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Holy Shit!!!!Rating: 6 likes, 0 dislikes
Let's start out with the bad.

If you are like me, and did not know ANYTHING about this show to begin with, I would recommend that you at least, stick with it for 3-4 episodes, Even if you get confused, for the first 3 episodes, give it another 2, and you will NOT regret it.
It CAN get a little confusing to begin with...
I saw 2.5 episodes, and I didn't get anything of what the hell was going on, so I turned it of, and did not continue until the next day (it was weekend and I did not have anything better to do)

I think that it was all the bad things I could say about this show...

The good:

The acting, was brilliant (besides from a few extras)
Even the guy who I thought that I was going to HATE (Lito - The closet homosexual actor) I actually thought that he was overacting at first, but when I found out what his deal was, He stole EVERY scene he was in, And I fucking LOVED him..

The direction by the Wachowskis was astounding, And I love the fact that every one of these 8 characters IS from the place they are being filmed in (India, South America, Iceland, Korea and so on) And it was beautifully shot with seamless transitions from the various caracters.

And I may go on about the 8 characters, but that it's because it IS about character development, and how the interact with each other on a perspective inconceivable to us.

This goes out to all the homophobes: WELCOME TO THE 21'rst CENTURY! Lighten up man, its just love, it's not dangerous to you or your family. If you can't stand to see 2 grown men (or women) kissing... Well then, WE can't be friends, and I could never look at you with an open mind, and think that you are anything but a homophobic asshole.

In the end of this show, I had laughed, I had cried, I had yelled In both fear and celebration, I had fallen in love with everyone of these 8 souls Nomi, Lito, Will, Capheus, Kala, Sun, Wolfgang and Riley, They are all awesome in their own way.

I implore you to watch this show, It's only 12 hours of your life and you will NOT regret it.
It it beautiful...
I give this show an astonishing 10/10.

Review posted on Monday, June 8th 2015 at 4:24 pm

Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Drama | Romance/Dating | Sci-Fi
Status: On Hiatus
Network: Netflix ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 12:00 am
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: June 05, 2015
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