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Season 1

1 :01x01 - A Day In The Life

Wyatt Cole stuggles to cope with his gambling addition, a demanding surgeon father and a his romance with his ex-girlfriend Alice, all this while taking on his job as a paremedic where he deals with a belligerent drug user and victims of a car accident involving a drunken driver.
Guest Stars: Curtis Caravaggio as Kroll | Alfonso Quijada as Medic | C.J. Sanders as Cameron Hallon | Malcolm Stewart as Sam | Andrew Airlie as Dr. Daniel Lanier | Melanie Papalia as Marisa | Ryan Robbins as | Brian George (1) as Naheem Asnai | Michael David Simms as Dr. Leon Cole | Kevin Johnson (3) as Boy
Director: Darnell Martin
Writer: David Manson
Songs: The Doors -- Break On Through, Jimi Hendrix -- Crosstown Traffic, Rob Dickinson -- Don't Change, The Police -- Every Breath You Take, Johnny Cash -- Hurt, State Radio -- Keep Sake, Jimi Hendrix -- Little Wing, The Miracles -- Love Machine, The Wallflowers -- One Headlight

2 :01x02 - The Lady & the Tiger

Cole continues to confront his romantic feelings for ex-girlfriend Alice, who considers taking her relationship with her new boyfriend to another level. Meanwhile, Cole goes on a call to treat a high priest in the throes of a seizure, but complications arise when his flock believes he's actually possessed. Cole also tries to help an old schoolmate suffering from leukemia.
Guest Stars: Michael Adamthwaite as Skidmore | Andrew Airlie as Dr. Daniel Lanier | Jeremy Jones as Bartender | C.J. Sanders as Cameron Hallon | Brian George (1) as Naheem Asnai | Willam Belli as Tippi/Ralph | Blu Mankuma as Umberto Sierra | Karin Konoval as ER Doctor | Tom McBeath as Police Negociator | Michael Weston as Tim Reston
Writer: David Manson
Songs: Joni Mitchell -- Blue, R.E.M. -- Driver 8, Screaming Jay Hawkins -- I Put A Spell On You

3 :01x03 - Living Dead

Under the glow of a full moon, Cole and Sack go on bizarre emergency runs that involve shadowy government agents, a man who mysteriously dropped from the sky and landed on a car, and an imposter EMT who's the first to respond to an attack at a gay bar. Meanwhile, Cole's conflict with his demanding father intensifies.
Guest Stars: Michael Eklund as Bill | C. Ernst Harth as Teddy D'Antonio | Curtis Caravaggio as Kroll | Richard de Klerk as Young Man in Bar | Biski Gugushe as Doug | Diana Pavlovska as Trish Bannister | Jeremy Jones as Bartender | Leah Cairns as Natalie | James Long as Paramedic Larry | Sharon Heath as Bordon's Wife | Terry Howson as Bordon | Bill Marchant as Chuck Bannister | Jenn Forgie as Mrs. White | Brock Johnson as Mr. White | Michael Adamthwaite as Officer Skidmore | Christopher Redman as Misha | Xantha Radley as Massage Girl | Veronika Hadrava as Lila | Anwar Hasan as Kyle | Willam Belli as Tippi | Carmelina Cupo as Italian Woman | Michael Daingerfield as DHS Agent #1 | Kristie Marsden as Brownie Girl | Claude Knowlton as Andy
Director: Dean White
Songs: Creedence Clearwater Revival -- Bad Moon Rising, Nada Surf -- Blankest Year

4 :01x04 - Fog

A heavy fog sets in over the town, causing a major pileup that Cole and Sack are dispatched to. The two have to help a liver transplant patient get to the hospital for treatment as well as a crane operator who is experiencing extreme chest pain. Meanwhile, Cole asks his psychologist's mother to help Sack's son.
Guest Stars: C.J. Sanders as Cameron Hallon | Curtis Caravaggio as Kroll | Michael Eklund as Smelly Bill | C. Ernst Harth as Teddy D'Antonio | Lisa Banes as Dr. Victoria Cole | Jeanette Brox as Lexi | Dee Jay Jackson as Cop | Lorena Gale as Admissions Nurse | Jennifer Anne Lee (2) as Pedistrian
Director: Darnell Martin
Songs: Ben Lee -- Gamble Everything For Love, HellHounds -- Hey Sandman, Luther Russel -- Keo's Blues, James Combs -- Let's Talk About Love, Sing Sing -- Lover, Pet -- No Yes No, Silversun Pickups -- Well Thought Out Twinkles, Black Toast Musci -- Who You Leaving With

5 :01x05 - Family

As his demanding father's 60th birthday approaches, Cole grapples with various personal issues---his wilted relationship with Alice and his gambling addiction among them. He also goes on an emergency run to assist a ravishing but vacuous underwear model and transports a liver-transplant patient. Meanwhile, Sack decides to enroll his gifted son in a new school.
Guest Stars: Andrew Airlie as Dr. Daniel Lanier | C.J. Sanders as Cameron Hallon | Curtis Caravaggio as Kroll | Brian George (1) as Naheem Asnai | Kirsten Williamson as Clare Morton | Lisa Banes as Dr. Victoria Cole | Jeanette Brox as Lexi | Kaj-Erik Eriksen as Elliot | Terry David Mulligan as Pritchard | Sheila Paterson as Dorothy | Matthew Smalley as Carl | Christian Tessier as Dutch | John Hainsworth as Floyd | Malcolm Scott as Dr. Scopes | Linda Ko as Admitting Nurse | Kira Clavell as Naomi | Allison Hossack as Paula | Christopher Redman as Misha | Sonya Salomaa as Ellen | Matt Letscher as Robbie Cole | Shane Abrahams as Elton Jenson
Director: Stephen T. Kay
Songs: Gomez -- Emergency Surgery, Girls In Hawaii -- Flavor, Fundamental Music -- Get Naked, Extreme Music -- Making Of A Million, Snow Patrol -- Open Your Eyes, Kinsey Report -- This Old City

6 :01x06 - Cowboys & Independents

Lifeshield becomes a living hell for Wyatt after corporate-minded Kroll is hired as the new medic supervisor. Kroll proceeds to whip Lifeshield into shape, but Wyatt stubbornly resists the efforts to clean up and acknowledge authority even risking his job to save an accident victims life by unauthorized means.
Guest Stars: Curtis Caravaggio as Kroll | Andrew Airlie as Dr. Daniel Lanier | Brian George (1) as Naheem Asnai | Karin Konoval as Dr. Fish | Shane Meier as Tyler | Victoria Tennant (2) as Hailey Lanier
Director: Alex Zakrzewski
Writer: Kira Arne
Songs: Allegro Bach -- Brandenberg Concerto #6, Gomez -- How We Operate, Nic Armstrong & The Thieves -- I Wanna Be Your Driver, Corinne Bailey Rae -- Put Your Records On, Handel -- Water Music Suite #1 Air

7 :01x07 - Who Do You Trust?

Cole deals with Big Brother in the form of his strict new supervisor, who installs monitoring systems inside the ambulances to track the paramedics' every move. Elsewhere, Cole tries to save a transplant patient's life; and Alice treats an elderly woman who believes that Cole is her late husband.
Guest Stars: Brian George (1) as Naheem Asnai | Andrew Airlie as Dr. Daniel Lanier | Curtis Caravaggio as Kroll | Genevieve Buechner as Jan | Ellen Kennedy as Administrator | Don Payne as Jonathan | Lisa Bunting as Clarissa | Terry David Mulligan as Pritchard | Howard Siegel as Chuck | Colin van den Ameele as Mandy's Baby | Yee Jee Tso as EMT | Donna Carroll White as Landlady | C.J. Jackman-Zigante as Mandy Gibbs | Link Baker as Young Cop | Jeanette Brox as Lexi | Kathryn Joosten as Evelyn Wilson
Director: Stephen T. Kay
Songs: The Replacements -- A Message To The Boys, Foo Fighters -- Still, Gomez -- Where Ya Going

8 :01x08 - Secrets And Lies

Cole reevaluates his relationship with Alice after discovering a secret about her. On the emergency beat, he and Sack treat a gang member with a gunshot wound---but the call is complicated by the hardened gang leader, who refuses to let his injured underling go to the hospital. Elsewhere, a bond begins to grow between Angela and novice EMT Harper.
Guest Stars: Christopher Redman as Misha | Joe Maffei as Janitor | Cristine Rose as Amanda Alden | Brian Drummond as Cop at Jorge's | Sean Tyson as Cop at Motorcycle Accident | Julius Chapple as Dealer | Johnston Gray as Jason | Patricia Drake as Lucia | Javier Villarreal as Jorge | Andrea Brooks as Amy | Christopher Attadia as Omar | Zak Santiago as Ignacio
Director: Arvin Brown
Songs: Eric Bachmann -- Home, The Badge -- Super Fine

9 :01x09 - Triage

After a bomb explosion rips apart a medical clinic, Cole and Sack race to the scene to rescue trapped victims---including a pregnant nurse. At the site, Cole's fellow first responders, Angela and Harper, are shadowed by two Japanese firemen who are in Portland to learn rescue skills.
Guest Stars: Curtis Caravaggio as Kroll | Michelle Harrison as Jill Neuwirth | Andrew Airlie as Dr. Daniel Lanier | Ari Cohen as Nick Neuwirth

10 :01x10 - A Shock To The System

Wyatt Cole and his paramedic partner John Sack Hallon face legal proceedings when the father of the baby they saved through an emergency C-section decides to sue them over the death of his wife. They also have their hands full with the media, who are attempting to turn the heroes into pariahs. But Wyatt finds an unlikely ally in his legal fight, none other than his own father, Dr. Martin Cole.
Guest Stars: Kirsten Williamson as Clare Morton | Brian George (1) as Naheem Asnai | Heather Stephens as Therapist | C.J. Sanders as Cameron Hallon | Deryl Hayes as J.L. Sullivan | Chelah Horsdal as Gail Esterbrook | Ari Cohen as Nick Neuwirth | Wayne Thomas Yorke as Harley Strickland | Travis MacDonald as Sammy | Sunita Prasad as N.I.C.U. Nurse | Shaun Omaio as Worker | Sean Campbell (1) as Manager | Lucie Guest as Girl | John B. Lowe as Nathan | Peter Kelamis as Art Hayes | Mikayla Switzer as Neuwirth Baby | Michael Teigen as Custard | Maria Di Martino as Mom at Wreck | Jocelyne Loewen as Pepperpot
Director: Dean White
Songs: Lou Reed -- Busload Of Faith, The Teddybears With Mad Cobra -- Cobra Style, John Hiatt -- Cry Love

11 :01x11 - Code Zero

Drug-addled thugs carjack Cole's ambulance. Meanwhile, Angela is appointed temporary dispatcher, but she exasperates her fellow paramedics with her overly authoritative style.
Guest Stars: Brian George (1) as Naheem Asnai | Heather Stephens as Dr. Karen Thorpe | Tyler Labine as Kent | Brendan Fletcher as Steve | Patrick Gallagher as Doheny | Melanie Yeats as Woman | Colin Cunningham as Jack
Director: Stephen T. Kay
Writer: Speed Weed
Songs: Black Toast Music -- Crash And Burn, Sonic Youth -- Incinerate, Spartan Fidelity -- Pinpoint

12 :01x12 - Tango

Tension mounts when Cole and Sack prepare to testify at a deposition for a lawsuit. Plenty is at stake, as the legal action threatens to destroy Cole and Sack's friendship---and might shut down Lifeshield for good.
Guest Stars: Brian George (1) as Naheem Asnai | Heather Stephens as Dr. Karen Thorpe | Peter Grier as Cop at Bicycle Crash | Andrew Moxham as Cop at Stabbing | Marilyn Norry as Teresa | Andrew Wheeler as Thomas | Alana Husband as Kristi Evans | Colin Lawrence as Michael Evans | Jason McKinnon as Jeff | Patrick Gilmore as Brian | Matias Hacker as Cordoba | Chelah Horsdal as Gail Esterbrook | Kimberley Warnat as Rosie Shaw | Christian Tessier as Shank | Andrew Airlie as Dr. Daniel Lanier
Songs: Nas -- Bridgin The Gap, Luis Vinicio E La Sua Orchestra Tipica Argentina -- Gelosia (Jealousy), Submarines -- Love And Hate, 5 Alarm Music -- Tango Flambe

13 :01x13 - Crossroads

Wyatt must finally decide what he really wants from his job and his relationship with his ex-girlfriend Alice, who may have a job opportunity on the other side of the country. As he struggles to help a young boy who may be a victim of abuse, Wyatt must also deal with the fact that Lifeshield, the ambulance service for which he works, is on the auction block.
Guest Stars: Kirsten Williamson as Clare Morton | Heather Stephens as Dr. Karen Thorpe | Brian George (1) as Naheem Asnai | Sam Laird as Josh Castine | Curtis Caravaggio as Kroll | Chase Ellison as Ben Castine | Brian Markinson as Peter Castine | Andrew Airlie as Dr. Daniel Lanier | C.J. Sanders as Cameron Hallon
Director: David Manson
Songs: Dujeous -- All MC's, Warren Zevon -- El Amore De Mi Vida, Cloud Room -- Hey Now Now, Jerry Moss -- Pick A Card, Ween -- Voodoo Lady
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: TNT DRAMA ( USA)
Airs: Mondays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: June 12, 2006
Ended: September 04, 2006
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