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Foul Play in Funland - Recap

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The Mystery Gang are passing by Funland, a new theme park that has yet to be opened.
All of a sudden, everything turns on, and begins working. They decide to have a little fun, so they check out the place. Shaggy decides to get something to eat and with no one at the counter, his order comes up!
Then, Fred plays the game where you knock down milk bottles with a baseball, and wins. Suspiciously, his prize appears when they have their backs turned for ten seconds. When Fred tips them a dime, it disappears and rings up on the cash register!
Shaggy and Scooby see a mysterious man in blue walk at a lightning speed through rooms, entering and leaving. Abruptly, the lights go out and everything goes off.
Finally, The Mystery Gang decide to tell the museum caretakers, a couple who live near the theme park. They explain how everything was up and running, and about the mysterious blue man. The caretakers tell them that they are crazy, and how it's impossible that everything was working.
The Mystery Gang know that they didn't imagine what happened, so they decide to go back there. Once they get there, everything starts again, but going out of control, with food spitting out (not a problem with Scooby and Shaggy), and rides going backwards.
The mysterious, blue person is spotted, and chased into the Tunnel of Love. While chasing him on the ferry, the figure turns around, and splits through the ferry!
Knowing that the figure is really fast, they take a bumper car and turn it into a car to chase the figure, but Shaggy (not thinking) turns the acceleration on 'high', and eliminates the breaks, with Velma and Scooby in it! What's worse, is that Velma looses her glasses, so she can't steer the bumper car. They come to a halt once they crash into a cotton candy machine.
They decide to set a trap that will involve Scooby luring the monster into a wooden box, then they will pull Scooby out through the top with a pulley-and-basket system. It works as planned, with one fault -- the figure breaks through the wooden box, and through a brick wall!
The caretaker appears, explaining how he had planned to have Charlies (the figure) run the entire site, but he went haywire.
With a giant magnet, they plan to capture Charlie, but he is freed when the caretaker's wife cuts the wire, enabling Charlie to escape.
She claims that she doesn't want a robot running a theme park.
Everyone agrees, and the caretaker programs Charlie to be more friendly, but doesn't want him to run the site.