Season 1

2 :01x02 - See Dad Lose Janie

David loses track of his youngest child and rushes to find her before his wife becomes aware of the situation in the series premiere of this comedy about a beloved TV-sitcom dad who becomes a stay-at-home parent when his wife resumes her acting career.

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3 :01x03 - See Dad Play Coach

David tries to rein in his aggressive coaching style while working with Joe's baseball team. Meanwhile, Emily uses her parents as subjects in an experiment for a school assignment.

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7 :01x07 - See Dad One Night Only

Emily's role in her school play gets upgraded thanks to interference from her parents, who are unaware of her lack of interest in acting. Elsewhere, Joe and Janie aspire to make money off of an Internet video.

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8 :01x08 - See Dad Catch A Rat

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10 :01x10 - See Dad Campaign

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12 :01x12 - See Dad Assist Kevin

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15 :01x15 - See Dad As The Great and Powerful Hobbs

David and Amy consider monitoring Emily's party with their security's system surveillance feature.

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16 :01x16 - See Dad Play Hard to Get

David plays hardball in contract negotiations, and he advises Emily to follow his lead, but neither of them gets positive results from this method.

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18 :01x18 - See Dad Host A Playgroup

An outing with a playgroup prompts David to experiment with a variety parenting styles, none of which please his kids.

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19 :01x19 - See Dad Get Attacked By Promzilla

David and Marcus are forced to go shopping for prom dresses for Emily and Mary.

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