Officer Friendly - Recap

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Quick-fire parodies of morning news programs and daytime kid's shows, along with another Masterpiece Theatre. Earl takes on organized crime on SCTV News.

Segment 1: Message from Moe: License Suspended
SCTV's license has been suspended, but programming will continue.
Segment 2: A.M. Little America with Tom Brokaw
Tom interviews the average American family. He then talks to TV's Wonder Woman, Linda Carter, who's trying to branch out into other roles. Linda doesn't like his attitude.
Segment 3: Promo: Dan Money
Dan has a big wallet and he knows how to use it.
Segment 4: SCTV AM News Today: Mafia Interview
Earl interviews a top figure in organized crime in melonville.
Segment 5: Commercial: Civil Engineering
Exciting opportunities in civil occupations.
Segment 6: Promo: AC/DC
In the morning she's a Mrs., in the afternoon she's a Ms., in the evening she's a Mr.
Segment 7: Officer Friendly
Officer Friendly deals with a young offender and has a visit from the social worker and the child's father.
Segment 8: Promo: The Undersea World of Marcel Cousteau
Underwater mime.
Segment 9: Promo: Masterpiece Theatre: All the Long-Leggedy Beasties
This week, the drama of a veterinarian with a proclivity for putting animals to sleep.
Segment 10: Dream Interpretation with Dr. Raoul Wilson
Dr. Wilson examines the dream of Rita X.

Harold Ramis appears as: Moe Green in segment 1; a Jury member in segment 3; Subordinate in segment 6; the Announcer in segment 6; Officer Friendly in segment 7; Bob in segment 10
Dave Thomas appears as: Tom Brokaw in segment 2; the Man with broken watch in segment 3; Polite Pitch Man in segment 5; the Husband in segment 6; Sylvester Parker in segment 7; the Veterinarian in segment 9; a Nazi in segment 10
Joe Flaherty appears as: John Stone in segment 2; Dan Money in segment 3; Floyd Robertson in segment 4; Surly Announcer in segment 5; Mr. Parker in segment 7; Marcel Cousteau in segment 8; Alistair Cook in segment 9; a Friend in segment 9; an Italian soldier in segment 10
Catherine O'Hara appears as: Mrs. Stone in segment 2; Linda Carter in segment 2; a Pretty Young Thing in segment 6; a Dyke in segment 6; the Old Woman in segment 9
John Candy appears as: Funky Guy in segment 3; the Announcer in segments 3 and 8; Mafia Hit Man in segment 4; the Farmer in segment 9; a Mexican in segment 10
Eugene Levy appears as: the Judge in segment 3; Earl Camembert in segment 4; Raoul Wilson in segment 10
Andrea Martin appears as: Surly Waitress in segment 5; AC/DC in segment 6; Ms. Taylor the Social Worker in segment 7; Rita X in segment 10

Also appearing:
Dara Cowper as: the Daughter in segment 2
Donald Cowper as: the Son in segment 2
Brenda Donohue as: a Pretty Young Thing in segment 6
Tony Rosato as: a soldier in segment 10