Season 2, Episode 2 - Recap

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Nina, Leon's girlfriend is on top of an apartment building, tying a sign up. She calls Leon and tells him to switch on his web cam. He does so, and sees her scantily clad on top of the building. She tells him that he'd be mad to break up with her. She struts around before accidentally slipping off the building, clutching onto the sign she made. Leon to his horror, watches on.

TR arrive and Josh ab-sails down the building to get to Nina.

In the other car, Lawson, Dom and Stella are attending a call about a teenager who is unconscious in a pool. At the scene, they find small balloons filled with drugs.

Finally back on the ground, Nina is telling Shannon about her and Leon. Josh in the meantime, wants Nina charged with being a public nuisance and indecent exposure. Leon tries to reason with him, but Michael gets the handcuffs out and arrests her.

Lawson is trying to get a young man to tell him what he swallowed, but he doesn't speak English. Lawson gets a little frustrated.

Kerry is driving in her car; her phone rings. It's her ex-husband Geoffrey, she doesn't want to talk to him so he leaves a message. Leon then calls her - Geoffrey had called the station. Kerry doesn't want to know about it.

Lawson talks to a boy named Caleb at a skate park. He tells him that there are more drugs and more people carrying them. When Lawson gets back into the car, he realises that they must be at the airport.

Kerry arrives at the station and sees Leon laughing and clapping in front of the computer. Already in a obviously bad mood, she has a go at him. Meanwhile, a man has walked in, wanting to talk to Kerry. He hands her divorce papers, to which she rips up.

Leon discovers that some of the people smuggling drugs had only got their passport recently, and Lawson figures that they must be trying to leave Australia. Kerry is on the phone to a man named Glen, from the Federal Police. He doesn't want them impeding their investigation and hangs up on her. She then talks to Lawson over the phone, he's already at the airport. She warns him about the Feds.

Josh, Shannon, Stella and Michael get dressed into casual clothes. Caleb shows Lawson a picture of the girl involved in the drug smuggling, they have to keep an eye out for her. Kerry arrives at the airport and she and Lawson talk. She doesn't want him to blow the Feds investigation because she knows that they'll take Lawson down for it. Stella in the meantime spots a girl she saw earlier and chases after her. When she starts to talk, Stella is attacked from behind. Leon sees it on one of the security cameras and the team head to the car park.

They arrest the people who attacked Stella. One of the girls wants to know where her boyfriend is; he has drugs in his stomach, and Leon discovers that he is already on board a plane.

Back at base, Kerry apologises to Leon about having a go at him that morning. He tells her not to worry about it, and then tells her that there is a package for her at reception. She finds a 'divorce care package' from Geoffrey, and Lawson walks in, wondering if it's her birthday. She tells him that it's her divorce and before he leaves, she talks to Glen on the phone, threatening him a little. When Kerry wants Lawson to thank her, Lawson smiles at her and tells her to have a good night.

Shannon asks Stella if she is going to be okay, and offers to stay with her that night. Stella thanks her but tells her that she is fine.

Leon and Nina kiss in the operations room.