See Dad Run

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Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
02 01x02 14/Oct/2012 See Dad Lose Janie
03 01x03 21/Oct/2012 See Dad Play Coach
06 01x06 11/Nov/2012 See Dad Meet Matthew Pearson
07 01x07 18/Nov/2012 See Dad One Night Only
08 01x08 25/Nov/2012 See Dad Catch A Rat
09 01x09 09/Dec/2012 See Dad Run Christmas Into the Ground
10 01x10 17/Feb/2013 See Dad Campaign
11 01x11 24/Feb/2013 See Dad Get Schooled
12 01x12 03/Mar/2013 See Dad Assist Kevin
13 01x13 10/Mar/2013 See Dad Run, But He Can't Hide
14 01x14 17/Mar/2013 See Dad Get Married and Married
15 01x15 31/Mar/2013 See Dad As The Great and Powerful Hobbs
16 01x16 07/Apr/2013 See Dad Play Hard to Get
17 01x17 14/Apr/2013 See Dad Get Janie Into Kindergarten
18 01x18 21/Apr/2013 See Dad Host A Playgroup
19 01x19 28/Apr/2013 See Dad Get Attacked By Promzilla

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
21 02x01 02/Jun/2013 See Dad Swoon
23 02x03 16/Jun/2013 See Dad Be Normal.ish
24 02x04 08/Sep/2013 See Dad Throw A Birthday Party
25 02x05 15/Sep/2013 See Dad McLivin' with the McGinleys
27 02x07 06/Oct/2013 See Dad Run a Fever
28 02x08 13/Oct/2013 See Dad Send Emily Flowers
29 02x09 20/Oct/2013 See Dad Run Halloween
30 02x10 03/Nov/2013 See Dad Dance Around the Truth
32 02x12 24/Nov/2013 See Dad Have a Career
33 02x13 05/Jan/2014 See Dad See Joe Sleepwalk
34 02x14 12/Jan/2014 See Dad Run Until He Drops
35 02x15 19/Jan/2014 See Dad Roast the Toast

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
37 03x02 03/Apr/2014 See Dad Downsize
38 03x03 10/Apr/2014 See Dad Run Joe Into Detention
39 03x04 17/Apr/2014 See Dad Teach Emily to Drive
40 03x05 24/Apr/2014 See Dad Run Into Marcus' Nephew
41 03x06 01/May/2014 See Dad Rough It
42 03x07 02/Oct/2014 See Dad Ruin Joe's Teacher
43 03x08 09/Oct/2014 See Dad Lose the Forest for the Tree House
44 03x09 16/Oct/2014 See Dad Become Room Mom
45 03x10 06/Nov/2014 See Dad Live at Five
47 03x12 20/Nov/2014 See Dad Fire Original Katie Again
48 03x13 04/Dec/2014 See Dad Get in the Ring
50 03x15 00//2015 See Dad Runner Up

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