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Capheus, played by Aml Ameen

Capheus is a bus driver in Nairobi, and a fan of Jean Claude Van Damme. So much so that he named his bus the "Van Damn."

Shiro, Capheus' mother, is dying of AIDS and he is trying to raise enough money to cure her.

Capheus is a skilled driver of vehicles of all sizes and knows how to hotwire a car.
Sun Bak, played by Doona Bae

Sun is a Seoul businesswoman whose brother Joong-Ki embezzles from the company owned by their father, Kang-Dae. While Sun deals with the charges, Sun finds release by fighting on the MMA circuit.

Sun's mother Mi-Cha died when Sun was still a child, and asked her daughter to look after Joong-Ki when she no longer could.
  Nomi Marks, played by Jamie Clayton

Born Michael Marks, Nomi later left home when her family rejected her, and became a trans woman. She writes a political block and considers herself a hacktavist, and is paid to test security by hacking company computers. Her long-time lover is Amanita.
Kala Dandekar, played by Tina Desai

Kala is a pharmacy lab technician in Mumbai, and a practicing Hindu. This has occasionally put her at odds with her future inlaws, the Rasals, who are Christians. She was swept into marriage by Rajan Rasal, who fell in love with her on first sight although the feeling isn't mutual. His father Manendra owns the pharmaceutical company where Kala works.

Kala is experienced with chemicals and is skilled at MacGyvering both specific adrenaline injections and bombs from common kitchen ingredients.
Lito Rodriguez, played by Miguel Ángel Silvestre

Lito is a Mexican telenovela star who plays the character Tino El Caido. He keeps his homosexuality a carefully guarded secret for fear that it could ruin his career.

Lito is a talented actor, liar, and seducer, and contributes all of these abilities to the cluster.
Will Gorski, played by Brian J. Smith

Will is the son of Michael Gorski, a long-time Chicago cop who retired under a cloud. As a boy, Will had visions of a man he would later learn was Whispers, torturing a young Sara Patrelli. The boy continued to have visions of the girl even after she was dead, and received psychological counseling when he claimed he could see the girl's ghost, since Sara's body was never found. "Sara" told him not to speak further of her, and Will never did.

When he grew up, Will became a Chicago cop, making his father proud. He contributes marksmanship, fighting ability, and a knowledge of police procedure to the cluster.
Amanita, played by Freema Agyeman

Nomi's loyal lover, Amanita is an occasional actress and has picked up a fair amount of hacking knowledge from Nomi. Her mother, Grace, teaches evolution courses in college.
Mr. Whispers, played by Terrence Mann

Little is known of the man that Sensates call "Mr. Whispers." He uses a number of aliases, including Ellison and Matheson, and works with the BPO.

Whispers is a Sensate, and seems to come from an earlier Cluster than the one that Jonas and Angel belonged to. Like all Sensates, once he makes eye contact with another conscious Sensate, Whispers can maintain that contact indefinitely and access what they're seeing and hearing. This allows him to hunt Sensates with frightening efficiency.
  Sanyam Dandekar, played by Anupam Kher

Kala's father, Sanyam owns a restaurant and is a devout Hindu. He is immensely proud of his daughter but tends to smother her.
Jonas Maliki, played by Naveen Andrews

Jonas is the sole survivor of a previous Cluster, and had a romantic relationship with Cluster mate Angel Turing. He makes eye contact with Will Gorski before his capture, and maintains contact with him even when he is in BPO custody. Jonas provides will with the basic information on what a Sensate can do.

Whispers uses this contact to manipulate Will into coming to Iceland to rescue Riley. Jonas is shocked and seemingly killed by BPO technicians. It is not known what skills that he possessed.

Another Sensate, Yrsa, believed that Jonas was a traitor working with Whispers. she may or may not have been a member of Jonas' Cluster. The truth of this suspicion was never confirmed.
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