Shop 'Til You Drop

Shop 'Til You Drop

Shop 'Til You Drop is a long-running game show that aired on the Family Channel and Lifetime cable networks (and syndication at one point), was set in an on-stage 10-store California shopping mall. Two married couples competed in this game. Each team participated in two rounds of stunts, many of them timed; the couple chosen to go first could, after hearing a description of the stunt, either perform the stunt or pass it to the opposing team, with the understanding they were required to perform the next stunt. The stunts involved such things as pop culture, shopping at the mall and "Beat the Clock"-style stunts (such as filling three balloons with whipped cream and stuffing them in his/her partner's pants). Two rounds of stunts were played, with the first stunt worth 100 points and the second 200 points; the couple also got to select a prize from one of the on-stage stores for winning their stunt. The third round was the "Shopper's Challenge," a 90-second series of rapid-fire questions relating to shopping and pop culture, the men and women alternate answering questions, with correct answers worth 50 points each. The team with the most points after the "Shopper's Challenge" won and played the bonus round. In the bonus round, one team member serves as the buyer and the other the runner. The couple is shown a series of six gifts, revealed one at a time; the buyer must decide whether to keep the gift or exchange it for a gift they thought was more expensive. If the buyer rejects the gift, the runner must take it to any one of the stores and exchange it for the unknown item waiting there. If the buyer wants to keep the item, the runner runs it to a table on the opposite side of the stage and hits a bell. After all six boxes are revealed, or if a 90-second time limit expires, host Finn and the announcer/co-host describe the prizes and add up each item's retail price. The couple keeps all the prizes they selected, but if the total value of the prizes equals at least $2,500 (or early in the show's run, $1,000), they also win a trip.

Broadcast history:
Lifetime: July 8, 1991–Summer 1994
Family Channel (The New Shop 'Til You Drop): September 1996–August 1998
PAX/i: August 6, 2001–2006

Episode Info

Dee Bradley BakerDee Bradley Baker
As Himself (Co-Host/Announcer (1997–1998, 2000-2002))
Don PriessDon Priess
As Himself (Announcer (2003–2005))
J.D. RobertoJ.D. Roberto
As Himself (Host (2003-2005))
Jason Grant SmithJason Grant Smith
As Himself (Co-Host/Announcer (1996–1997))
Mark L. WalbergMark L. Walberg
As Himself (Co-Host/Announcer (1991–1994))
Pat Finn (2)Pat Finn (2)
As Himself (Host (1991–1994, 1996-1998, 2000-2002))

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