Scaredy Squirrel

Scaredy Squirrel

Based on Mélanie Watt's highly successful children's book series of the same name, the TV series follows Scaredy as he tackles life’s daily challenges and explores the world outside of his treehouse.
However, Scaredy always manages to balance his job at the Stash n’ Hoard grocery store with his nervous attempts to always stay safe. While geeky at first, Scaredy is one confident squirrel and never apologizing for his idiosyncrasies. (Source: tv.shut)

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Prev: 3x07 -- Three Alarm Flyer; Driving Miss Davey (Jul/06/2013)

Three Alarm Flyer
Scaredy is put in charge of writing a flyer.

Driving Miss Davey
Scaredy starts a new job as a driving instructor.

Terry McGurrinTerry McGurrin
voiced Scaredy Squirrel
Jonathan GouldJonathan Gould
voiced Dave Skunk
David BerniDavid Berni
voiced Paddy | Buck
Dwayne HillDwayne Hill
voiced Hatton
Jamie WatsonJamie Watson
voiced Mildred
Jayne EastwoodJayne Eastwood
voiced Momma
Linda KashLinda Kash
voiced Sally
Patrick McKennaPatrick McKenna
voiced Nestor


Reviews: 51
CN version of Tak (Please Agree with Me)Rating: 0 likes, 1 dislikes

CN has made a lot of bad shows from these years (Squirrel Boy & Gym Partner). But there were some from the past. And if I had to say the worst one yet,it belongs to both Sidekick and Scaredy Squirrel. This show is about squirrel that work at a georcery store. This sounds like a horrible idea,but after 1 minute of watching one episode, you have to change the channel right away. The show is done in flash-formation,and it looks horrible. And all the time,lip syncs are off. The humor mostly relies on toilet humor. I mean,with jokes like calling a bird and the bird says "What, What Do You Want!",you have a terrible show. Look at Coconut Fred's Fruit Sala Island, that show was done in flash-formation,and it was great and hilrailous, but seriously,this is cheap. There is not even one likable character for this show at all. Scaredy and Dave are just slackers with no lives,and are idiots. The boss look ridiculous,and is just obsessed with yelling. And the character designs are poorly done,and are just cheesy. This show's design of characters makes the monsters from Shark Tale look like Characters from the Kirby games. Overall,this show is horrible. I mean, Y TV really did it when they made something as bad as this. Please,never watch this show again,or talk about it. Read more

Review posted on Thursday, October 13th 2011 at 1:43 am

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Executive Producer: Doug Murphy, Jocelyn Hamilton, Tracey Dodokin
Supervising Producer: Lynne Warner
Music: Paul Intson
Music Editor: Paul Intson
Music Supervisor: Norm Beaver
Story Editor: Terry McGurrin
Character Designer: Dave Macdougall
Voice Director: Jeff Pustil
Animation Director: John Mahovlich

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Adrian Truss as Carny (2 eps)
Dwayne Hill as Dan Duck | Steve (2 eps)

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