Rainy Days & Sundaes / Zine Dreams - Recap

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Rainy days and sundaes: Otto, Twister, and Reggie make a huge chocolate mess in the kitchen while Raymoundo isn't home. He then comes home and Reggie who is scared to be in trouble to miss her triatholan climes out the window and Otto and Twister take the blame. Raymoundo does know that she did it but he waited for her to tell him. So as Reggie is practicing with Sam she feels guilty and just as shes at the triatholan she goes home and tells Raymoundo. Then Her Twister and Otto have to serve ice cream at the Shore Shack

Zine Dreams: Otto and Twister keep making fun of Reggie and she is sick of it. She fell in a trash can and then she got constantly made fun of for it and that was the last straw. She then got a bunch of embarrasing pictures of Otto and Twister includeing Twister wetting the bed, Ottos stuffed teddy bear and a Picture of Otto and Twister NAKED on a towel with their BUTTS in the air. She then put those embarrasing pictures in a magazine and didnt really want to send them out but Sam not knowing this sent the magazines out and made Otto and Twister the laughing stock of the town.