Schlitz Playhouse of Stars

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Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
343 08x02 03/Oct/1958 The Best House in the Valley
344 08x03 10/Oct/1958 The Hasty Hanging
345 08x04 17/Oct/1958 The Four
346 08x05 24/Oct/1958 The Trouble With Ruth
347 08x06 31/Oct/1958 The Connoisseur
348 08x07 07/Nov/1958 False Impression
349 08x08 14/Nov/1958 A Game of Hate
350 08x09 21/Nov/1958 Last Edition
351 08x10 28/Nov/1958 Coney Island Winter
353 08x12 12/Dec/1958 Drive a Desert Road
354 08x13 19/Dec/1958 No Answer
355 08x14 26/Dec/1958 Small Wonder
356 08x15 02/Jan/1959 A Fistful of Love
357 08x16 09/Jan/1959 The Deadly Guest
358 08x17 16/Jan/1959 You Can't Win 'Em All
359 08x18 30/Jan/1959 And Practically Strangers
360 08x19 06/Feb/1959 Death Trap
361 08x20 13/Feb/1959 The Man Who Had No Friends
362 08x21 20/Feb/1959 Various Temptations
363 08x22 27/Feb/1959 On the Brink
364 08x23 06/Mar/1959 Stand-In for Murder
365 08x24 13/Mar/1959 Ivy League
366 08x25 20/Mar/1959 Frederick
368 08x27 03/Apr/1959 The Dreamer
369 08x28 17/Apr/1959 This Will Do Nicely
370 08x29 01/May/1959 The Case of the Two Sisters
371 08x30 15/May/1959 Boy on a Fence
372 08x31 29/May/1959 Mirror, Mirror
373 08x32 05/Jun/1959 The Rumor
374 08x33 12/Jun/1959 The Miss and the Missiles
375 08x34 19/Jun/1959 Hostage
376 08x35 17/Jul/1959 Cowboy Five Seven
377 08x36 31/Jul/1959 A Ballad to Die By

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