Season 1

1 :01x01 - Part I

Gambia, West Africa 1767: A young 17 year old named Kunte Kinte is taken by slave traders and transported to America, facing an uncertain future.
Guest Stars: Moses Gunn as Kintango | Thalmus Rasulala as Omoro | O.J. Simpson as Kadi Touray | Maya Angelou as Nyo | William Watson (2) as Gardner | Renn Woods as Fanta | Hari Rhodes as Brima Cesay

2 :01x02 - Part II

After a failed attempt at revolting, Kunte Kinte lands in America where he is sold into slavery. There he befriends fellow slave Fiddler.
Guest Stars: Ji-Tu Cumbuka as Wrestler | Paul Shenar as Carrington | Renn Woods as Fanta

3 :01x03 - Part III

America 1776: A now older Kunte Kinte's final attempt to escape causes his owners to amputate his right foot.
Guest Stars: Lee De Broux as McClung | Robert Reynolds (1) as Dr William Reynolds | Madge Sinclair as Bell | Gary Collins as Grill | Beverly Todd as Fanta
Director: Marvin Chomsky

4 :01x04 - Part IV

1778: Now working with the plantation master as his wagon driver, Kunte marries Bell (who nursed him after he lost his foot) and fathers Kizzy.
Guest Stars: Thayer David as Harlan | Robert Reynolds (1) as Dr William Reynolds | Raymond St. Jacques as Drummer | Tanya Boyd as Genelva | Helen Martin (1) as Aunt Sukey | Stan Haze as Singer
Director: Marvin Chomsky

5 :01x05 - Part V

1806: Kunte's daughter Kizzy is grown and is immediately raped by new owner Tom Moore after she is sold.
Guest Stars: Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs as Noah | Robert Reed as Dr William Reynolds | John Schuck as Ordell | Madge Sinclair as Bell | Roxie Roker as Malizy | Elma V. Jackson as Mama Ada | Brion James as Slaver
Director: Marvin Chomsky

6 :01x06 - Part VI

1824: Kizzy has a son named Chicken George and his father is plantation owner Tom Moore. Chicken George grows up to be a fighting rooster trainer and is sent to England.
Guest Stars: George Hamilton as Stephen Bennett | Carolyn Jones (1) as Mrs Moore | Olivia Cole as Matilda | Richard Roundtree as Sam Bennett | Wally Taylor as Marcellus | Lillian Randolph as Sister Sara | Davis Roberts as Leonard | Pat Corley as Referee | John Dennis Johnston as Man at Cockfight

7 :01x07 - Part VII

1859: Chicken George returns home a free man and finds his son Tom married. Tom is later sent to fight in the Civil War.
Guest Stars: Georg Stanford Brown as Tom Murray | Olivia Cole as Matilda | Brad Davis as Ol' George Johnson | Doug McClure as Jemmy Brent | Lynne Moody as Irene | Richard McKenzie as Massa Harvey | Sally Kemp as Mrs Harvey | Austin Stoker as Virgil | Lane Binkley as Matha
Director: Gilbert Moses

8 :01x08 - Part VIII

The 1860's: After the Civil War, freedom has come for Chicken George and other slaves. Chicken George and his family move to Henning, Tennessee to start a new life.
Guest Stars: Georg Stanford Brown as Tom Murray | Brad Davis as Ol' George Johnson | Burl Ives as Justin | Austin Stoker as Virgil | Lynne Moody as Irene | Richard McKenzie as Massa Harvey | Sally Kemp as Mrs Harvey | Lane Binkley as Matha | Charles Cyphers as Drake
Director: Gilbert Moses