Sheep in the Big City

Sheep in the Big City

Sheep has always lived on Farmer John’s farm, though after realizing that his life was too dull, he decided to move to the big city in order to fulfill all of his dreams and desires. Unfortunately for him, on his way to his new home, General Specific takes notice of him, in which the military commander wishes to use Sheep in his sheep-powered ray-gun, which the military could use to win battles with ease. Now, Sheep must try to follow his ambitions while avoiding the traps that General Specific has set out for him, though in this journey of self-discovery, Sheep may just realize what it is that will make him happy once and for all.

Episode Info

Final: 2x13 -- Baa-hind the Scenes (Apr/07/2002)

This occurs when the cast is done filming an episode and mow sheep and his manager have a lunch meeting with the head of the network. General Specific doesn't like that, so he decides to ruin the meeting so sheep won't get another show. In the end because of him(and the Angry Scientists new invention) sheep is turned pink with big eyes and is now perfect for another show!
Bradley GlennBradley Glenn
voiced Additional
Christine WaltersChristine Walters
voiced Wonderful Boy/Sandra/Billy
James GodwinJames Godwin
voiced Farmer John/Private Public
Ken SchatzKen Schatz
voiced Narrator (Ben Plotz), Great Scott, Oxymoron Spokesman
Kevin SealKevin Seal
voiced Sheep/General Specific/Ranting Swede
Mo WillemsMo Willems
voiced Angry Scientist/Himself
Ruth BuzziRuth Buzzi
voiced Additional
Stephanie DStephanie D'Abruzzo
voiced Lady Richington, Swanky, Lisa Rental, Plot Device



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Why Cancel It??:Rating: 0 likes, 1 dislikes

I Am Lucky To Have A Tape Of Sheep In The Big City That I Still Watch And Every Time I Watch The Episodes On It, I Don't Know Why Some People Might Like CodeName: Kids Next Door Better Than SitBC. Both Series Are About Top Secret Organizations, But Sheep Is Better Written Than KND. I Find The Star Of SitBC Much More Entertaining Than A Bunch Of Nam-Baahs (I Wrote It Like That On Purpose--It Is Not Meant As A Sheep's Bleat) Who Do Not Like Teenagers Or Adults And Fear Growing Up As "Growing Old". I Looked It Up And KND Ended A Few Months Before I Typed This Thing. Read more

Review posted on Monday, March 31st 2008 at 3:40 am


Reviews: 1
Sheep in the Big City: The best Show EVER madeRating: 0 likes, 2 dislikes

Plot: This show is about a sheep named Sheep who lives on the farm with a guy named Farmer John. Sheep then runs away from the farm to escape the infamous Top-Secret Military Organization that wants to use him for their sheep-powered ray gun. Read more

Review posted on Wednesday, December 27th 2006 at 8:13 pm

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