Britons to the end. Once the knight is told he is a guest, however, tensions soon subside, and they are off to play some games, while around the corner we see soldiers moving ever closer to the camp. Meal and fun is over, now Robin demands payment for the meal, which the knight takes offense to considering he was told he was a guest. Robin suggest his horse as payment, and the knight replies with a challenge... a wrestling match in which the winner keeps the horse. John immediately volunteers believing he will certainly be the victor. The wrestling finishes with the knight picking up John and raising him above his head, and then tossing him down to the ground. When asked who he is, he reveals he is King Richard. He was travelling through the forest hunting the merry men, however, they saved him so he pardons them. Furthermore, he invites them to Nottingham to dine with him that night.

Will refuses to go, but the rest make their way to Nottingham. The townspeople are shocked to see them, and soon Gisburne arrives to arrest them.

Inside the castle, the Sheriff seems more than annoyed the main hall has been turned into a market like atmosphere. Soon Gisburne arrives and tells the king he has a gift for him, and brings in the outlaws. The king berates Gisburne, since they were invited guests, and makes him feel not only embarrassed but also afraid. The King speaks out in defense of the merry men, and plans to make them his own. The merry men get stuck in to a feast and soon make drunken exhibitions of themselves.

The next morning, the king sends for Robin and asks him to fight with him in Normandy. Robin agrees and convinces the rest of the band. Robin sends Much into Sherwood to fetch Will... but Will has received a special sign from Herne not to trust the king, and pleads with Much to inform Robin. Back at the castle we see the king with the noblemen, and informs them they must pay for his benevolence. Thereafter, some of the merry men show their physical prowess in front of the court. When Robin's bowstring breaks, Marion believes it to be an omen, yet Robin thinks she's being ridiculous. Perhaps Marion is not alone in her thoughts as John sees Nasir leave Nottingham. When John tells Robin of this, he can't understand why, but John clearly spells it out for him and takes his leave as well.

Much, returning, sees John leaving with Martin (non-speaking role character), but they don't stop. Giving the arrow to Robin, he still disbelieves and goes to see the king. Finally when the king rebukes him and makes a fool of him, everyone's words suddenly come true. Robin's brashness in going to the king, leads the king to wish him and his band, to be discretely killed, sending for the Sheriff who in turn employs Gisburne to do the job. Gisburne, as always fails and they fight their way out, but not unmarred as Marion is shot in the back with a crossbow.

They arrive at Rhiannon's Wheel, a monolithic structure not unlike Stonehenge. Robin removes the arrow with a little guidance from Herne, then suddenly, mystically, the rest of the merry men arrive as if time has passed. Then all of a sudden Marion is there too and completely healed. One final kiss and another look at Herne through a half light/half dark filter and it's all over.