Series 3

17 :03x01 - Greenland

Robson is in Greenland where he catches redfish and is shown how to cook it by his opponent. He also takes part in a colossal 'Cod-fest' and fishes for Greenland shark.

18 :03x02 - Tanzania

Robson travels to Tanzania, where he battles it out against world record holder Jason Alexiou, trying to catch wahoo, ruby snapper and rusty jobfish. He then makes his way to Zanzibar, where he ends up in a canoe, competing with five local tough guys for reef fish. At Lake Victoria, he attempts to catch the Nile tilapia and the elusive Nile perch.

19 :03x03 - Canada

Robson travels to eastern Canada, where he attempts to catch his biggest ever Atlantic salmon, his biggest ever tuna and his largest fish ever on the fly.

20 :03x04 - UAE and Oman

Robson is in the Middle East to find out more about the coastlines of the United Arab Emirates and Oman, where he attempts to catch the highly prized king mackerel, giant trevally and longtail tuna.