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Shipping Wars

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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1 1x01 10/Jan/2012 Shipping Wars
2 1x02 10/Jan/2012 Double Down and Bean Town
3 1x03 17/Jan/2012 Bullship
4 1x04 17/Jan/2012 Cash for Tanks
5 1x05 24/Jan/2012 Pain in the Caboose
6 1x06 24/Jan/2012 Camel in Tow
7 1x07 31/Jan/2012 Jennifer's Arch
8 1x08 31/Jan/2012 Tavern on the Greenbacks
9 1x09 07/Feb/2012 Baja or Bust
10 1x10 07/Feb/2012 May the Ship Be With You

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
11 2x01 07/Aug/2012 Two Halves of the Same Willie
12 2x02 07/Aug/2012 The King and His Axe
13 2x03 14/Aug/2012 One Crystal Short of a Geode
14 2x04 14/Aug/2012 Love at First Flight
15 2x05 21/Aug/2012 Chicken Ship
16 2x06 21/Aug/2012 From Sphere to Infinity & Beyond
17 2x07 28/Aug/2012 Mud Bug Boggie
18 2x08 28/Aug/2012 Not with a Whimper but a Bang
19 2x09 11/Sep/2012 Planes, Pains, and a Spire of Flames
20 2x10 11/Sep/2012 Flux Capacity
21 2x11 18/Sep/2012 Wheels of Misfortune
22 2x12 18/Sep/2012 Wings, A Prayer, and a Know-It-All
23 2x13 02/Oct/2012 Big Idea, Bad Idea
24 2x14 02/Oct/2012 Cruisin' for a Bruisin'

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
25 3x01 12/Dec/2012 More Bullship
26 3x02 12/Dec/2012 Safari So Good
27 3x03 19/Dec/2012 Geometrically Challenged
28 3x04 19/Dec/2012 Return to Send-Arrrggghhh!
29 3x05 26/Dec/2012 The Carney Code
30 3x06 09/Jan/2013 Frankenship Horrors
31 3x07 09/Jan/2013 Damaged Goods
32 3x08 16/Jan/2013 Candy, Karma, and Catastrophes
33 3x09 16/Jan/2013 Rock 'em, Sock 'em, Ride 'em, Drop 'em
34 3x10 23/Jan/2013 The Good, The Bad, and The Evel
35 3x11 23/Jan/2013 Warheads and Gearheads
36 3x12 30/Jan/2013 Tyrannosaurus Hex

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
37 4x01 11/Jun/2013 Monkey Business
38 4x02 11/Jun/2013 Dysfunction Junction
39 4x03 18/Jun/2013 Manner's Meltdown and Minor Mishaps
40 4x04 18/Jun/2013 If the Boat's a Rockin'…
41 4x05 25/Jun/2013 A Fairy Tale Disaster
42 4x06 25/Jun/2013 Crypto-Prank-ology
43 4x07 02/Jul/2013 Punch Drunk Love
44 4x08 02/Jul/2013 Broken Down and Busted
45 4x09 09/Jul/2013 High Tech Rednecks
46 4x10 16/Jul/2013 Old Man and the Sea Life
47 4x11 23/Jul/2013 Bidder Bee-ware!
48 4x12 30/Jul/2013 Ready, Set ... Pedal!

 Season 5(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
49 5x01 03/Dec/2013 A Whole Bunch of Cluck-Ups
50 5x02 03/Dec/2013 Guys and Dolls
51 5x03 10/Dec/2013 Buggin' Out
52 5x04 10/Dec/2013 Flight of the Giant Baby Head
53 5x05 17/Dec/2013 We Come in Pieces!
54 5x06 17/Dec/2013 Chivalry's Dead...Roy Killed it
55 5x07 24/Dec/2013 War of the Roses
56 5x08 24/Dec/2013 Pop, the Tragic Dragon
57 5x09 07/Jan/2014 Drilling & Probing
58 5x10 07/Jan/2014 What Not to Expect When You're Expecting Jarrett
59 5x11 14/Jan/2014 Jack Pots & Cheap Shots
60 5x12 14/Jan/2014 It's My Party & I'll Shoot You If I Want To

 Season 6(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
61 6x01 03/Jun/2014 Giant Pains in the Ass
62 6x02 03/Jun/2014 Who Ya Gonna Call!? ... Not Two Blondes and a Truck
63 6x03 10/Jun/2014 Highway to the Stranger Zone
64 6x04 10/Jun/2014 Three Horses And A Funeral
65 6x05 17/Jun/2014 A Tactical Disaster
66 6x06 17/Jun/2014 Head Today, Gong Tomorrow
67 6x07 24/Jun/2014 Spaced Invaders
68 6x08 24/Jun/2014 I Can't Believe It's Not Better
69 6x09 01/Jul/2014 Fiberglass, Steel, and Iron Wills
70 6x10 01/Jul/2014 Perfect Like Roy
71 6x11 08/Jul/2014 Hernias and Hissy Fits
72 6x12 08/Jul/2014 Punk-Drunk Love
73 6x13 15/Jul/2014 Do No Bodily Harm
74 6x14 15/Jul/2014 Hummers and Bummers
75 6x15 22/Jul/2014 Love is a Crazy Carnival Ride
76 6x16 22/Jul/2014 Monsters, Mannequins, and Mayhem
77 6x17 29/Jul/2014 To the Moon and Back
78 6x18 29/Jul/2014 Problems Set in Stone
79 6x19 05/Aug/2014 Stuck In The Vending Vortex
80 6x20 05/Aug/2014 Big Wine & Bigger Pine

 Season 7(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
81 7x01 18/Nov/2014 Goose Bumps in the Road
82 7x02 18/Nov/2014 The Silver Whining Playbook
83 7x03 25/Nov/2014 Mini Golf & Massive Headaches
84 7x04 25/Nov/2014 Smooth Sailin', Rough Ridin'
85 7x05 02/Dec/2014 Power Rangers & Vampire Dangers
86 7x06 02/Dec/2014 Big Pigs Fly, Little Pirates Cry
87 7x07 09/Dec/2014 Up in Smoke & Going Broke
88 7x08 09/Dec/2014 It's a Rock-A-Fire Implosion!
89 7x09 10/Feb/2015 Fire and Rescue
90 7x10 10/Feb/2015 Can't See the Sherwood Forest for the Trees
91 7x11 17/Feb/2015 Crying for Your Art
92 7x12 17/Feb/2015 Looney Tunes Blues
93 7x13 24/Feb/2015 Big Bertha & the Molar Express
94 7x14 03/Mar/2015 Broken Dolls & Duck Boat Stalls
95 7x15 01/Apr/2015 A Tiger Chase and a Tight Place
96 7x16 01/Apr/2015 A Disco Robot and Castle Hassle
97 7x17 08/Apr/2015 The Empire Ships Back
98 7x18 15/Apr/2015 Gumby's 60th Veggie Surprise
99 7x19 22/Apr/2015 Holy Horrible Voice, Batman!
100 7x20 29/Apr/2015 100th Episode: Munsters... the Final Frontier

    Season 8 »
Classification: Reality
Genre: Automobiles/Vehicles | Buy, Sell & Trade
Status: Returning Series
Network: A&E ( USA)
Airs: Tuesdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: January 10, 2012
Episode Order: 20
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