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She Wolf of London

She Wolf of London

She Wolf of London

Randi Wallace, a graduate student in mythology, learns the hard way that there's more to myths and legends than smug textbook explanations. At the beginning of the series Randi travels to England to study mythology under the tutelage of London University professor Ian Matheson. While camping on the English moors under a full moon, Randi receives a vicious attack from some large animal. After a short hospital stay, she returns to her studies and attempts to put the horrifying experience behind her. But during the next full moon, Randi transforms into a half-woman, half-beast she-wolf and almost succeeds in devouring Ian. Together Ian and Randi resolve to reverse Randi's werewolf curse, which causes her to "wolf out" once every full moon. They put an ad in the paper, and anybody who knows anything about supernatural happenings can call - maybe they can find a cure that way.

Episode Info

Final: 1x20 -- Eclipse (Apr/10/1991)

An eclipse of the full moon prevents Randi's transformation, the consequence of which is that she begins splitting into three personalities: the werewolf, herself prior to the Curse, and the blend of the two. Confused and angry, she seeks refuge in a New Age Center to "get in touch with your inner possession." Will Randi regain control of her werewolf and return to lan? Or will she find refuge with clairvoyant firestarters and possessed alien warriors? And just why are there men with dark sunglasses and machine guns eavesdropping on the Center's patients?
Kate HodgeKate Hodge
As Randi Wallace
Neil DicksonNeil Dickson
As Ian Matheson
Scott FultsScott Fults
As Julian Matheson
Arthur CoxArthur Cox
As Dad Matheson
Dan GilvezanDan Gilvezan
As Skip Seville
Dorothea PhillipsDorothea Phillips
As Aunt Elsa
Jean ChallisJean Challis
As Mum Matheson


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As one station aptly put it, "She Wolf of London contains subject matter suited to a mature audience. Viewer discretion is advised." There is some mild adult language in some of the London episodes, but nothing you wouldn't typically find, e.g., on British television or on PBS. As for violence: well, this show is after all, about a werewolf. If violence on television disturbs you, then this show probably isn't for you. Additionally, part of the premise of this show is a play on "Freudian psychological needs" vs. the "genuine" supernatural. Most of the episodes are benign. However, there are two, "Nice Girls Don't" and "She-Devil" which seem to have excessive sexual references/content, and, hence, viewer discretion is definitely recommended . Also, there are brief scenes in "The Juggler", "What's Got Into Them", "Voodoo Child" and at the very beginning of "Habeas Corpses" which are a bit risque. Read more

Review posted on Monday, May 28th 2007 at 9:01 pm

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