Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Hannah Moss looks forward to newlywed bliss and quiet country living as she travels with husband Adam McFadden to his small ranch in Northern California. Expecting to soar through the responsibilities of marriage to one, she doesn't plan to dive into the havoc of homemaking for seven. A contemporary offshoot of the successful movie of the same name, "Seven Brides for seven Brothers" is a show about survival and family. Ranging in ages from 12 to 24, the parentless McFadden boys struggle to maintain their small cattle ranch in an age where bigness counts. Using occasional song and dance, the boys deal with growing pains, money problems, love, struggles with each other, and hard-nosed mega ranchers. Hannah brings her own sparkle to the group as she fights for a place in the family

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Final: 1x22 -- Roundup (Mar/23/1983)

Richard Dean AndersonRichard Dean Anderson
As Adam McFadden
Roger WilsonRoger Wilson
As Daniel McFadden
Peter HortonPeter Horton
As Crane McFadden
Drake HogestynDrake Hogestyn
As Brian McFadden
Bryan UtmanBryan Utman
As Ford McFadden
Tim TopperTim Topper
As Evan McFadden
River PhoenixRiver Phoenix
As Guthrie McFadden
Terri TreasTerri Treas
As Hannah Moss McFadden

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1x1: Pilot recap: The scenario matches the one from the movie and the subsequent Broadway musical — seven orphaned brothers growing up in bachelorly squalor in a great barn of a ranch house in northern California. The elder sibling — Adam McFadden, played Richard Dean Anderson, who came from the soap opera "General Hospital" — complicates matters profoundly when, with no advance notice to his boisterous brothers, he appears one day at the ranchhouse door with a brand new bride. To balance the issue, he has not bothered to inform her of the savage six either and until she finally asserts some of the muscle she learned as a waitress in the village cafe, she is treated a bit less kindly than the livestock. Even her wedding night is interrupted by rustlers and a cattle stampede in which the villain — a roughcut J.R. Ewing with cattle instead of oil — is introduced. The premiere has the McFaddens almost out of business when the villain— the only cattle breeder in the county— steals and shoots the prize bull with which the brothers hope to give him competition. Brute force availing nothing, the beleaguered bride resorts to near
Shakespearean cunning and manages to make the black hat replace the bull with one of his own. Apart from a series populated by very real people, "Seven Brides" was blessed by a theme and several original songs crafted by Jimmy Webb... read more.

Executive Producer: David Gerber
Producer: Richard Fielder, James H. Brown
Co-Producer: Stephen Cragg
First Assistant Director: Nick Smirnoff
Music: Larry Cansler
Hairstylist: Joy Zapata
Make-up: William Lyon Mackenzie
Set Decorator: Don Remacle
Transportation Coordinator: Fred Culbertson
Script Supervisor: Stuart Lippman

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