Second Sight

Second Sight

Detective Chief Inspector Ross Tanner (Clive Owen) is a nonconformist workaholic cop who solves crimes by putting his faith in only the cold hard facts he can see. When a rare disorder attacks his cornea, causing intermittent blindness and hallucinations, Tanner conceals his problem for the sake of his pride - and his career. As Tanner faces a myriad of obstacles in learning how to adapt to his condition, he begins to learn that there is more to murder than visibly meets the eye. Intuition prevails over simple eyesight as he discovers that success (and his very survival) will depend on the use of his wits and all his senses.

Episode Info

Final: 1x07 -- In the Kingdom of the Blind (1) (Feb/05/2001)

Clive OwenClive Owen
As D.C.I. Ross Tanner
Claire SkinnerClaire Skinner
As D.I. Catherine Tully
Rupert Holliday-EvansRupert Holliday-Evans
As D.S. Pensey
Rupert Holliday-EvansRupert Holliday-Evans
As D.S. Pensey
Selina BoyackSelina Boyack
As D.C. Holt
Selina BoyackSelina Boyack
As D.C. Holt
Mark BazeleyMark Bazeley
As D.I. Boyd
Frank HarperFrank Harper
As D.S. Finch
Frank HarperFrank Harper
As D.S. Finch
Akbar KurthaAkbar Kurtha
As D.C. Chad

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Reviews: 63
Rating: 6 likes, 1 dislikes

possible brain damage
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Review posted on Tuesday, September 23rd 2014 at 7:47 am


Reviews: 58
Taut, styish, and smart ...Rating: 2 likes, 7 dislikes

This is a remarkable series, richly dramatic and with one of those "twists" that lends an added element to each of the stories. Clive Owen is quite a powerful character as Ross Tanner, a hard drinking, hard boiled detective with a knack for solving some of the most difficult crimes. Unfortunately, he's cursed with a rare disorder causing him to go permanently blind. We watch Tanner's painful struggle as he attempts to keep this news to himself, relying ever higher on his other senses compensating for his loss of vision. He keeps everyone at bay, including his ex-wife and partners. Eventually, of course, those closest to him are onto the situation but everyone plays along as best they can - at least for as long as they can. Read more

Review posted on Monday, March 5th 2007 at 4:30 am

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Recurring Guests

Rebecca Egan as Marilyn Tanner (13 eps)
Julian Protheroe as Frank (6 eps)
James Greene as Ophthalmic Surgeon (5 eps)
Art Malik as Faiz Ahmed (4 eps)
Phoebe Nicholls as Judith Bendrix (4 eps)
Tom Felton as Thomas (4 eps)
Stuart Wilson (2) as Adam Bendrix & Jack Kenworthy (3 eps)
Lesley Vickerage as D.S. Chancellor (3 eps)
Finbar Lynch as Gavin Finn (3 eps)
Eddie Marsan as Liam Morrison (Gardener) (3 eps)

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