Season 8

342 :08x01 - A Thing to Fight For

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Guest Stars: Rod Steiger as guest star | Rod Taylor as guest star | Marianne Stewart as guest star | Kim Charney as guest star
Director: John Brahm

343 :08x02 - The Best House in the Valley

The son of a wealthy rancher falls for a poor but honest widow who lives in a ramshackle dwelling.
Guest Stars: Polly Bergen as Lamie | Rod Taylor as Lee | Carl Benton Reid as Wanger | Alice Backes as Mrs. Dolman | Charles Keane as Scoffey | Dana Dillaway as Mimi | Selmer Jackson as Minister

344 :08x03 - The Hasty Hanging

Arrested for a crime, a husband and wife are sentenced to be hung without the benefit of a trial.
Guest Stars: Fess Parker as guest star | Mary La Roche as guest star | John Smith (1) as guest star
Director: John Brahm

345 :08x04 - The Four

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Guest Stars: Anne Baxter as Delphine Murphy | James Westmoreland as Sean | Suzanne Lloyd as Ivy | Mark Douglas (1) as Tentor

346 :08x05 - The Trouble With Ruth

A housewife who's a kleptomaniac is blackmailed by a crook into helping him commit a robbery.
Guest Stars: Jeanne Crain as Ruth Elliot | Adam Kennedy as Steve Elliot | George Macready as Joseph Libo

347 :08x06 - The Connoisseur

An American expatriate living in Europe makes his living selling art "treasures."
Guest Stars: Michael Rennie as Walter Brand | Barbara Rush as Magda | John Maxwell (1) as Graham
Director: John Brahm

348 :08x07 - False Impression

Rejected by a damsel, a crippled dental technician decides to steal a fortune in jewels and thus force her to overlook his handicap and marry him.
Guest Stars: Macdonald Carey as Orville Piggott | Patricia Breslin as Julia Heyton | Steven Geray as Golet

349 :08x08 - A Game of Hate

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Guest Stars: Kathryn Grayson as Dr. Sally Wells | Tom Laughlin (2) as Killer | Jean Byron as guest star
Director: John Brahm

350 :08x09 - Last Edition

A newspaper editor orders a reporter to write a story about a condemned man who's also a wartime buddy of the reporter.
Guest Stars: Eddie Albert as Sheldon Black
Director: John Brahm

351 :08x10 - Coney Island Winter

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Guest Stars: Edmond O'Brien as Big Jim Webber | Kathleen Crowley as Anna | Robert Fuller as Andy
Director: John Brahm

352 :08x11 - Third Son

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Guest Stars: Steve Forrest as guest star
Writer: Tom Seller
Story: Ernest Haycox | Teleplay: Tom Seller

353 :08x12 - Drive a Desert Road

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Guest Stars: Barry Nelson as Dr. Vic Martin | Audrey Totter as guest star | Carleton Carpenter as guest star

354 :08x13 - No Answer

Two policemen follow up on a call made by a woman who says her life has been threatened even though she's given false alarms.
Guest Stars: Keenan Wynn as guest star | Donald Cook as guest star | Angela Greene as guest star | William de Martel as guest star | Phillip Baird as guest star | Edgar Peterson as guest star
Director: Arthur Hiller
Story: Theodore Sturgeon | Teleplay: Tom Seller

355 :08x14 - Small Wonder

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Guest Stars: Patric Knowles as Paul Ryder | Anna Lisa as Elsa Hoffman | Evelyn Rudie as Beth Ryder

356 :08x15 - A Fistful of Love

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Guest Stars: Lee Marvin as guest star | Barbara Stuart as guest star

357 :08x16 - The Deadly Guest

An invalid old woman is suspicious of her widowed border and the attention he's paying to her spinster daughter.
Guest Stars: Jane Wyman as Selena Shelby | Philip Carey as Robert Garvin | Isobel Elsom as Cora Shelby

358 :08x17 - You Can't Win 'Em All

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Guest Stars: Guy Madison as guest star | Burt Reynolds as guest star | Karen Steele as guest star

359 :08x18 - And Practically Strangers

Two feuding brothers are assigned to work on a nuclear bomb project for the Army.
Guest Stars: Richard Carlson as Alan Mitchell | Paula Raymond as Kathleen | John Dall as Hugh Mitchell | Herbert Anderson as Healy | Ivan Triesault as Dr. Colman | Vincent G. Perry as Colonel | John Eldredge as Tyman

360 :08x19 - Death Trap

A woman fears for her life when a convict breaks out of the pen because he'd earlier sworn revenge against all those who sent him up and she testified against him.
Guest Stars: Virginia Mayo as Gloria Crawford | James Gregory as Johnny Warcheck | Ken Lynch as Lt. Wilson

361 :08x20 - The Man Who Had No Friends

A boxing champion retires from the ring and goes into the restaurant business with his long-time manager only to have a damsel complicate things between them.
Guest Stars: Ralph Meeker as Barry Brannon | Anthony Caruso as Charlie Spendlove | Jeanne Cooper as guest star | Jacqueline Scott as guest star
Director: Anton Leader

362 :08x21 - Various Temptations

In London, a woman gives shelter to a man wanted by the police for the murder of several women.
Guest Stars: Hurd Hatfield as Ron Abbott | Ida Lupino as Clara Brown | Cyril Delevanti as Clerk | Jennifer Raine as Nurse | John Trayne as Policeman | Tita Purdom as Girl

363 :08x22 - On the Brink

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Guest Stars: Mercedes McCambridge as guest star | Richard Beymer as guest star | Barry Kelley as guest star

364 :08x23 - Stand-In for Murder

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Guest Stars: Don Keefer as Henry | Bartlett Robinson as Niles | Jan Sterling as Alice Vincent

365 :08x24 - Ivy League

A 30 year Marine Corps veteran retires and enrolls as a freshman in college.
Guest Stars: William Bendix as Bull Mitchell | Florence MacMichael as Mamie Parker | Timothy Hovey as Timmy Parker | Mary Tyler Moore as Student #1 | Doug McClure as Student #2 | Arte Johnson as Student #3 | Bartlett Robinson as Dean | Sheila Bromley as Teacher #1 | Katherine Warren as Teacher #2
Director: Richard Whorf

366 :08x25 - Frederick

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Guest Stars: Phyllis Thaxter as Lucinda Vaughn | Regis Toomey as Herbert | Jeff Morrow as Stranger

367 :08x26 - The Salted Mine

A woman hires a Western private detective to hunt down the swindler who sold her a worthless mine.
Guest Stars: Scott Brady as Shotgun Slade | Ernie Kovacs as Hack | Marie Windsor as Alice Batson | Frank Ferguson as Mike Collier
Director: James Neilson

368 :08x27 - The Dreamer

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Guest Stars: Herbert Anderson as Mark | John Cassavetes as Christo Serra | Miriam Colon as Mrs. Flores | Sue Ane Langdon as Denise Cerise

369 :08x28 - This Will Do Nicely

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Guest Stars: Zsa Zsa Gabor as Helen | Richard Gaines as Inspector Humbert | Richard Haydn as Cedric
Director: Harry Horner

370 :08x29 - The Case of the Two Sisters

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Guest Stars: Michael Wilding as Stephen McElroy | Mari Aldon as Donna | Fred Clark as Charles Dobbs | Phyllis Coates as Ellen Packer

371 :08x30 - Boy on a Fence

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Guest Stars: Richard Eyer as Joe Wilson | Diana Lynn as Jane | Jesse White as Detective Drake
Director: Frank Arrigo

372 :08x31 - Mirror, Mirror

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Guest Stars: Anne Jeffreys as Kate Lodge | Liam Sullivan as Clifford | Diane Jergens as Kathy Crawford

373 :08x32 - The Rumor

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Guest Stars: Pat Crowley as guest star | Hal March as guest star

374 :08x33 - The Miss and the Missiles

A reporterette, who's also rasing her teenaged brother, is assigned to interview a handsome jet pilot who's also her brother's idol.
Guest Stars: Gordon Gebert as Buzz Marlowe | Gisele MacKenzie as Connie Marlowe | Jocelyn Brando as Madge | John Forsythe as Colonel Bill Adams | Kathleen Freeman as Emma | John McGiver as McBain | Michael J. Pollard as Spider
Director: Peter Tewksbury

375 :08x34 - Hostage

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Guest Stars: James Brown (2) as guest star

376 :08x35 - Cowboy Five Seven

An Air Force major, assigned to the Strategic Air Command, promises wifey that he will be home in time to attend his daughter's piano recital.
Guest Stars: James Stewart as Narrator
Director: James Stewart

377 :08x36 - A Ballad to Die By

A rancher hires a singing cowboy to play at her wedding. Then he discovers that she is being forced to marry a killer against her will.
Guest Stars: William Joyce as Johnny Guitar | Fay Spain as Anna Carrick | Regis Parton as Harry Shay