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She-Ra: Princess of Power

She-Ra: Princess of Power

She-Ra: Princess of Power is a spin off of Matell's very popular toy line, comic, and cartoon series He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, created in order to attract girls to the franchise. It tells the story of Adora, Prince Adam's (He-Man's) twin sister, who lives in the world of Etheria. Adora possesses the Sword of Power ,the same as Adam's. Whenever there is trouble, Adora would lift her sword and say "For the honor of Grayskull! I am She-Ra!" She would then become She-Ra, the Princess of Power. Her trusty steed Spirit would become a winged unicorn named Swift Wind. Like He-man, Adora also keeps her She-Ra identity a secret. Among those who know are Light Hope, the mystical guardian of the Crystal Castle, Madam Razz, a clumsy but good witch, and Kowl, a small creature who can fly, thanks to his big ears. Adora is the leader of the Great Rebellion. She fights to free Etheria from an evil tyrant known as Hordak, and his minions. The series had its debut with the movie The Secret of the Sword, which is actually the first five episodes of the series combined together. The toy line and comics were short lived and not as popular as the original Masters of the Universe, but the cartoon was almost as popular as He-Man.

Episode Info

Final: 2x28 -- Swifty's Baby (Dec/05/1987)

Available Episodes

Wild Child
Dec 04, 1985
Season 1 episode 66

Flowers for Hordak
Dec 03, 1985
Season 1 episode 65

Dec 02, 1985
Season 1 episode 64

Darksmoke and Fire
Nov 29, 1985
Season 1 episode 63

Anchors Aloft (2)
Nov 28, 1985
Season 1 episode 62

Anchors Aloft (1)
Nov 27, 1985
Season 1 episode 61

Black Snow
Nov 26, 1985
Season 1 episode 60

Alan OppenheimerAlan Oppenheimer
voiced Skeletor / Battle Cat / Man-At-Arms
Diane PershingDiane Pershing
voiced Netossa / Spinerella / Sweet Bee
Erika ScheimerErika Scheimer
voiced Queen Angella / Frosta / Imp / Starla / Peekablue / Loo-Kee
George DiCenzoGeorge DiCenzo
voiced Hordak / Bow / General Sundar / Sea Hawk / Red Knight / Duke Dreer / Dylamug / Vultak / Tung Lashor (shared)
John ErwinJohn Erwin
voiced Prince Adam, He-Man / Beast Man
Linda GaryLinda Gary
voiced Glimmer / Shadow Weaver / Scorpia / Madame Razz / Entrapta
Lou ScheimerLou Scheimer
voiced Kowl / Mantenna / Leech / Grizzlor / Modulok / The Horde Troopers / Spirit, Swift Wind / Multi-Bot / Orko / Snout Spout / Sorrowful the Dra
Melendy BrittMelendy Britt
voiced She-Ra, Princess Adora / Catra / Castaspella / Mermista / Jewelstar / Octavia

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Executive Producer: Lou Scheimer
Animator: Moon Stanley Choi
Character Designer: Harry Sabin

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