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Sharpe: Sharpe's Rifles

"Portugal 1807 - Napoleon Bonaparte is master of Europe. His brother Joseph sits on the throne of Spain. Sir Arthur Wellesley, soon to be Lord Wellington, the new British Commander has taken the city of Oporto from the French. Now he rests his forces before making an advance to Spain."

The episode begins with Wellesley riding off alone and coming head to head with a three Frenchies. They give chase and Wellesley heads back tot the safety of his troops. Sharpe opens fire saving Wellesley and he promotes Sharpe on the spot from Sgt. to Lt. Major Hogan send him on his first mission as Lt., a secretive one, to find find a missing banker who was on his way back with the pay for the men. Hogan puts him in charge of the Chosen Men, a group of sharp-shooters. It a bumpy road at first as Sharpe takes command of his regiment. They meet up with a group of Spaniards who are strangely protective of a chest. Adventure ensues throughout as Sharpe and his Chosen Men join forces with the Spaniards to turn the tides against the French.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x1
Airdate: Wednesday May 05th, 1993

Director: Tom Clegg

Guest Stars
Brian CoxBrian Cox
As Major Hogan
David TroughtonDavid Troughton
As General Sir Arthur Wellesley
Julian FellowesJulian Fellowes
As Major Dunnett
Anthony HydeAnthony Hyde
As Man in Black
Jack McKenzie (1)Jack McKenzie (1)
As Mr. Parker
Karen TungayKaren Tungay
As Louisa
Kerry ShaleKerry Shale
As James Rothschild
Malcolm JamiesonMalcolm Jamieson
As Colonel de L'Eclin
Martin JacobsMartin Jacobs
As Colonel Lawford
Richard IresonRichard Ireson
As Sgt. Williams
Timothy BentinckTimothy Bentinck
As Capt. Murray
Episode Quotes
Teresa: We have two ears, but only one mouth; so a good leader will listen twice as much as he shouts.

Patrick Harper: Now there's a woman worth fighting dirty for, sir.

Man in Black: You say you are an Irishman. Why should you be loyal to the British dogs, who want to take you to Lisbon to shoot you?
Patrick Harper: Jesus, you took the words right out of my mouth.
Man in Black: I can help you. Give me the box?
Patrick Harper: And if I do?
Man in Black: You will be rich.
Patrick Harper: And if I don't?
Man in Black: You will be dead.
Patrick Harper: Hmm... well, you're having the best of the argument so far.

Patrick Harper: We don't want to go south, sir.
Richard Sharpe: And what the hell do I care what you and the lads want, eh? You think the British Army's a bloody dem.... dem...
Harris: Democracy, sir. Comes from the Greek word "demos" and means "rule by-"
Richard Sharpe: Shut up, Harris!

Richard Sharpe: You volunteer for this lot, Cooper?
Cooper: Erm, not exactly, sir. I was 'invited' to join, by a magistrate.

Patrick Harper: Sweet is the silent mouth, Cooper.
Cooper: Didn't say a word, did I?

General Sir Arthur Wellesley: What's your name?
Richard Sharpe: Sharpe, Sgt 2nd Battalion 95th Rifles, sir.
General Sir Arthur Wellesley: I'm much obliged to ya. You did me a damn good turn. Now, I'm gonna do you a damn bad one. I'm giving you a field commission, Sharpe. From this moment on you're a Lt. in the 95th. Major Hogan meet Mr. Sharpe.

Major Hogan: Chosen men Sharpe. They may look like a band of gypsies but they're the finest marksmen in King George's army.

Richard Sharpe: Name. Rank.
Patrick Harper: Patrick Michael Harper. Chosen Man, sir.
Richard Sharpe: You Chosen Man? Show me. What's this? Liquor? Liquor displeases the Lord. Give it here, officer, I can destroy it.
Cooper: Oh blarmy, a bloody Methodist.

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