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Season 2, Episode 6 - Recap

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Kerry is walking along a beach, towards Lawson. She hands him a gun and he asks her if she is okay. She gets into the TR car, takes off her shirt and examines the tattoo on the back of her shoulder. Leon, who is watching, tells her that he told her so. It flashes back to the previous night, where Kerry and Leon are at a nightclub. A drunk Kerry then has an 'amazing idea' and gets a tattoo.

In the morning, Kerry wakes up in Leon's bed, immediately thinking the worse. Leon tells her that nothing happened and to prove it, he filmed it all.

A drunk man, carrying two bottles of vodka, is singing as he walks along Immigration Bridge. TR is called in, and Shannon tries talking to him. Lawson and the others arrive, and he talks to the media, wondering why they are there already. Jacinta tells him that the drunk man, Gaz Walton, rang her.

Leon is driving to work with Kerry in the passenger seat. She tells him not to tell anyone about this, to which he answers "it's in the vault". When they arrive at work, Lawson gets Leon to look up Gaz on the computer. Shannon continues to try talking to him, but he runs up onto a ledge, looks up in the sky and sees a bird. He then loses his balance, Shannon tries to grab him but he falls off the ledge and dies. Afterwards, Josh tells Lawson that the vodka bottles were glued to his hands.

A hungover Kerry arrives at the scene and Lawson tells her what has happened. She then tells Josh that she wants him and Michael to look after Shannon. Lawson then talks to Jacinta some more, asking her about why Gaz may have been there that morning. Stella interrupts them, wanting to talk to Lawson about Dom. She is having trouble with him.

Josh and Michael drop Shannon off at Homicide. They then get a phone call from Lawson, who wants them to go and check on Gaz's wife.

In the meantime, a masked man robs a TAB. He sees the news on a TV screen, talking about what happened to Gaz. He starts to freak out and starts apologising to the woman behind the counter. He then runs away.

Josh and Michael arrive at Gaz's wife's house and find her inside tied up. She tells them that that morning, a man forced Gaz to tie her up and then wanted her husband to go to Immigration Bridge and sing.

Back at base, Leon gets a phone call from 000, a man wants to talk to someone in charge. Kerry answers the phone and talks to the man, who doesn't say his name.

Josh tells Leon and Kerry about what happened to Gaz's wife, and Kerry then gets an idea. Lawson, Dom and Stella visit the TAB that was robbed, talking to the woman behind the counter. She tells them everything she can.

Leon tells Kerry that he's found a link between the TAB robbery and Gaz's death - the same car was there at both scenes. It is registered to Ari Woolcott, and they tell the others. Kerry wonders what it was that made Ari get drunk one day and as a result, a binge-drinking campaign was started with him as the poster boy. Leon remembers the previous night at the nightclub, where Kerry is talking to him about mistakes.

Shannon comes back from Homicide, and she, Josh and Michael leave.

Meanwhile, Leon is informed that there is a guy outside a TAB acting strange. Kerry, Lawson, Dom and Stella go to the scene, where Lawson tries to get the guy to come out. He eventually does and Kerry realises that it's not Ari. Ari's car then screeches off down the road, Kerry runs and gets into the TR car. Lawson runs after her, managing to get in the car before she takes off. Lawson is panicking because Kerry doesn't have a licence, and manages to put the handbrake on to stop her.

Back at the TAB, Lawson and Kerry question the man, whose name is Symon Parker. He tells them what happened with Ari, and that he took his mobile. Kerry then calls the mobile and speaks to Ari, but they are unable to pinpoint his location. Kerry sits on the bonnet of the TR car, drinking an energy drink as Lawson watches her. It then flashes back to the night before, when Lawson is leaving Jacinta's house, telling her that he has to go to work. He arrives at the nightclub, sees Kerry and tells Leon that he can't help because she wouldn't want him to see her like that.

Leon gets a call; Ari's car has been spotted and they race to get there. The car has blood in it, and Kerry spots Ari sitting on the beach. She wants to talk to him. Lawson is hesitant but eventually lets her go. He goes to tell her that he saw her the previous night, but she insists that she is fine. On the beach, Kerry talks to Ari, before she notices that he has a gun. He picks it up and goes to point it at his head, but Kerry tackles him to the ground and handcuffs him. She then walks away and hands the gun to Lawson before getting into the TR car.

Later that evening, Kerry goes back to the tattoo parlour, wondering if there is any way she can get the tattoo removed. There isn't, so she decides to get it coloured in.